Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


1. never

It was just another ordinary day. My mother woke me up for school a bit early today, seeing as today is the first day of my sophomore year. I wouldn't classify myself as a nerd, but I do well in school. My parents want nothing more for me then to get a good education. They say education is the key to everything in life. I have a good amount of friends, but I wouldn't say I'm popular. I have three really close friends. First there's Kris I've known her basically my entire life. She's funny, and always energetic. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She's super pretty and everyone loves her. Also she's the only one that knows all of my secrets. I'm closest to her, she's my bestfriend. I wouldn't trade her for the world. Then there's Torie she just moved here from Canada about two years ago. We accepted her right away. She really is an odd ball though. She's the girl that's always changing her hair color to something drastic, but it matches her bright personality. I have no idea what her natural hair color even is. She's has the biggest brown eyes I ever seen. She's an awesome person once you get to know her. Last but not least there's Kasey she's the girl that's shy until you get to know her and then once you know her you can't get her to shut up. She's the prankster of the group. She never gets caught though because no one expect shy little Kasey to do any wrong. She can commit a murder and get away with it. She has really long black hair and bright blue eyes. We used to be enemies when we were younger, but I've grown to love her. I started my day with my usual routine. I walked over to my closet, picking out an outfit for the day. I Settled on a pair of blue jean jeggings, a crop top with a skull on the front, and my white converse. I'm not really one for dressing to impress. It's either you like me or you don't. I won't lose sleep over you. I walked over to the bathroom that's connected to my room. I neatly lined up my makeup, brush, and toothbrush on the sink. I walked over to the bathtub and turned on the water. I kept playing with it until I got it to the right temperature. After about two minutes I finally got it right. I began to remove my clothes. Once I was fully undressed I stepped into the shower. Allowing the hot water to ease my aching muscles. I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner, I grabbed my lovespell body wash and begin to wash my body. "You almost done, you only got about fifteen minutes hun." My mother says from behind the door. "Yea just finishing up." I assure her. I quickly rinse the remaining body wash off. I turn the water off once it's all washed off of me. I step out and wrap myself in a towel I pulled from the towel rack. After drying myself off and getting dressed. I begin to apply some makeup to make myself look a little more presentable. I put on some mascara, a little eyeliner on the top of my lid, and a light shade of pink lipstick. I left my hair to dry naturally. I looked into the mirror once I was done. I was happy with the way I looked, so I headed down stairs. My dad was sitting at the kitchen table reading the daily news letter. While my mom was making coffe for herself. "Morning." I said. "Good morning sweetie." My dad said while folding the paper to put it down. I grabbed an apple and sat down. "I should get going I don't want to miss the bus." I stated. I watched as my parents exchange looks. "About that, you wont be taking the bus anymore." Mom spoke. "Okay so which one of you is driving me then?" I questioned. "Neither one of us." Dad said. "Well then how am I suppose to get there?" I asked. At this point my parents were both grinning from ear to ear. "Just go look outside." Dad instructed. I was confused but none the less I did as I was told. I walked to the front door gripping the handle and swinging it open. I walked down the path and to my drive way. In the drive way three cars were parked. A Chevy malibu belonging to my mother, a Chevy trailblazer ss, that my dad owned, and a range rover that wasn't parked there yesterday. I ran back inside my parents were still smiling. "Is that my car?" I asked trying to catch my breath. I was hoping and praying for them to tell me yes. I looked back and forth between my parents. I watched as they both nodded in unison. That's when I couldn't hold the excitement in anymore. I repeatedly jumped up and down, letting little squeaks escape from my lips. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." I shrieked. "You deserve it hun, the keys are on the counter. Be careful and make sure you pay attention." My dad lectured. "I will thank you both again." I said while engulfing them into a group hug. We're not rich, but we have a decent amount of money. My mother is a psychologist and my father owns his own mechanic company. I still think it's a little extreme that they spent so much money on this car for me. I would have been happy with any type of car, but I'm not complaining. Having a car makes me feel independent and a little older. I grab the keys from the counter I say goodbye to my parents and head out the door. I knew my friends were already at school. Their bus leaves at 7:50 and here it is already 8:10. By the time I pulled into the car parking lot it was 8:32 school started at 8:15. Great I'm late on the first day, what a great first impression. I sigh and shut off the engine. I reach back and grab my backpack. I slip it over one shoulder. I take one last look in the mirror and get out. I clicked the alarm button on my key pad and headed in the direction of the entrance hall. I walked to the main office to get my schedule. I have no idea who is even in my classes. I thank miss Wilson as I take the piece of paper. I look over it and I notice my first period is science. I had to go to room 202. I notice the door is shut which means the lesson has already started. I took a deep breath and walked in. As I walked in I noticed everyone's eyes were on me. "It's so nice for you to join us Miss Carapetis." My science teacher Mr. Thompson said. "Take a seat." He instructed. I nodded and took an empty seat at the back of the classroom. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Isabella, but everyone calls me Izzy or Iz which ever one you perfer. I have brown hair with natural highlights due to the sun. I have hazel eyes which sometimes turn greenish, I have long legs. I'm about 5 foot 6 inches tall I'm not pale but not tanned and I'm Australian. I like to play sports, I'm very athletic and competitive. Also you have to be down to earth with a good personality in order to get my attention. I'm currently single, I'm too focused on school for boys. I don't party much nor do I really drink. I have tried alcohol but I'm not a big fan of it. I don't work my parents won't allow it. They say all my focus should be on my education. Speaking of education I should get back to lesson. As the lesson continues, I take as much notes as possible. I don't want to miss anything. I want to make sure I have enough information for my studies. None of my friends are in this class which makes it really boring. Mr. Thompson passes out the homework sheet right before the bell rings. As soon as he passes out the last piece of paper the bell goes off indicating that class is over. I put my books into my bag. I stand up and swing the bag over my shoulder. When I look up I notice I'm the only one left. I made my way towards the door when I heard my teacher clear his throat. I turned my head in his direction waiting for him to speak. Instead he handed me a folded up piece of paper. As I made my way out of the classroom I unfolded the paper. I looked down at ot only to realize it read DETENTION in bold letters. I had no idea you could get detention for something so petty like being late. I sighed and headed to my next class. I've never gotten detention before so I guess you could say I'm a little nervous. All the bad students spend their time there, and I'm not one of them. As the day went on I found out that Kris is in all of my classes besides period one. I have Kasey and Torie in two classes. So this year shouldn't be that bad. The rest of the day went pretty normal, and much to my surprise quick. Next thing I knew I was heading for the detention room. I came to a stop outside of the door. The door read detention 103. I opened it and walked in. Mr. Barker was not sitting behind his desk instead Harry the school bad ass was. "Where's Mr. Barker? I managed to ask. I don't like Harry at all, he's nothing but bad news his tattoos and piercings do not appeal to me what's so ever. I'm the only girl that does not swoon over him. I watched as he looked me up and down. I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable under his gaze. "He isn't here. He's never here." He answered my previous question. I just nodded letting him know I heard him. I walked over to the furthest seat. I did not want to be anywhere near Harry. I knew he was watching me the whole time. I could feel his eyes on me. As I sat down my eyes met with his. "So what's a girl like you doing here?" He asked. "I was late." I said looking back down. I heard him chuckle. "I figured, miss goody two shoes never does anything wrong." I didn't say anything back I did not want to engage in conversation with him. I sat there for an hour going over my studies and finishing my homework. I heard a timer going off. I looked up at Harry searching for answers. "It's time to go home." He said answering my thoughts. I gathered my belongings and headed towards the door. Just as I was about to walk out I felt a hand on my shoulder. I knew it was Harry due to the fact no one else was here. I turned around to face him, wondering why he had stopped me. I felt my breath hitch being this close to him scares me. I could see why everyone fancied him. His eyes are gorgeous. They're the most beautiful shade of green I had ever seen. His lips are plump and pink. His jaw line is perfect and let's not forget to mention his dimples. I removed his hand from my shoulder. "Yes?" I asked. I watched as Harry brought his hand up to my face. He lightly traced the bottom of my lip with his thumb. I couldn't move I felt frozen, my breathing was irregular. I knew that he knew that, when he began to chucle at me. "I'll be seeing you real soon." He whispered only inches away from my face. I watched as he licked his lips. He removed his hand from my face and walked out. Leaving me there, frozen, scared, and confused. One things for sure. I never wanna be anywhere near him ever again.
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