Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


4. not my scene

I stood outfront of room 103. I peaked through the glass window, seeing if Harry was there yet. To my surprise he wasn't. I took a deep breath and walked in, taking the same seat as yesterday I sat down. I brought a book with me to pass the time, maybe if Harry sees that I'm reading he will leave me alone. I looked up at the clock and I realized twenty minutes has already gone by with no sign of the curly hair boy. If Mr. Barker was never here then why did he spend so much time in this class. Why didn't he just skip it all together and just go home. Speaking of Mr. Barker I wonder why he's never here. So far it's been thirty minutes and here I am still sitting alone. I set my book down, If he isn't coming then I don't need a distraction. No sooner then I set my book down, I heard keys jingling. I looked over to the classroom door and there stood Harry. I watched as he slid the key into the keyhole, swinging the door open. "You have the keys?" I questioned, it was the first thing that popped into my head. "Looks that why doesn't it." He shot back. Obviously that's what it looks like but why and how did he get the keys. "Mr. Barker gave them to me, he says there's no point in coming to play babysitter, when I'm the only one that ever gets detention. I guess you can say he got tired of seeing me everyday." He answered my thoughts. All I could muster was an "Oh." I picked my book back up that I had set down just a few minutes ago. I did not want to engage further into conversation with this boy. I held the book in front of my face blocking my view from Harry, I didn't want to talk to him nor did I wanna see him. I started getting lost in my book when I felt it being pulled out of my grip. "Hey what do you think you're doing?" I snapped. He didn't say anything instead he closed the book and read the cover. "Romeo and Juliet, really?" He questioned. "That's what the cover says doesn't it." I spat. "Oh miss goody two shoes has a feisty side." He smirked. I would say Harry is the only person that works my nerves. There's something about him I just don't like. Maybe it's his bad boy image, maybe it's his attitude, Or maybe it's because he think he has a right to claim what isn't his, that claim being me. I tried to snatch my book out of his hands but there was no use he was either to fast or he held it above his head. Him being too tall I just couldn't reach it. I decided it best just for me to give up. I sank back down in my chair, looking up at the clock. Only ten more minutes and I'm out of here. "Watching the clock, huh?" He asked. I gave him a look like what else does it look like. "You know watching it just makes it go slower plus, there's alot we can do in ten minutes. I gave him a disgusted look. "What is your deal with me?' I asked harshly. "There is no deal, I see what I want and I go for it. Believe me when I say I get what I want." He said his voice filled with confidence. "Looks like I'm going to be the only exception." I fought back. "You wanna bet." He said sitting in the chair next to me. "Yep." I stated popping the p. "You're on kid, you should never make a bet with me, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. If anything you just made this more interesting for me." He said while taking a loose strand of my hair and tucking it behind me ear. As soon as he was done I jerked away from him, I don't know who he thinks he is. Out of all the girls in this damn school why is he choosing me. Just as I was about to ask the timer went off. I grabbed my book and practically ran out of the room. I heard Harry chuckle as I did so. I stopped at my locker, pulling my bag out and heading for the door. I made it to the car, I stuck my hand in my pockets searching for my keys, I searched through my backbag they were no where to be found. "Looking for these?" Harry asked while swinging my keys back in forth in his hand. I walked over to him just as I was about to snatch them. "Not so fast kid I need a ride and the only way you're getting these keys back is if you drive me. I let out a frustrating sigh. "One don't call me kid, two just give me my damn keys back." I snapped. "Are you gonna drive me home?" He asked. I nodded my head. He handed me my keys and I took off running, I made it to my car. I wasn't fast enough with trying to unlock the doors. I felt hands on my waist, and hot breath on my ear. "They always run, I knew you were gonna run." He whispered. I felt a shiver run down my spine. I was very uncomfortable in his grasp. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I was always too busy with school to have a boyfriend, so I was never touch on an intimate level. I felt Harry has he rubbed my hips. "Get off." I shouted. "How about that ride." He whispered again in my ear. He spun me around so that I could face him our faces only being inches apart. I felt my breath hitched, everytime I come face to face with him, it's like I forget how to breath. I was too nervous to speak so I just nodded my head. Only this time Harry took my keys back, he walked over to the passenger door, unlocking it and allowing himself in. I ran my fingers through my hair and let out a big breath before climbing in. In the car I refused to talk to him, the drive was very uncomfortable. The entire time he kept trying to sneak a feel, resulting in his hand getting slapped. About twenty five minutes go by before I'm pulling up to Harry's house. It was a much smaller house than mine. The outside was brick, little windows surrounded the outside. He had a small backyard and a two car garage. I notice there was only one car parked in the garage which belonged to him. "Do you live alone?" I asked. "Yea, after my parents got a divorce they went their separate ways, but left me the house." He stated. I had no idea his parents had a divorce, now that I think about it I know nothing about him. It's kinda hard to get to know him, his attitude sucks. His attitude alone makes you not want to get close to him, but I believe he likes it that way. Some how I still feel bad that he leaves alone at such a young age. The whole time I was thinking I had no idea I was starring at him. "You know they say if you take a picture it lasts longer." He joked. I quickly pealed my eyes away from him. "It's friday what are you planning on doing?" He questioned. I don't know how he got the impression that I wanted to talk to him, but I found myself opening my mouth. "Studying." "Live a little would ya. I'm having a party." He said. "Okay and?" I questioned. "And you're coming, I won't take no for answer. I'll be at your house at seven to pick you up." He said. Before I could say anything I heard the door being slammed indicating he got out. I put the car in drive and headed home. Once I was home I ran upstairs into my room. What is going on when was it okay to have a guy control you, to make your decisions for you. I don't even like to party, I don't drink so what's the point. The last time I was at a party was freshmen year, that's when I had my first and only beer. I do not like the way it taste nor do I like to be around drunk people, but here I was with no other choice but to go to this god damn party. As I was going over my thoughts my phone buzzed. I had one new message. From Harry: You can bring your friends, and make sure you wear something that I would like ;) I decided not to text him back instead I went to Kris's contact texting her. To Kris: Hey there's a party tonight and we're invited. Tell Torie and Kasey. From Kris: Really? A party when did partying become your scene? To Kris: It didn't but I'll explain later. Be ready by 7 I threw my phone down and headed to my closet. I went through almost all my clothes, ready to give up when I found the perfect dress. It was black and simple, but it scream tight and sexy. It was low cut so it would show off my bust, it had quarter sleeves and went down to my mid thigh. I paired it with red high heals. I'm sure Harry would approve. I have no idea why I even owned a dress like this. I"m more of a jean and t-shirt kinda girl. I laid the dress across my bed, setting my shoes just below it on the floor. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some under garments. I made my way into the bathroom making sure my curtains were closed. I took a quick shower and got ready. I curled my hair into little ringlets, applied some mascara, eyeliner and put a smoky finish on my lid. I topped the look off with red lip stick. I headed back into my room slipped on my dress and stepped into my shoes. The dress was alot tighter than I thought, but it was to late to change. I heard Harry beeping outside. I took one last look in the mirror and made my way outside and to his car. I stepped inside the car while Harry was taking a drink of water. He never got to swallow considering now it was all over the steering wheel and dashboard. He took one look at me spitting out his water. All of a sudden I felt self conscience. "I look that bad?" My voice barely audible. "You look that good." Harry stated. I couldn't help but smile. I told him where he would be picking up my friends. They were all waiting for me to pick them up at Kris's. When Harry's car pulled up they all looked shocked. I gave them a look like get in the car I'll explain later. We made our way to Harry's, we could hear music from down the street. His front lawn was already filled with drunken teenagers. We made our way though the crowd and into his house. Harry told us to stay put that he would be right back. We were there waiting for him to come back for maybe two minutes. When he finally got back he had two red solo cups in his hand. He went to hand me one but I shook my head no. "I don't drink." I told him. "Well you do tonight, now take it."
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