Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


7. the day with Harry

Did I really just agree to ditch school, more importantly did I really just agree to spend a day with Harry. On the bright side this will get rid of him for good. I know what he is like, he's an asshole. There's no changing that plus he hurt my bestfriend, I could never be friends with him. I only agreed to this so he would leave me alone, so we both could go on with our lives. I'm the one girl Harry will never get. I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'm going to get caught. I was already in the dean's office, Miss Wilson seen me. I know she is gonna phone home and tell my parents that I'm no longer in school. I'm willing to get in trouble if it means getting rid of Harry once and for all. We decided to take my car, I would drive him back later when school is out so he could pick up his. "Where are we going?" I found myself asking. "I figured we could grab a bite to eat then go back to my place to watch movies." He informed me. I furrowed my eyebrows at his plan. "Iz it's nothing like that, I just wanna show you I'm not the ass everyone makes me out to be." He stated. "So no funny business?" I questioned. "No funny business, just friends." He assured me. After hearing him say this was all in the act of being friends, I felt relieved. I wasn't nervous anymore, but my conscience was telling me not to trust him, so I kept my guard up. We stopped at a near by diner, called What's Cookin. I have never been here before so I have no idea how the food is. I shut my car off and climbed out. "You been here before?" I asked. He nodded his head. He made his way infront me to grab the door, I smiled at his gesture. When we walked into the diner we were met by a short blonde girl. "Hey Harry I thought you were never coming back." She smiled. "Has it been that long Tish?" He laughed. "Too long that's for sure. Same spot at usually?" She asked. Harry nodded again. We made our way to the back off the diner. I was beginning to think there were no more booths, when I seen the last one all by itself. Now wonder why Harry wanted to sit here, you're so far from everyone else, you could eat in peace without being bothered. "I'll be right back with some drinks and some menus." Tish told us. I slide into the booth as did Harry, we were sitting opposites so that we could face one another. "So do you like no everyone here?" I found myself asking. "Mhmm." He nodded. I just starred at him hoping he would continue, I didn't want to ask that many questions. "Oh you want me to explain?" He questioned. "I nodded. "Basically I know just about everyone, I don't know the new employees, but I know Tish and the regular employees." He stated while pointing to all the workers he knew. "But how?" I questioned. "Tish is an ex." He said with no emotion what so ever. "Oh." I said. "It's not like that anymore so don't worry about it." He stated. "I'm not." I assured him. I watched as Tish made her way back to the table, she handed us our menus and two glasses of water. "So Harry, who is this?" She asked. Before Harry could answer I felt it was only right that I introduced myself. "I'm Izzy, Harry and I go to school together." I said hoping she wouldn't think there was anything else going on between us. "Good I thought I had competition, You're the prettiest girl he's ever brought here. I'll give you a few minutes to go over the menu." She stated before walking off. I couldn't help but feel irriated after Tish told me Harry has brought other girls here. Is this part of the plan too. Is this what he does if the party scene doesn't work. "So other's huh?" I asked. "Yea, so what?" He questioned. "This isn't part of your game is it?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "No, of course not. I just want you to know I'm not as bad as everyone thinks I am." He stated. I guess he's right I shouldn't really judge a book by it's cover. I would have to see what he is like for myself and not go off of hear say. Tish came back later to take our orders, I got an order of some hotwings, while Harry got a burger we both shared an order of fries. "Can I have a pickle?" I found myself asking Harry without even thinking. "There the best part, but I guess for you I can spare one." He smiled. I returned the smile and snatched the pickle before he could change his mind. After we both finished with our food I went into my pocket to pull out my money. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Uhh what does it look like I'm doing. I'm paying for my food." I answered. "I got it." He implied. I wanted to argue but there would be no point. I knew he wouldn't give up so I gave in. I slipped a tip on the table without Harry seeing, if I couldn't pay for my food I atleast wanted to leave Tish a tip. I would definately be coming back here with or without Harry the food was excellent. We walked over to the cash register. "So everything was okay?" Tish asked. "More than okay the food was great." I assured her. "I like her Harry. You better hold on to this one." She implied. "Oh no it's-" I was cut off. "I will." He assured her. I looked at him with confussion written all over my face. We made our way out of the diner and back to my car, we climbed in and I started it. "Why would you say that. Why didn't you just tell her we are friends." I asked. "So is that what you consider me Iz, am I your friend now?" He questioned. "Don't ignore the question Harry why did you tell her that?" I asked again. "Because she's one of them ex's that don't leave you alone. Sorry if you want I'll go back in there and tell her we're just friends." He said while grabbing the door handle. I grabbed hold of his wrist before he climbed out. "That's okay, you can tell her next time." I assured him. I was shocked he was actually willing to go back inside to tell her the truth. "Okay so my house it is." He said while looking down at my small hand that was still wrapped around his wrist. I quickly pulled it away. "Your house it is." I agreed. The drive was pretty silent a part from the music playing through the speakers. When we arrived at his house the sun was already setting. I made a mental note just to stay for a bit. I wanted to get back home before it was too late. I wasn't worried about my parents they weren't even home yet. I pulled into his driveway and parked my car. I shut the engine off and climbed out. Harry made his way to his frontdoor, I followed the path behind him. He placed his key into the keyhole and swung it open. I thought it would still be dirty from the weekend before but much to my surprise it was spotless. "I'm gonna grab some blankets and popcorn, movies are on the second shelf in th third cabinet." He stated. I walked over to the cabinet deciding on Titanic, this movie always made me sad. I envied Jack's and Rose's relationship, it screams true love. I wanted a love like that, someone wiling to give up everything just to be with you, someone willing to do whatever it takes just for them to call you theirs. my thoughts were interrupted by Harry's deep voice. "Have you decided yet?" He asked. I picked up the dvd and waved it in the air. "Titanic really?" He questioned. "If you think you can pick a better one go right ahead." I stated. "No Titanic is fine, it"s just really long." He implied. I knew he was right but I was only planning on staying for half of it. I seen it way too many times I knew scene for scene, I could basically resight word for word. Harry took the dvd from my hands in put in. I made myself comfortable on the couch. I was relieved to see he brought two blankets instead of one. I grabbed the red one and left him the grey one. I snuggled up to the arm of the couch laying my head down. Harry sat next to me. I gave him a look like scoot over. "It's to share the popcorn of course." He assured me. I just smiled. Harry isn't all the bad I could actually be friends with him, but what would my friends think or his for that matter. "This couch is so uncomfortable." I whined. "I can make it comfy." He stated. "How?" I asked. "Get up." He instructed. I did as I was told. I watched as Harry laid himself down taking up the whole couch. "Are you serious. You made me get up so that you could be comfortable." I snapped. "Hold on a minute would ya?" He argued back. "No that's okay I'll just sit on the floor." I stated. Before I could sit down I felt Harry's hand grab hold of my wrist. "You're not sitting on the floor." He said. I had no time to say anything back, he pulled me down I landed on top of him. "You said no funny business." I reminded him. "I know, but I want you to be comfortable. I promise I won't try anything. Just trust me." He said. "Fine. I trust you." I assured him. I shifted my body so that I could lay my head on his chest. Harry raised his hand and brought it to my hair, I felt him twirl the loose strands around his fingers and before I could stop myself, I fell asleep there in Harry's embrace.
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