Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


34. ruined

So many signs, so many hints and I chose to ignore all of them. How is it the person you care the most about can hurt you as if you mean nothing. I felt these past few months have been nothing but lies. Everyone knew this was gonna happen so many people tried to warn me. I should have listened to Kris in the very beginning she said this would happen. Instead I chose to fight with her over Harry, thinking he would change, thinking he was a better person. My mind is racing, my palms are sweaty, and I have a headache from all the crying I have done. I feel like there isn't a single tear left to shed, I feel numb. I gave up everything just to be with him. My relationship with my parents is broken, I'm not even sure if I could mend it. Before Harry I would have never talked back to my parents. Love is a scary thing it makes you do things you never done before. It blinds you from everything else going around in the world because the only thing matters to you is that one person you gave your heart to.



I have no idea what to do with myself at this point. I know everyone is gonna talk about me behind my back. I know so many people are gonna say I told you so. What am I suppose to do? Harry's friends are my friends. I can't keep hanging around them I want nothing to with him. After he drops me off I want that to be the last time I ever see his face. I wanna run away from all of this, from him. I wanna go back to the time I never knew he existed. I thought love was suppose to be a beautiful thing. I thought love was suppose to make you happy. I was wrong love is ugly and it hurts. I now know Zayn was talking about me when he was fighting with Harry. I wonder if Harry hit him for the rude comment he made or for the fact that Zayn almost ruined everything for him. I thought this whole time Zayn was the villian when it was really Harry.



This ride seems like it's taking longer then usual. I can't even bring myself to look at Harry. How could one person be so fake. The thing that hurts the most is knowing he never loved me. Knowing he only said it to keep me in his game longer. I never knew it was possible to feel this much pain. The pain in my chest is real and I don't think it will ever go away. When you hear someone use the term he's gonna break your heart. You don't actually think it's would cause you physical pain, but that's just it my heart feels broken like literally broken. My heart is in a million pieces, them pieces were left on the beach where Harry shattered it. I just want this day to be over with, I just wanna sleep this pain away. I was so stuck in my thoughts I hadn't noticed Harry pulling into the parking lot, he parked his car. I grabbed the handle ready to run and never look back. "Izzy wait." I heard him whisper. My hand slipped from the handle. I don't know why I just didn't walk out.



I stare out the window looking at the dorm building. I still cant bring myself to look at him. "So this is it?" He questions. I let out a breath and slowly nodded my head. "Can you atleast look at me?" He asks. It takes everything I have to turn my head and look at the boy who ruined me. As I look at him I realize I never even knew who he was. I thought this whole time the Harry that I seen was who he really wanted to be, but in reality he was just playing his sick game. "Let me explain." He states. "You don't have to explain anything. This is what you do, this is who you are. I get it." I say my voice cracking. "That was before I got to know you. Your innocence pulled me in. I wanted that more than anything, but along the way I got to know you for you. When you said you would never leave me. I realized I couldn't take your innocence. I couldn't take something that was never mine. I didn't think along the way I would care about you. I didn't think I would fall for you. I told myself I wouldn't get attached but." I cut him off. "Just stop, please just stop. I'm done with the lies. I'm done with everything. You used me. You knew I loved you. You knew how I felt, but you continued to play me. So just stop. In a way I feel sorry for you. Your gonna spend your entire life alone. I will eventually love again, but not you Harry you're not capable of loving and for that I feel sorry for you." I say as the tears stream down my face.



He just sits there in silience, I know he knows that I'm right. I would of given him the world. I would have loved him forever, but he ruined everything. I grab the door handle for the second time. This time I pull on it and the door swings open. This time Harry doesn't call my name. I jump out and close the door. I take one last look at the man I thought loved me. I turn and walk away from him for the last time. "Izzy." He calls. I stop and turn around waiting for him to say whatever he has to say. "Just know that when I said I loved you I meant it." I watch as he drives away, I watch has my life just drives away. Harry was my everything and now he is my nothing. I make my way inside the building, I drag my feet as I step into the elevator. The elevator dings and I step out of it. I slowly make my way to my dorm I turn the door knob and the door opens. "Oh he..what the hell happened?" Linn questions after taking one look at me. "Exactly what you said would happen. Harry broke my heart." I cry. Linn makes her way over to me and wraps me in her arms. I collaspe into them and just cry. "You slept with him?" She asks. I shake my head no against her shoulder. "So then what happen?" She questions pulling me to her bed. She plops down with me still in her arms.



"When we left here we went to his private beach. He was telling me about his parents and how everybody leaves him. I told him I would never leave him, that I love him too much to do so. As soon as I said that everything change. He told me how I was just part of his game." I sniffle. Linn looks confused and her silence is starting to confuse me as well. "What?" I question. "He's never done that." She states. "Done what?" I ask. "He's never told a girl she was part of his game before he slept with her." She says. Im still confused so I just stare at her. "What I'm trying to say is I think Harry actually does care about you." She says. "Well it's too late for that. He ruined us, everything. I'm gonna bring my grades up and I'm moving back home. I can't stay her Linn. His friends were my friends. I can't and don't want to see him ever again." I state. "Izzy you can't just leave." She says. "I don't belong here I never did. I just want my life back." I whisper. "Please just think about it." She begs. "I did and I'm going home Linn." I state. "Will we still be friends?" She asks. "Of course." I state.



I actually do like Linn, She's like the only person that's been real to me since I got here. She even tried outting Harry, I just wouldn't listen. I will still hangout with her but not around campus. I'm gonna call my parents tomorrow and ask them if I could move back home. I just wanna get away, I knew campus life wasn't the life for me. "Hey Linn?" I question. "What's up?" She answers. "Did everyone know that I was just a pawn in his game?" I ask. "Yea Izzy just about, everyone besides Kris and Kasey." She states. "Torie?" I squeak. "Even Torie." She says. I'm beyond pissed Torie was suppose to be my friend. If Harry didn't make me part of his damn game Torie would have never talk to any of these people. "How?" I ask. "Niall." She simply states. "I'm so sorry." She apologizes. "Don't apologize you tried to tell me." I state. "That's just it, I tried. I should have just come out and said it." She states. "Don't feel bad. You tried while everyone just sat there and watched." I states. "We're gonna get through this Izzy." She states. "I hope so." I say.




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