Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


37. our night

I woke up to someone pounding on my door. "Hold on minute would ya!" I shout making my way out of bed. The pounding continued. I rub my eyes as I walk over to my door. "Stop knocking." I shout. I yank the door open coming face to face with a very drunken Harry. He pushes passed me and plops his self down on my bed, making himself comfortable he wraps his self in my blankets. "Uhh what do you think you're doing Harry, It's three in the morning and I have class tomorrow?" I ask. "I just wanted to see you." He slurs. I can't help but wonder how much he has had to drink. "You just seen me a couple of hours ago." I state. "That's too long." He whines. I smile at his cuteness. "How did you get here?" I ask as I sit next to him. "Louis drove me." He answers. "Why are you here?" I question. "I just wanted to see you, spend time with you. Make up for all the shit I've done. I wanna make it right, but if you keep pushing me away, I can't." He states. "What do you expect me to do. Just forgive you like nothing ever happened." I ask. "I would like you to. I would like to start over." He states. "I can't" I simply say.



I can feel the tears stinging my eyes. I'm so tired of crying, I've never cried this much in my life. I never thought it was possible to hurt this much. I've seen it in movies and read it in books but I never thought it would happen to me. I was always the good girl. I was always the girl that treated other's better than she treated herself. I don't know what I did to deserve this but it isn't fair. I hate what he's done to me. I wanna forgive him and tell him we can move passed this but I'm too scared to do so. If he was capable of hurting me once what makes me think he won't do it again. "You can Izzy. You're just choosing not to." He whispers breaking me out of my thoughts. "It's not that easy. You need to know what you did to me was wrong. You need to know that it wasn't okay. You need to know what it feels like to have the one you love walk away from you." I cry. "Izzy that's the last you will ever do." He states sitting up. "You can't tell me what to do anymore." I shout.



"I know I can't, but you just can't walk away from me. I know you love me. You know that I love you too. I promise I won't hurt you ever again." He pleads. "Stop making promises you can't keep Harry, I'm tired of listening to them and getting my hopes up." I yell. "Stop yelling at me." He begs. I run my fingers through my hair. "I can't keep doing this. I can't keep fighting with you, It's too stressful." I state. "So then don't." He says. "Harry we will never work. I'm moving back home, I'm finally bringing my grades. My dad said once I bring them up I can move back home. I don't need any distractions right now." I say. "You won't be happy there. Look at you, you're fucking miserable without me. It's written all over your face and you call me the stubborn one. I don't know what else to do. I told you I'm sorry. How many more time do I have to say it. If you want me to I will get down on my fucking knees just to tell you how sorry I am. Why can't you see it from my point of view. I never had anyone love me until you. I'm sorry I fucked it up, I'm sorry I ruined us. I'm sorry I'm a piece of shit. I'm sorry I don't know how to show the one girl I love, that I lover her. I'm sorry." He shouts as he makes his way onto his feet.



"Where are you going?" I ask. "Are you kidding me I just said all that and you're gonna ask me where I'm going." He snaps. "I'm sorry." I say. "Am I wasting my time here, tell me Izzy am I?" He questions. I wanna tell him yea that he is because I want him to see that none of this is right but I don't have the courage to do so. "No." I whisper. "Speak up I can't hear you." He says. "No Harry you're not wasting your time. But I can't do this again if you hurt me once more, I'm finished for good. Being away from you was the hardest thing I had to do. I'm not saying we're gonna be together right away but we can start over, start fresh and we will see where it takes us." I say. I see a smile form on Harry's lips I can't help but smile back. Harry climbs over the bed and lays himself inbetween my legs, he folds his hands on my stomach as he looks up at me. "I've missed you so much." He says. I feel Harry slide my shirt up a bit, he brings his lips to my skin, he places soft slow kisses.



"Can I show you how much I've missed you?" He asks. "Not tonight you're drunk and we just made up." I say. "I'm not really drunk anymore all that yelling pretty much sobered me up and don't you know make up sex is the best sex." He states. "No Harry I don't, virgin remember." I answer. He chuckles. "Sooner or later Iz you're gonna give yourself to me. You know that don't you?" He questions as he continues to kiss my stomach. I run my fingers through his curls. "In due time, but not tonight." I say. Thinking about sex makes me nervous, I'm afraid it's gonna hurt. I know I won't have a clue as to what I'm doing but on the other hand it makes me anxious. Whenever Harry touches me it's always a different experience, he's so good with his hands. I can't imagine what he do with. well you know what. "Thinking?" Harry asks. "Huh?" I ask. "What were you thinking about?" He questions. I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "I can see you're blushing." He says. "How the lights are off." I say. "Thank the t.v." He laughs.



I roll my eyes. "You're the third person to roll their eyes at me tonight." He states. "I wonder why." I sarcastically say. "Cut the shit what were you thinking about?" He questions. "Sex." I answer as fast as I can hoping he didn't hear. But him being the perv he is I know that he did. "What about it?" He casually asks. "Just what it would be like, how good it might feel, how good you are at it." I whisper the last part. "Ha I can show you." He states as he slides his finger along the hem of my shorts. "Not tonight." I say. "I know, I know. I'm teasing." He says. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss this. I've always liked the nights Harry and I would fall asleep together. I always felt so safe being in his grasp. "So what now?" He asks. "We watch t.v until we fall asleep. I have school tomorrow." I yawn. "I guess we can do that." He states. "Speaking of school, do you not go anymore?" I ask. He shakes his head no. "Why not?" I ask. "I knew you needed space. I knew you didn't want to see me." He answers. "but that doesn't mean you quit." I say. "Shh go to sleep." He says. "This isn't over." I state. " I kno, nothing is ever over with you." He says. I smile. "Night Harry." I say as I pull him up to my chest. I feel him snuggle into me. Night baby. I love you." He whispers. "I love you too." I say.


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