Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


14. what he says goes

Harrys pov I watched as Izzy climbed off of me, I was stunned. Did she really just do that. I guess Little Miss innocent isn't all that Innocent. I would never peg her for one to make me hard then leave me high and dry. The words she said still echoed in my mind. "If you're fast enough I'm pretty sure you can still catch Tish." I didn't want Tish I wanted her. I had Tish so many times, I wanted something new, something so pure. I wanted Izzy, I don't know why I was telling her not to do it. I don't know where my conscience came from, any other time I would have threw the girl on to the floor and fucked her right then and there. Without worrying about who walked in and saw. There's something about Izzy that I can't figure out. I know eventually I will get her and have my way with her. Only this time I don't want the girl to be drunk. I want Izzy to give herself to me willingly so she can't use it against me. I have this whole thing figured out, once I get what I want I'm gonna leave her alone. I'm gonna tell her she wanted this, that she thought she could change me. I'm gonna leave her there shattered and broken. I take her advice and run after Tish, she didn't get very far she's still on Niall's steps. "What happened virgin chickened out?" She questions. "Yea something like that." I state. "So what am I you're backup girl." She asks. "Look Tish do you wanna fuck or not, if not I'm going home and you can continue to sit on these steps." I snap. "So demanding, but I guess I could use a good fuck." She smiles. I slip my hand in her's and lead her to my car. Izzys pov It took us over twenty minutes to walk to Torie's it didn't help the fact that we were both really drunk. After reaching her front door, I watched as Torie searched for keys. "I don't have my keys." She slurrs. "What do you mean you don't have you keys. What the hell did you do with them?" I question. "Well when you were sitting on Harry's lap, Niall pulled me into his room. My keys were digging into me so I unhooked them and set them on his night stand. They must still be there." She explains. "Great Tor what the hell are we suppose to do now." I ask. "I could always call Niall and ask him to bring me the keys." She states. "Fine." I huff. She must of called atleast fifteen time, Niall was not answering. He's probably passed out drunk in his bed right now. "He isn't going to answer." I say annoyed. I run my fingers through my hair thinking of what we can do. "Can't you call Harry?" She questions. My nose scrunches up in disgust at the mention of his name. "I really don't wanna talk to him right now." I say. "Well we don't have any other choice, it's either you call him or we spend the night in my front lawn." She argues making her point. I pull my phone from my back pocket, the numbers look jumbled together, again I blame the alcohol. I decide to go through my contacts, it's much easier than trying to dial his number. I scan until I find his contact, I hit call and press the phone to my ear. Harrys pov Tish didn't even wait until we got inside to make her move. On the way over to my place she started to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. While kissing my neck and rubbing my hard on. After what felt like forever we finally arrived at my house. At this point Tish was only in her bra and underwear. I quickly shut my car off running to her side. I open the door and scooped her up, she didn't hesitate to wrap her legs around my waist. I place both of my hands on her ass and made my way inside of the house. Once inside, I threw her on the couch. I tugged my shirt over my head and slid my pants down to my ankles. I watched as she bit her lip watching me. I knew what was gonna happen this happened so many times. It was the same routine over and over. I fuck her leaving her wanting more, giving her all the reasons to come crawling back. That's something about myself I like, I like being the one in control. Tish was now naked along with myself. I made my way over to her, placing my legs inbetween hers, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I brought my face down to her's and began to kiss her, I grabbed hold of my shaft getting ready to put it inside her, just then my phone rang. "Sorry gotta get that it could be important." I said. She groans in frustration as I climb off. I look at the caller I.D and I see that it's Izzy. "Hello" Izzys pov The phone kept ringing and ringing just as I was about to hang up I heard him answer. "Hello." He says through the phone. "Uhh hi Harry." I say. "What do you want Izzy?" He snaps. I hear a female voice laughing in the distance. "If you're busy that's ok, I'll call someone else." I state. "I'm not busy, What is it?" He asks. "Torie left her keys at Niall's and we're locked out." I say "And." He questions. "And I was wondering if you could give us a ride back to Niall's." I state. "Call Niall." He instructs. "I did he didn't answer." I say. I hear him breath into his side of the phone. "Give me five minutes." He assures me. "Thanks." I say. And with that we hang up. I see that Torie is already passed out on her front steps. I laugh silently at my friend as I wait for Harry to come pick us up. Harrys pov "You gotta go Tish, get dressed. If you want I can drive you where you wanna go." I tell her. "You're really kicking me out to go save that damn virgin, when you could fuck me." She says. "That's exactly what I'm doing now get dressed. I snap. "You're pathetic, that virgin has you wrapped around her finger." She spits. "That's where your wrong Tish it's the other way around, you will see in do time. Now get the fuck out." I shout. I watch as she flinches at my choice off words. This time she rolls off the couch and puts her clothes back on. As I watch her get dressed I can't help but think who am I becoming. I'm passing up sex to go help a girl I may never get. What has my life come to. It's like every second of everyday is filled with how and when I'm gonna get Izzy in bed. My thoughts are interuppted when I hear my door being slammed. I guess she didn't want a ride after all. I grab my keys and head to Torie's. I turn the radio on to drown out the silence. As I pull up I see Torie is passed out on her front steps, while Izzy is sitting next to her making sure she doesn't fall over. Izzy notices me pulling up she waves at me and I wave back. "No stupid I need your help." She calls out. "Oh right." I say as I get out of my running car. I make my way over to Torie and scoop her up, I carry back to the car and lay her down in my back seat. "How much did she have to drink?" I ask. "Enough to make her forget her keys and to fall asleep outside." She says. "No you don't say captain obvious." I sarcastically say. "I don't know how much she had, can we just go get the keys. I'm tired and all I wanna do is sleep." She states. I nod my head. I turn the music a little louder to get rid of Torie's snores. We reach Niall's and I carry Torie inside, I lay her down on the couch next to Niall, they instantly snuggle up to one another. "Looks like you're not going back to her house." I tell Iz. "Well then I guess I'll just stay here." She says. "No way you're staying at my place, now let's go." I state. "I'm not staying anywhere with you." She argues. "What I say goes love." Before she can argue back I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder, running back to my car while she reatedly kicks and screams.
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