Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


24. our party

Finally after what felt like forever I finally reached my dorm. I unlocked it and walked in, Linn is talking on her phone. I decide not to disturb her, and head for my closet. It's way too hot to be wearing jeans. I quickly change into some shorts hoping Linn was too distracted by her phone call not to notice me changing. I never changed in front of anyone before so I wouldn't say I'm comfortable with the thought of it. After changing I throw my hair into a messy bun, I decide to wait until Linn's phone call is over. So I can tell her I won't be here for long. I walk over to my bed and sit down waiting for her to end her call. After she finally hangs up I tell her I'm going to get coffee with a friend. "Is it okay if I tag along?" She asks. "You're more than welcome to." I assure her. By the time I tell Linn she can come with Kris has already called to tell me she is on her way to the coffee shop near campus. Since it's only about two minutes from our dorm Linn and I decide to walk. "So who are we meeting there?" She asks. "My friend Kris, she's great you guys will get along so well." I tell her. "If she's anything like you I'm sure I will." She states. "I wouldn't say we're alike but you're gonna love her anyways." I assure her. Before I know it we arrive at the shop. I notice Kris is already inside waiting for us. I push the door open and head to the back where she is sitting. "Kris this is Linn my roommate, Linn this is Kris my bestfriend." I introduce them. "Hi." Linn says while extending her hand. "Hello." Kris says while shaking her hand. "I'm sorry Iz did you say roommate." Kris question as Linn and I take our seats. "Yea, I told you I had alot to talk about, but first let's get some drinks yea?" I question. "Agreed." They both say in unison. I ask them what they want and decide I will be the one to get everyone's order. Five minutes later I head back to our able with three drinks in hand. I ordered a french vanilla cappichino, Kris got a carmel latte, and Linn order an iced coffee. "Okay so what has been going on?" Kris questions jumping right into the conversation. I take a drink of my cappichino and begin. "Well my dad kicked me out because of my grades, he says he doesn't want me around until I bring them up. I can only set foot in my house during the holidays. If I don't bring up my grades my father wants nothing to do with me." I finish. "How bad are your grades?" Kris questions. "Not as bad as you would think. I got C's." I tell her. "Wow your dad is too much." She states her opinion. "I know tell me about it." I say. "So campus life huh? How do you like it?" She asks. "It's okay I thought it was gonna be alot worse than what it actually is. I have an awesome roommate." I say as I nudge Linn. I notice she's not really paying attention to mine and Kris' conversation. I look to where she's looking and I notice she's starring at Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Torie, and Tish. "Does she always hang with them?" Kris asks breaking my eyes away from Harry. "Uhh, oh Torie? Yea she dates Niall. She never leaves his side. The only time I see her is at parties and lunch." I answer. "Linn you okay?" I ask. "I'm fine, but I think we should go before they see us." She states. "You and Louis fighting?" I question. "No, I just don't think it's a good idea if we're all here together." She says. "Umm okay, Kris you wanna come back to our dorm?" I ask. "Yea sure. I'm assuming we still have alot to catch up with." She states. I nod. I stand up I wait for Kris and Linn. As we make our way towards the door I'm the last one. I don't step outside because someone has hold off my forearm. "What are you doing here?" Harry snaps. "Uhh hi to you to Harry." I say. "Iz I asked you a question" He says clearly not joking. "The same thing you're doing I wanted coffee so I came and got some. What's your problem." I ask. "Who did you come here with?" He questions ignoring my question. "Kris and Linn." I answer pulling my arm out of his grip. "You were suppose to text me." He says through clenched teeth. When he left my dorm this morning he was fine. I have no idea why he is acting like this. The last thing I wanna do is fight with him right now. Today has been a good day everything has been going my way. Plus Kris and I are talking again, I'm not gonna let Harry ruin my mood. "Why didn't you text me?" He asks. "I didn't think it was that big of a deal. You said you had work. I was catching up with Kris. I was gonna text you after this." I honestly state. "You should have text me after school like I told you to." He whisper yells. "Look I have no idea what you're so pissed about. I came her with two girls. You're here with that trash." I say raising my voice. Harry looks over at his friends and I notice Tish is starring at us. I flash her a smile, Harry pushes me outside. "Are you jealous that I hangout with her?" He questions. I don't know how to answer his question. I'm really not jealous I just don't like her, she wants him to be with her and that thought alone makes me sick. " No I'm not jealous." I state. "You sure?" He questions. "Positive." I answer. "Are you gonna tell me why you just snapped on me for no reason?" I ask. "There was a reason obviously you missed it. I didn't like the fact that you lied to me. You shouldn't have said you would text me if you weren't going to." He states. "All this over texting are you serious. I was gonna after I left Kris." I say becoming frustrated. "Not the point Iz next time text me to let me know what you're doing." He demands. "Ok dad I'll make sure I do just that. I gotta go They're waiting for me. I'll make sure I text you after Kris leaves." I state annoyed. "Alright." He says before turning away from me. "That's it no kiss no hug nothing." I call out to him. I watch as he stops, turns around and walks up to me he kisses me on the cheek. Never says another word just walks away from me. I climb into Kris' car just wanting to be back at the dorm as quick as possible. "What was that about?" Linn askes. "Nothing he just wanted to talk." I lie. "Talk? Looks like you guys were fighting to me." She says. "Nope we're fine." I lie again. I hate the fact that I left Harry there with Tish there's no telling what they're doing or if they are even there anymore. I hate the fact that he can do whatever he wants but I can't. "Since today is friday I was thinking about having a dorm party." Linn says. "Dorm party, What's a dorm party?" Kris asks. "It's where everyone on your floor parties for the night." I answer. "You guys in?" Linn question. "I'm in. Kris?" I question. "Okay yea, but I'm gonna have to spend the night with you guys." She states. "Fine with us." Linn and I both say. We arrive at the dorm quickly making our way to the third floor. We bang on every person's door letting them know the plan. Luckily this is college and everyone likes to party. The party will start at 9 and end whenever we're all done drinking. I pull my phone out to text Harry, I know I said I would text him when Kris leaves. But Kris isn't leaving she's staying the night. I know he isn't gonna like the thought of that but whatever she is my friend after all. To Harry: Hey just thought I would let you know Kris isn't leaving tonight. We're having a dorm party so she's gonna be staying you're invited if you wanna come though. From Harry: Whatever Whatever is all he says I have no idea if he's going to show up. I wish Kris and Harry could put their past behind them. It would make my life a whole lot easier. I look down at what I'm wearing deciding to change. I look through my dresser and find nothing. "Here." Linn says while tossing a dress at me. I catch it and thank her. I open the dress, It's a grey cocktail dress with sequints around my bust. I put it on and it goes to my mid thigh, it hugs my curves perfectly. "Uhh Linn I don't have shoes." I say. "My closet is filled with shoes girl. Go look." She instructs. I decide on a pair of black pumps. Linn is wearing a see thru classy black button up shirt along with a pair of leggings and red high heals. Kris has on a pencil skirt a white crop top and white high heals. We do our makeup and hair. When we finish we can already hear our floor booming with music. "I guess the party started." Linn says. "I'm so ready for a drink." Kris states. "Me too." I say. I'm surprised that I just agreed to wanting a drink, but I really do. Besides with these two girls I'm sure to have an awesome night. As we're about to head out someone starts to knock on our door. "I got it." I tell both Linn and Kris. "You bitches ready for tonight we're getting wasted. "Jaime shouts as she steps inside. Let me correct myself with these three girl's tonight will be amazing. I introduce Kris and Jaime right away. I'm glad to see everyone is getting along. We decide it's time to go out and face the music. We walk out into the hallway and the floor is filled with teenagers everywhere. I can't believe this was our idea and so many people agreed to it. "I'm going for drinks who wants one?" I ask. "Me." All three of them say. "Kris wanna help I only have two hands." I question. "Yea sure thing." She answers. I grab four red cups filling them with beer from the keg. As I fill each one I hand them to Kris. By the time I'm done I feel someone tap me on my shoulder. "Hey I never seen you around here before." The guy says. "I'm new to the whole campus life." I say as I take a sip of my beer. "Logan." He introduces himself. "Izzy." I say as I shake his hand. Logan is really good looking he has blonde hair and green eyes. I would say he's around 6foot. He has a muscular build. I don't see any harm in talking with him so I continue our conversation. I found out he's a junior he plays football. He didn't forget to mention he's single. I tell him I'm single as well considering I don't know what to call Harry and I. I look around and I notice Kris is no longer standing where she was. "I think I should go." I tell him. "Why we were just getting to know one another and I was hoping you would dance with me." He says. Any other time I would have said no but I already had a few drinks just standing here talking to him, so I take him up on his offer. We move through the crowd of sweaty teenagers to find a decent place to dance. We find a spot in a near by corner. I feel his hands slip around my waist my back pressed to his chest. I sway my hips as he rocks his against mine. I begin to loose myself in the music and my motions. "What do you think you're doing?" I hear the all too formilar voice question. I turn around and see Harry standing behind Logan. "Dancing what does it look like we're doing?" Logan questions back. My eyes go wide when I see Harry step in Logan's face. I quickly make my way in between them. "Harry stop, we were just dancing." I assure him. "I thought you said you were single." Logan says. "I am." I state. Harry grabs hold of my wrist and pulls me away from Logan. "What the hell are you doing. Let go of me." I shout. "No." he simply says. He pulls me until we are in front of my dorm room. "Unlock it now." He demands. I do as I'm told. I step inside as Harry follows. "What the fuck Iz, what was that." He yells. "Like I said we were just dancing." I state. "Ha you could have fooled me it looked like you two were dry fucking in that corner." He snaps. "So what's it to you. I'm not with you." I say. I know I'm only talking like this because I had a few to drinks. Harry doesn't say anything he pushes me onto my bed, walks over to the door and locks it. "Harry what are you doing?" I question. "You wanted him, didn't Izzy." He says as he step closer to me. "What, no I just wanted to dance. I didn't think you were coming." I state. "If I didn't show up you would have brought him back to your room. Or you would have went to his." He says standing in front of me. "No that's a lie. You're the only one I would bring back to my room." I say. "Why is that?" He questions. "Because you're the only one I want Harry. Why don't you understand that." I shout. "Show me you want me Izzy." He demands. I get onto to my knees as they rest on my bed. I pull him closer to me crashing his lips with mine. I bite his bottom lip as he groans in pleasure. He tugs my shirt up a little bit to rest his hands on my hips. I slide my tongue across his bottom lip asking for entrance. He doesn't fight it. He slips his tongue in massaging mine. I feel him pull my shirt up even more. Before I know it he's pulling my shirt above my head. I quickly cover myself up with my hands. "Don't hide Iz you're beautiful, let me show you how beautiful you really are." I can't fight this feeling I want Harry, I want him to make me feel like I never felt before. I want him to do things to me that I've never had down before. Harry removes my hands from my chest. I feel his lips connect with my skin. I moan as his lips roam my chest. He lays me down I look into his eyes as he hovers over me. "We're gonna do this slow." He says. I nod too weak to even speak. He bites my bottom lip as he unzips my pants. I feel him pull them down to my ankles then off. "God you're fucking beautiful." He kisses my thighs. I suck in a breath trying to calm myself. I feel as his hands slide up my thighs. He traces my clit through my underwear. I moan in pleasure. He continues to rub as I continue to moan. Harry places his self next to me, Kissing my ear. "I'm gonna make you feel so good." He whispers. I'm ready for whatever he wants to do to me. I feel as he slips his right hand into my underwear. His fingers traces my clit as I grip his shoulder. "You're so wet." I feel as he slides his finger in my entrance. I moan in a mix of pleasure and pain. He moves his fingers slowly in and out. He wasn't lying when he said he was gonna make me feel good. "You okay?" he question. "Mhhm." I moan. "Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop baby." He assures me. He has never called me baby hearing him call me baby makes me melt, sending me over the edge. He pumps faster as I ride out my high. At this point I'm screaming in pleasure. Harry pulls out his fingers and licks them. He brings his lips to mine allowing me to taste myself. "You taste so fucking good." He says between kisses. "I can't wait to fully taste you." He says. I want him to taste me now, but I know he's right when he said we have to take this slow "Iz?" He question. "Stay with me, get dress and come back to my house." He says. "What about Kris?" I ask. "She's been fine without you this long. I'm sure she won't mind staying with Linn." He assures me. "Okay I'll stay with you Harry."
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