Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


6. promise

Today's the day I've been dreading, Monday. It came too fast, the last two days that I didn't have to see Harry has been heaven. I even had to shut my phone off, I got tired of all his rude comments. I don't see why he just doesn't take the hint, me and him will never happen. We are two completely different people. I'm the girl that's always getting straight A's, the girl that only has a few friends. I'm way too innocent for Harry. Harry is the school's badass, everyone knows his name, everyone is afraid of him. I don't blame them though, he scares the hell out of me. I'm pretty sure he is aware that he scares me. I think he get's a kick out of it. I can tell by that stupid smirk that's always plastered on his face. Not only is today gonna suck because of him, but because it's Monday. Who in their right mind enjoys Monday's. I took a quick shower, I didn't bother with my makeup or hair. I threw on some sweats, and a long sleeve shirt. I grabbed a water and an orange and headed out my front door. I told Kris lastnight I would pick her and the other girl's up. I made sure I left extra early, plus my phone was already on silent. I refuse to get another detention. I also left early so I could talk to the dean, to try and drop science or switch it. I had just picked up Kasey being the last, I was thankful they were all ready. "So have you heard from him?" Torie asked. I nodded. "What has he been saying?" She asked. "He just had alot of rude things to say so I shut my phone off, after reading the first two messages I had enough." I stated. The car fell silent, before Kris could turn the radio on I found myself asking. "Has he ever done this to any of you's?" Torie and Kasey both said no, I watched as Kris shifted in her seat. "Kris?" I questioned. I watched as she looked over at me tears brimming her eyes. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Remember how I told you I lost my virginity to Ryan?" She stated. Ryan was her boyfriend of a year, they were the cutest couple ever. I never thought they would breakup. Come to think about it she never told me why they did. I slowly nodded my head. "Well I didn't, the reason I never told you why me and him broke up was because I was ashamed. Ashamed that you all would look at me different. I loved Ryan you guys knew that." She said as tears made their way down her cheeks. I remained silent I wanted her to continue on her own, she took a deep breath and continued. "The reason I know so much about Harry and his games is because I was part of it. I was his first victim, Harry took my virginity. I got drunk one night, like he tried doing with you, but only I gave in. I was with Ryan when it happened. I felt guilty that it happened so I ended up telling him. He broke up with me because of it and hasn't talked to me since." She finished while wiping the tears off of her face. "Kris I would never look at you any different, you should have just told me." I stated while pulling into a parking space. I reached over and wrapped my arms around her. I had no idea any of this happened. "You're my bestfriend, I love you and I would never judge you." I said while rubbing her back. I felt her pull away. "Thanks Iz, I'll never hide anything again, I was just scared." She said. I nodded letting her know I to would be scared of what other's would think. I reached for the door handel pulling it open. I grabbed my bag and headed for school, once we made our way inside. "I'll see ya guys later, I'm going to talk to the dean." I stated. "Alrighty, Izzy we will see ya in a bit." Kris assured me. I grabbed the strap on my backbag and headed for the dean's office. I pushed the door open and seen the receptionist Miss Wilson, behind her desk. "Hi Isabella, How may I help you this morning?" She questioned. "I'm here to see Mr. Clare." I said. "Okay just take a seat he will be with you in a minute." Harry's pov I was driving with Louis to school, his car broke down and he refuses to take the bus. I pulled out my phone to send a quick text to Izzy, just to see if she would answer. "Who are you always texting?" Louis questioned. "Izzy." I simply stated. "Really you're still trying with that, I thought you would have had it by now." He laughed. "What's so funny Lou?" I asked a bit annoyed. "Oh nothing, It's just you usually success by now. I never seen you have to fight for this long." He said. "It's been a week, that's not long at all." I assured him. "Not long are you kidding me. The longest it's ever taken was three days. Just give up, it's never gonna happen." He argued. "It's gonna happen believe me." I spat. Louis just rolled his eyes. I seen Izzy's car indicating she was already here. I pulled into the empty spot next to her's. Lou and I made our way into the school. I spotted Izzy's friends right away, but she was no where in sight. I walked over to Kris, I sometimes feel bad for her. She was my first victim, she's what started this all. At the time it happened I fell for her, but she crushed me, telling me she had a boyfriend and that she was so in love with him. After that night I spent with her, I changed my whole out look on girls. I promised myself I would never let myself get attached again and so far I haven't. "Where's Izzy?" I questioned. "Not here obviously." Kris snapped. "No you don't say." I replied harshly. "I don't know where she is." She stated. "Fine I'll just find her myself." I said. "Just leave her alone, she isn't like the rest Harry, she's innocent and she doesn't need you to fuck that up." She snapped. I grabbed hold of Kris's shoulders. I heard her breath hitch. "Why do you think I want her." I whispered letting go of her shoulders. I watched her mouth opened as if she was gonna say something but she quickly shut it. "Harry." Louis yelled. "She's in the dean's office." He stated. I smiled at Kris. "See told ya I would find her." Izzys pov I have been sitting her for a good ten minutes and still no sign of the dean. I had no idea where Miss Wilson ran off to, it was just me alone in this quiet office. I watched as the door to the office swung open, in walked Harry. What is his deal before I could ask I felt his hand grab hold of my forearm. "What are you doing?" I asked trying to snatch my arm back but his grip was too tight. He placed his free hand on my mouth to keep me from screaming out. He pulled me out of the office and let go of my mouth. "What is your problem?" I asked harshly. "What were doing in the office?" He asked completely avoiding my question. "I'm switching classes, I don't wanna be anywhere near you." I spat I felt his hold tighten on my arm. "Not gonna happen." He simply stated. "Yes it is." I fought back. I felt him pull me in the direction of the front door. Other students just looked on but didn't dare to do anything. He pulled me until we were outside away from everyone, he released my arm. I quickly brought my hand up to rub the pain away. "What do you think you're doing Harry, I have to get back to school I can't afford another detention. I'm sick of looking at your face." I stated still rubbing my arm. "You're not going to school." He said. "Like hell I ain't." I stated. "I'm serious Iz you're coming with me." He said. "With you where?" I asked. How is it possible that no matter what I do to avoid him it never happens. Some how I always end up with him. "We're gonna spend the day together, and if you think I'm still an asshole after the day is over. I'll leave you alone." He assured me. I can't miss school, I have perfect attendance. I'm the good girl. The girl that would never ditch. With all them thoughts in my head I still found myself saying." Promise?" "I promise."
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