Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


20. not my day

Harrys pov If there's one thing I hate more than anything, it's when people walk away from me. I feel like the conversation is never over with. I feel like there's so much more to say to one another. Yet here she is walking away from me for the second time today. I could always tell her that Tish works with me, I'm not sure if that would make things worse or not, but it's the truth. I know if I tell her she works with me she's gonna ask mequestion about where I work and what I do. I don't want her knowing that atleast not right now. It's still too early to tell if I can trust Izzy or not. What I do for a living is not fun in anyway shape or form, and right now she doesn't need to know about it. I watch as she walks back to her car, I fight with myself on weather or not I should stop her. Just as she's about to open her door, I open my mouth. "Izzy, If you get in that car you're only hurting yourself." I shout. I watch as she stops, and turns around to face me. "What am I suppose to do Harry, you have been running around with another girl for two days." She yells back. "We're just friends Izzy, we went over this already." I state, as I walk towards her. "I just thought you had enough respect for me." She whispers as I stand infront of her. "What are you talking about? Iz I'm saying Tish and I are just friends. I know she likes me but I have no feelings for her what so ever. You're the only girl I want." I say half telling the truth. I do want her but not to call my own, I just wanna feel her. I wipe the tears off of her cheek. For some odd reason seeing her cry effects me and it shouldn't. "Don't cry, please don't cry. I'll explain everything later just not right now, not here." I say as I look at Torie, Torie just rolls her eyes. She probably thinks her friend is stupid for giving in so fast. I have a way with girls that I don't quite understand myself. I place a quick kiss to her forehead. "I text ya tonight." I tell her before walking away. There goes another win for me. Izzy pov There has to be something wrong with me. How could I just forgive him like he did nothing wrong. I mean technically he didn't we're not together, but still I have done nothing for two days but worry about him while he was running around with another girl. This is what everyone means by love makes you do stupid things. I can see why everyone thinks it's complicated. Why is it that Harry has this effect on me. How can I forgive him so quick but yet I can't even forgive my bestfriend whom I've know basically my entire life. "Just like that you forgive him. What is wrong with you Iz?" Torie says breaking me away from my thoughts. "I don't understand it myself." I state. "You got it bad." She laughs. I don't say anything back because I know she is right. I have never felt this way about a boy. This is all new to me and to be honest I'm quite scared. After dropping Torie off I head home. On the way home I blast some music. I sing along to every song that plays through the speakers to pass the time. I pull into my driveway and notice my parent's cars are parked. That's strange they should be at work. I shut my car off grab my bag and make my way towards the frontdoor. Once I'm inside I can hear my parents yelling back and forth at one another. I try to shut the door as quiet as possible, but seeing as though I have shitty luck I end up slamming it. The house goes silent. "Izzy is that you?" My mother calls from the kitchen. I clear my throat. "Yea mom it's me." I say without moving, too scared to even go in there. "Get your ass in here right now." I hear my father shout. I make my way into the kitchen as fast as I can. I don't want him to yell at me again. "Did I do something wrong?" I question. "Did you do something wrong, do you really have to ask that question." My father snaps. I stare at him confused I have no idea what he is even talking about. "John take it easy stop yelling at her, just tell her." Mom says making my eyes focus on her instead of my father. "Does this look formilar?" he askes while holding up a yellow envelope. I nod my head. "How do you think you've been doing in school Isabella?" He questions me again. "Good." I answer truthfully. "You're wrong all of your grades have dropped. Don't you want a good career when you finish." He askes. I nod again to afraid to talk. He slams the envelope on the counter making both my mother and I jump. I have never seen my dad act this way. Never once in my life have I ever been afraid of my own father. "John you're taking this too far." Mom says. "Too far Rachel?" Dad questions. My mother doesn't say a word. "I want her out of this house. I'm tired of her doing whatever the fuck she wants." Dad yells. I find myself crying for the second time today. Men are assholes. "Where am I suppose to go?" I ask through my sobs. "We will pay for you to stay in a dorm on campus, if you do not bring up your grades we will have nothing to do with you." He shouts. I run to my room how could he be so cruel, I'm his daughter, his own flesh and blood. How could he just throw me out like I mean nothing to him. I never wanted to live on campus that's why I didn't in the first place. College is filled with nothing but dorm and frat parties. How do they expect me to live on campus and bring up my grades. Today has been a nightmare, I thought by coming home it would make me feel better, but all it did was make me feel worse. My mother comes up to my room to help me pack my stuff. This is really happening they are really kicking me out. I thought my mother would atleast put up a better fight for me but she didn't. She let my dad win, don't I have any say. The whole time she is helping me pack she keeps telling me my father will come around that he will get over this, all I can do is cry. I don't want to live in a dorm. I don't want a roomate. I want to be able to sleep in my own bed. The only good thing is my parents won't be able to watch my every move. I wanna call the only person I know I should run from. I want him to hold me and tell me everything is gonna be alright. Once I'm packed I don't stick around long. My mother called the dean letting him know I would be needing a dorm for the next two years. I said goodbye to my mother and only my mother. I didn't even look at my father. I wiped my eyes after packing everything into my car. They said I could keep it to get me from A to B. I grabbed the yellow envelope that made my father so mad and opened it. My grades did infact slip, but I had C's, C's are average. I am average, I'm not this perfect person they think I am. I always felt like I had to impress my parents even though I'm their own kid. I know I will never be good enough for them. That's my brother he's the perfect kid I'm not. I will never be and I don't see why they just can't accept it. Instead of turning right I find myself turning left towards Harry's house. Right now he's the only person I wanna talk to or be around for that matter. I don't call or text him to let him know that I'm on my way. I pull into his drive way and park my car next to his. I never understood why he has a garage that he does not use. I walk to the door and begin to knock. After knocking about seven times I give up and head back in the direction of my car. "Iz?" I hear his voice say from behind me. I don't say a word instead I find myself running into his arm. "Whoa what is wrong?" He askes. "Everything." I cry. "Come on come inside."He says while leading the way. He sits me on the couch and begins to walk away. "Can you stay, I need to be in your arms, I need for you to tell me everything is gonna be alright. I need you more then you will ever know. Please stay." I cry. He stops dead in his tracks, he's stopping whatever it was he was doing to comfort me. As much as he hates to admit it I know he cares for me more than he will ever say. His ego is to big to ever admit that he's in love.
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