Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


27. no time at all

I wake up to my phone ringing I groan as I roll over to get it off of my night stand. I look to see whose calling, It's my mother. I sigh and answer it. "Hello." I say half awake. "Izzy were you sleeping it's nearly noon." She says. "Yea mom it's Sunday." I answer. "I was just calling to check and see how you're doing and how campus life been so far?" She questions. "It's actually not that bad. I made some new friends and I like the freedom to do what I want." I tell her. "I hope you're studying and not partying." She states. "Yea studing, that's excatly what I been doing." I lie. "On to more serious things, are you still seeing that boy?" She asks. "You want the truth?" I question. I hear her breath into the phone. "You know he is bad news Isabella, just look at him, he's covered in tattoos. He has piercing, he's just not good for you." She argues. I reall was not looking forward to a fight with my mother as soon as I woke up today. "Look mom you don't know him. You're judging him by what you see. Get to know him then you can tell me if he is good for me or not." I argue my point. I'm so done with people telling me I have no business with Harry. That we are two completely different people. That he will only hurt me in the end. That his image is gonna ruin my reputation. I just wanna say fuck it to each and everyone of them. "This discussion isn't over with Izzy." She states. "Oh yes it is. Whenever you call me and you have something to say about him I will just hang up on you. From now on call me to see how I am doing or ask me about school. Not about Harry, you have no say in who I see. Remember you kicked me out." I say and hang up. The whole time I was on the phone I couldn't help but to wonder where Harry was. Like always when I rolled over he wasn't there. Linn and Louis were asleep in her bed, he must have came over in the middle of the night lastnight. I rub my eyes to rid the tiredness from them. I might as well get my day started, hopefully it turns around. I head to my dresser to pick out my outfit for today. I settle on a pair of purple ripped shorts and a black cami. I grab my personal belongings and head for the door. As I was walking out Harry was walking in, in just a towel. The towel was hung low on his hips and I couldn't help but stare. "Good afternoon, love." He says before placing his lips on my forehead. "Uhh yea uhh you too." I studder. "Iz?" He questions. "Yea?" I answer. "Eyes up here." He says as he points to his face. I feel my cheeks heat up. Harry let's the towel fall from his hips right in front of me. My mouth falls open as he stands naked before me. "Oh my god, put some clothes on." I say as I turn around. "I'm getting to that." He chuckles. "I'm gonna shower." I states. "If you were up earlier you could have just showered with me." He comments. "In your dreams Styles." I say as I make my way out of the room. I'm still not used to the thought of showering with other people in the bathroom. But I gotta do what I gotta do. I run the water so that it's the right tempature for when I step in. I take my clothes off and step inside. I lather up my body with my favorite body wash, lovespell by victoria secret. After washing the bady wash off. I begin to shampoo my hair. Midway through the shower curtain is ripped opened. "HARRY!" I scream. "Ha it was only fair you got to see me naked." He states. "That wasn't my choice." I say as I try my best to cover myself up. "Still." He says. "Get out." I fight. "Make me." He fights back. "Wait until I get out, you're dead." I say. "Just give me a kiss and I'll leave you only." He states. "Fine." I huff. I shut the curtain so that it covers my exposed body. I leave it open just a little bit so that Harry face can fit in. I lean my head out he places his lips on mine. I give him a quick kiss and pull away. "That's it?' He questions. "Mhmm." I nod my head. "Then I'm not leaving, I want a real one." He whines. "Oh my god Harry, you're so annoying." I state. "Yea but you love me." He argues. I can't fight with him there. He might drive me crazy but there is no doubt in my mind that I love this boy. I place my hand under Harry's chin and pulls his face closer to mine. I place my lips on his. I bite his bottom lip. I trace his top lip with my tongue causing him to open his mouth, I slip my tongue into his mouth. I massage my tongue against his. I let the shower curtain slip through my fingers. Harry placed his hands on my hips, squeezing everytime I bit him. His lips left mine. He kissed my ear down to my neck nibbling every once in awhile. I grabbed hold of his shoulders. As he kissed my neck I kissed sucked on his ear, causing small moans to escape from his lips. Harrys pov As she was kissing me I couldn't take it anymore I stepped out of my shoes. I didn't care that I was fully clothed. I wanted her right here right now. I stepped into the shower pushing her forcefully against the wall. "What are you doing." She questions. "Shh." I said tracing her lips with my thumb. I pulled one of her legs up and wrapped it around my waist. I ran my hand up her side as her nails dug down my back. I began to kiss her chest she ran her fingers through my hair. I took her nipple into my mouth, I felt harden as I stroked it with my tongue. I would bite every so often. "Harry." She moaned. I could tell she was enjoying herself. I kissed down her stomach stopping right above her clit. "Remember when I said I wanted to taste you?" I question looking up at her from my knees. She nods. "Well this is what I meant." I said.I placed her right leg over my shoulder. I traced her inner lips slowly. I traced her folds until I reached her clit. I licked around her clit teasing her. I took her clit into my mouth and began to suck. "Oh my god." She moans. I could listen to her moan all day. I could feel myself becoming hard but I promised her I would take things slow so I am. "You taste so fucking good." I growl. She respondes by pulling at my hair. As I suck her clit I slide my index finger inside of her. I wanna feel every inch of her. I want her to come undone as I eat her out. I want her to scream my name as she cums for me. I continue to finger fuck her, "Harry, I'm gonna cum." She cries. "That's it baby cum for me." I demand. She grips my hair tighter, I feel as he walls clench around my finger. I want nothing more then to bend her over right now. I fight with myself to do so. "I'm cumming." She moans breaking me away from my thoughts. "That's it baby." I tell her. "Harry." She cries. I contiue to pump in and out until she comes down from her high. I slide my finger out. Her heavy breathing clouds the running water. I get off of my knees and stand in front of her. I place my lips on hers. "How was that?" I question. "I can't put what just happened in words she tells me." I laugh. She really is so innocent. "Continue to shower love, I'm gonna run home and get some clothes. I'll be back later to pick you up for the bonfire." I tell her. "Bonfire?" She questions. "Yea Louis is having a bonfire tonight." I give her one last kiss and make my way out of the bathroom. I head straight for my car, hoping no one sees that I'm soaking wet. I would say I like where Izzy and I are. I'm making progess. I'll have her in bed in no time. I know at this point she will let me do whatever I want to her, But I want her to say when. I want her to give me the okay. I want her to be ready. I know I am.
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