The Monster That I see

This is not your typical fanfic. I like writing dark stories and to be honest I'm tired of reading all the lovey dovey crap. This story is based on my imagination. I have an imagination that runs wild. So I ask you to join me on this journey but only if you can handle it!

Let me tell you about my life, the one I use to enjoy living. I was such a happy person. Now I'm bitter I don't really care what goes on in the world. I feel numb, sometimes I feel like dying would be a lot easier then living my life. My life is a living hell. All because of the one I love turned against me. He's no longer the sweet innocent boy I used to love in fact he's a monster. Join me as I tell you my story the real story of Niall Horan.


4. dream world

"Oh my god." I could not believe that he had gave me his number I was literally freaking out. I became hysterical I didn't know I should cry or scream. So I shouted the words. "Oh my god." My mother slammed on her breaks while Sky continued to shout."What." Over and over. My mom looked like she was pissed. "What the hell is wrong with you, you can be screaming like that when I'm driving, for heaven sake, Brittney Elizabeth, what is your problem." She spat. I searched for the right words "He gave me his number." I said. By this point Skyla was going crazy in the back seat. While mother continued to stare into my soul. "Who have you their number." She demanded." I simply said Niall." She looked at me surprised. "We will talk when we get home missy." She snared. I wasn't worried about it. I knew once she heard the full story she would no longer be mad at me. I mean how could she I'm living the dream of every fangirl. As we continued to drive Skyla's house came into view, we pulled up to her house. "I want all the details tomorrow Britt, Thank you Mrs. Clark for the ride." She smiled. My mother and I said our good byes. About two minutes later we had arrived at my house seeing as in she only lived around the corner. My mom parked the car and we made our way up the stairs, into the house. I headed for my room but instead I was stopped by my mom grabbing hold of my forearm. I spun around to meet her gaze. "Yes." I questioned. "You have some explaining to do." She said. The next hour or two I spent telling my mom everything that had happens. She couldn't believe it just as much as me, and just like I expected she forgave me for making her wait. I even think she was happy for me. I wasn't big on boys I'm only 15 so they are not my top priority. First things first school. I'm a straight A student always on the honor roll, but my mom was always telling me I need to get out and enjoy the world. That my teenage years were my best year, but like every other teenager I can tell you that your teen years suck. Seeing as in I'm only 15 I was pretty intimated when Niall gave me his number, he's two years older then me. I wonder what it is that he sees in me. I said goodbye to my mother and headed upstairs, I changed out of my shorts. I refused to changed my shirt who would? It smell like the boys. I brushed my hair and teeth, and got ready for bed. As I laid down I realized so much time has past. Seeing that I couldn't sleep I pulled the piece of paper that Niall gave me out of my shorts and just starred at it. Should I call him, or text him. I could feel my palms becomming more and more sweaty by the seconds that were passing. I decided a goodnight text wouldn't hurt. I pulled out my phone and type in his number I quickly saved his number under Nialler. I clicked his contact name and started to type. to: Nialler Hey it's Britt sorry if I'm bothering you, I just wanted to say goodnight. so night :] After sending my text I thought about how stupid I sounded but oh well I already hit send. Now all there is to do is wait. After a couple minutes went by I finally received a reply. from: Nialler I was beginning to think you were never gonna text me, but I'm glad you did goodnight. Britt :) I read the text over and over and each time I smiled. I decided not to text back I didn't want to seem like a bother so I left it at us two saying goodnight to one another. I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face. I felt like I was the happiest girl on the planet. I felt like nothing or no one could bring me down from this high. I closed my eyes and soon the dreams took over. *Dream* I was walking down a dark road all alone, not having a clue as to where I was or where I was going. I noticed a shadowy figure up ahead. I was drawn to the figure I found myself making my way to it. The figure turned around slowly I immediately recognized the figure as Harry. He looked scared, shaken up a bit. I watched as his lips parted. "Turn back now while you have the chance." He said. Before I could answer him back I watched him fade. I was soon woken up by ringing in my ears. from: Nialler good morning beautiful Even though his text brought a smile to my face I could not shake the feeling of the dream I just had. Harry's pov It was weird i had a dream and Brittney was In it I was just standing there when she approached me. I turned to face her I found myself telling her to turn back while she still had the chance. I had no idea why I was telling her this. I watched myself fade and then disappeared. I shot up out of bed I have no idea what the dream meant, and I had no idea if I should tell her or not. I don't wanna freak her out in anyway, but for some weird reason she felt important to me almost like I had to protect her, but protect her from what.
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