Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


12. Niall's party

I have no idea who I'm becoming. With Harry I'm a completely different person. He makes me feel so alive, he makes me want to break all the rules. With him I don't care about anything other then how I wanna fill my time with him. I still can't believe I agreed to go to another party. This time it's at Niall's if I remember correctly Niall is the blonde one of their group. He seems pretty responsible so things shouldn't get out of hand, like they did at Harry's. I'm still debating if I want to drink or not. The feeling of being drunk makes you feel so free without a care in the world. If I sneak out I'm only gonna get caught again. Maybe I could tell my parents I'm staying at Torie's house. I wonder if they would buy that story. I could always ask Torie to go and really stay at her house for the night. As I continue to think about it, it seems like the best plan to go with. I grab my phone from my back pocket and dial Torie's number. "Hey Tor what are you doing?" I ask. "Nothing the usual, being bored you?" She replies. "I'm getting ready to go to a party a Niall's you wanna go?" I question. "Yea sure, what time? She askes. "I'm guessing 7, Harry will pick us up. " I state. "Izzy what are you doing with him?" She questions. "I'll explain at the party, he's really not that bad." I finish. "Alright I guess I'll see you at 7." She said before hanging up. It really makes me mad that they judge him so fast. No one knows his story or what he's really like all they know is what other's have to say about him. To be honest I have never heard anyone say one good thing about Harry. It was always he's such a whore and an even bigger asshole. They all go based off of his reputation. I'm so tired of all the negative things they all say about him. If only they seen the Harry that I see, then maybe they wouldn't judge him so fast, maybe just maybe they would give him a chance. Before I could get too lost in thought my phone vibrates. From Harry: hey you almost ready? To Harry: yea just finishing my hair. Oh yea I invited Torie. I hope that's ok From Harry: that's fine just make sure she's ready I wanna go To Harry: ok ok jeez I'm ready so just head this way From Harry: alrighty I'm coming I looked at myself and I was no where near ready. I ran to my closet going through clothes after clothes. I settled on a black pencil skirt, with a navy blue crop top. I slipped on some black heels. I applied some liquid eyeliner to my lid, a little mascara and some lip balm. I left my hair in it's natural waves. I looked in the mirror. I actually like the way I looked. It was so simply but yet sexy at the same time. I grabbed my navy clutch and ran downstairs. I was gonna watch t.v until Harry showed up but before I could make way to the remote he was outside beeping. I left a note for my parents telling them I would not be home tonight. That I would be staying at Torie's, and if they needed anything just to call me. I hung it on the fridge so they wouldn't miss it. I walked out the door turning around to lock it. I made my way to Harry's car, I opened the door and climbed in. He could wear anything and still look breath taking. He had a snapback hat on pushing his hair off of his forehead, from the back you could see his curls sticking out. He wore a form fitting white t-shirt, you could see his tattoos through it. He had dark blue skinny jeans on and on his feet were a pair of white converse. I gave him directions to where Torie lived. It wasn't too long before all three of us were heading to Niall's. The car ride was pretty awkward, Harry was quiet the whole time just listening to mine and Torie's conversation. Before I knew it we were pulling up to Niall's house. Unlike Harry's his house was massive. "He lives with his parents, but their out of town on business." Harry said answering my thoughts. I smiled at him letting him know I heard him. We made our way inside Harry instantly made his way to the kitchen to get liquor I'm guessing. Sure enough he came back with three red cups instead of two this time. "Thank you." I said while taking the cup from his hand, Torie also thanked him. "Taking beer willingly now are we?" He teased. "Oh hush up and let me drink it." I played back. He just smiled while taking a drink of his beer. We were separated from the group until Niall made his way over. "What's up guys.?" He slurred. I couldn't help but wonder how much he already had to drink. But none the less I said hi. "It's nice to see you again Izzy, I'm glad to see Harry here hasn't scared you off yet." He stated. "He isn't all that bad once you get to know him." I said defending him. "Whoa Haz what did you do to her she must be brainwashed or something. No one ever sticks up for you." He laughed. I watched as Harry playfully punched Niall in the arm. "Not so bad my ass." He stated while rubbing his arm. "We're getting ready to play a game, to liven up the party. You guys in?" Niall questioned taking a gulp of his almost empty beer. "I'm going to get another beer, Niall you want one?" Harry asked his friend. Niall nodded while saying "Thanks bud." "Don't mention it." Harry replied and disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Torie and myself with Niall. "So what game were you thinking of playing?" I asked taking swig of my own beer. "Either I never or truth or dare." He finished. Torie looked comfortable with the choices. I on the other hand was not. I've never even kissed someone and I did not want my first kiss to be at a party with some drunken idiot. "I think I'll just watch." I said while tracing the rim of my cup. "Oh no you're playing." Harry said from behind me. I had no idea he was even back yet his voice startled me. "I can't." I stated while turning around to face him. I watched as a smirk appeared on his plump pink lips. "You can and you will."
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