Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


38. thinking you know someone

I woke up to the next morning to my alarm going off. I reach over to grab my phone off of my night stand. I turn my alarm off only realizing it's already 9 o'clock. "Harry." I shout as I hit him in his chest. His eyes shoot open. "What?" He asks in a raspy voice. "Did you hit snooze on my alarm?" I question. "I might have." He answers. "Why would you do that you know I have class." I say. "It's to early to hear your mouth plus I have a headache." He states. "It may be to early for you but I'm late for class thanks jerk." I say. He doesn't say anything instead he just rolls over and closes his. I stand up and make my way over to my dresser, I grab a pair of skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt. There's no time to shower or make myself look presentable. I quickly change out of my pajamas. I slide my phone into my back pocket, I grab my car keys and my back bag. "Are you just gonna stay here?" I ask. He stays silent so I take that as a yes. I make my way out of my dorm and to my car. I make my way to school and pull into the parking lot. I already missed three classes good thing college isn't like highschool. The teachers treat you like adults here instead of children. They say if you don't want an education that's on you why should they care. Not to mention the fact that you're the one paying all this money not them. Good thing I already missed Mr. Thompson's class or else he would have given me detention. I make my way to my locker putting the books I don't need inside of it. I stand by my locker waiting for this period to be over with. There's really no point in going to literature when there's only five minutes left. I take my phone out of my back pocket to help pass the time. I was scrolling through twitter when I felt someone tap me on my shoulder. "Logan?" I ask surprised. I never once seen him in school. "I just wanna say I'm sorry for the way I talked to you lastnight I was just mad that you didn't wanna talk to me anymore. I said things that I shouldn't of." He says. "It's okay I wasn't all that nice either." I state. "So we really can't be friends?" He asks. I wanna remain friends with him I really do. I just don't want anymore problems with Harry. "I wanna be friends, It's just some people don't trust it." I tell him. "Like who Harry?" He questions. I nod. "Is he your boyfriend?" He asks. I shake my head no. "Then why are you letting him control your life. If you wanna be my friend then he should respect that." He says. "It's only fair." I state. "How so?" He questions. "I made him stop talking to this girl. So it's only fair that I stop talking to you." I say. "You can stop talking to me all you want but that doesn't mean I'll stop." He says. "Please I don't want any problems." I state. "Well he should have thought about that before he decided he didn't want you speaking to me anymore." He says. The bell goes off indicating third period it over. The classes start to empty out, the hallways become crowded. I lose Logan in the crowd before I get the chance to tell him to just stay away. I take my math book out of my locker and head to class. I've always hated math, it's boring and complicated. The only math you need in life is simple math you don't need all that algebra shit. The last time I check math had to do with numbers not letters. I sigh in relief as the last bell of the day goes off. I head to my locker to retreive my backbag. I head to my car and head home. On the way home my phone starts ringing. I answer it and put it on speaker. "Hello." I say into the speaker. "Hey hunnie." My mom says. "What's up?" I question. "Dad and I were just wondering if you still wanted to come home." She says. "Umm I'm not too sure anymore, I have to think about it." I tell her. "Well just let us know." She says and with that we say our goodbyes. The only reason they're being so nice is because my grades are starting to improve. If I still had bad grades my father wouldn't be talking to me right now. When I make my way back into my dorm, Harry is still asleep. I decide to take a shower since I didn't get to take one earlier. I quickly wash myself, I wrap myself in my towel and head over to one of the many mirrors. I take out my brush and brush through my tangles. "Fancy seeing you twice in the same day." Logan says from behind me I jump in fright and cling onto my towel. "Seriously Logan stop, You're getting yourself into something you have no buisness in." I state. "You know nothing about me. You have no idea what I'm capable of, so if I was you I would tell your little lover boy to back off." He says. I'm confused usually Logan is sweet I never heard him talk like this before. "You have no idea what he is capable of." I retaliate. "Oh I know all about Harry just ask him he'll tell you." He says. I quickly grab my belongings and head for the exit. "Izzy." Logan calls. I turn around to face him. "I'll be seeing you real soon." He says as smile plays on his lips. I quickly make my way back to my dorm. His words replay over in my head. What did he mean by he will be seeing me real soon. I open my door to find Harry sitting up in bed watching t.v. HIs attention from the t.v is taking away when he sees me walk through the door. "What's wrong?" He questions. "N-nothing." I studder. "Don't bullshit me Iz, something happened it looked like you seen a ghost." He snaps. "Logan-" He cuts me off. "What the fuck did he do?" He questions. "He just says some stuff." I state. "Stuff, stuff like what?" He asks. "It started at school he was really sweet saying he was sorry for the way he talked to me lastnight when I told him we could no longer be friends. He told me to stop letting you control my life and I told him it was only fair because I made you stop talking to Tish. He said that I might stop talking to him but that doesn't mean he will and before I could say anything to him he got lost in the crowd. Then I came home and found you sleeping so I decided to shower. After my shower I was brushing my hair and Logan walked in, he made a comment saying it was fancy seeing me twice in one day. I told him he needs to stop that he has no idea what he is getting into. He then told me I have no idea what he capable of he told me to ask you because you would know." I finish. By the time with I'm done telling Harry what happend between Logan and I. His fist are clenched, his face is red from anger, and he is breathing heavy. I walk over to him I take his hand in mine. "Harry?" I question. His gaze makes it's way to my face, as he continues to breath heavy. "Why did he tell me to ask you?" I ask. Harry let's out a big breath. "I know who he is, I knew him for years. That's why I didn't want you by him. Logan used to be one of us until he sold us out. He got Niall jumped, Niall was in the hospital for two weeks after that. I know exactly who he is. He comes off as this goody two shoe but he's a dick. He wanted you to believe his good guy role. He wanted you period, he still does. Logan doesn't like not getting what he wants. Stay away from him. I will take care of him." He tells me. "Take care of him?" I ask. "Damnit Izzy don't asked just please just this once do what you're told. I want you to lock yourself in this room do not open it unless you know who it is. Understand?" He questions. I nod. I have no idea what is going on. There has to be so much more to this then what Harry is saying. I wanna ask but I don't want him to take his anger out on me. "I'll be back." He states. "Where are you going?" I ask. "To talk to the boys. Remember what I said Iz, don't open the door unless you know who it is." He reminds me. "Okay I got it." I state. Harry gives me a quick kiss before walking out the door leaving me confused and scared. I lock the door and head to my bed. I make myself comfortable. I watch a movie to get rid of the silence. I can't stop thinking about Logan and what he plans on doing or Harry for that matter. I wanna know what Harry meant by he would take care of him. It's disturbing thinking you know someone when you really don't. I would have never pegged Logan as a bad guy. He plays footbal he talks like a saint, he was so sweet and kind. How can someone be so good at acting and lying. I just don't get it. My life is beyond complicated. My eyess become heavier and heavier by the minutes. I can no longer fight against myself to keep them open. I sigh in defeat as sleep takes over.
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