Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


26. naive

On the drive back to my dorm my thoughts were clouded by the loud music blasting through Zayn's speakers. It was like he purposely turn the volume up so I couldn't hear his and Harry's conversation. Whatever they were talking about seemed pretty interesting. I tried my best to listen to them but every attempt was a fail. They were laughing and smiling the whole way to my dorm. I plan on asking Harry what they were talking about once we get inside. We said our goodbyes to Zayn as he pulled up to the building. I made my way inside walking ahead of Harry, right now I do not care to be around him. "Are you gonna wait for me." He calls out. I sigh and stop walking. We get on the elevator together, there's and awkward silence between us. Never once have I felt awkward around him, not even when he was tyring to hit on me, or all the rude comments he made about me. I didn't even feel awkward the first time he made a pass at me which was at his party. His party seems so long ago but in reality, it's only been about three weeks. The elevator dings indicating we reached my floor. I step out and again I walk ahead of him. You would think he would get the hint that I don't want to be anywhere near him. But he continues to follow me anyways. I stop in front of my door and unlock it. I know Linn won't be inside because she is still out with Harry's friends. I don't see how can she hang with such a foul group. They only people decent in that group is Niall, Liam, Louis. I don't consider Torie part of their group well because she's my friend. I don't care for Tish nor Zayn. Everyone knows why I dislike Tish but with Zayn I feel like he doesn't like me. Whenever I'm around he gives me dirty looks. Not to mention once he sees me he starts whispering to the person next to him. Once inside the silence continues, I walk over to my t.v and turn it on. I'm hoping it drowns out the silence. I walk over to my dresser pull out a pair of pajamas shorts. I go into the closet and slip them on. When I come back Harry is sprawled out in my bed. "Nice legs." He comments. I ignore him. I'm still mad at the fact that he blew up over Logan and that he embarrassed me in front of him along with his friends and a couple by standers. "You gonna ignore me all night?" He questions. Again I don't say a word. "Look I already said I was sorry, I don't know what else you want from me." He states. I want alot from Harry. I want him to change, to be different. I want him to show me and everyone else that he cares about me. I want him to see that I want him and only him that way I could be friend with whom ever, without him worrying about it. "I think it's only fair that you stop hanging with Tish." I find myself saying. "I can't she's part of the group, everyone is her friend. I can't just get rid of her." He says. "Well Logan is my friend and you're making me get rid of him." I argue. "That's different." He snaps. "How? Logan is just my friend. He's not someone trying to get in my pants." I spit. "Keep thinking that, I know you're niave and you don't see it, but I see it Iz. He's trying to use you." He says as he runs his fingers through his curlys. "You're wrong. You know nothing about him. You judging him before you give him a chance. If you can be friends with Tish then I can be friends with Logan, and if you don't like there's the door." I shout pointing at my dorm room door. "You're serious, after everything I told you. After I said I would make yours and his lives miserable. You still wanna be his friend." He says as he stands up. "It's only fair." I state. "Life isn't fair Izzy, get that through your head. Continue to see him and see what happens." He threats. I'm tired of his threats and orders. I love Harry don't get me wrong, but this side of him I can do without. I'm so sick of letting him control what I do. "Get out." I shout. "You're really kicking me out." He questions. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass." I say as I hold the door open. "You're gonna regret this." He snaps. "Blah blah blah." I mock. He makes his way out of the room. I hurry up and shut it, locking it as it closes. I instantly feel empty. I want nothing more then to run out of this room and stop Harry from walking out, but I know I can't and I won't. I have to stand my ground, he needs to know he can't order me around. This would be so much easier if Harry didn't have a reputation to up hold. I don't get what's so good about being the bad ass. Everyone either hates you or they're afraid of you. A couple hours have gone by since Harry left. There's no telling where he is or what he is doing. I know I shouldn't care but I can't help. Whever he's away from me I always fear that he is with Tish, doing only god knows what. I filled these two hours studying, something I always did but never seem to have the time anymore. I put down my literature book. Even though I'm really comfortable I decide to get up to go to the veding machine in the hall. I open my door and leave it cracked, I don't feel like fiddle with the key to unlock it, besides the vedning machine is right across the hall. I insert my money and press E3, I watch as my apple juice falls to the opening of the machine. I be down to pick it up, I open it and take a drink of it. I feel like I haven't had apple juice in forever. "Didn't think I would be seeing you again so soon." I hear from behind me, I immediately recognize the voice belongs to Logan. "Oh hey, yea me either. Sorry about earlier Harry could be quite intimidating." I apologize. "Don't apologize for him, he's a dick. I get it." He laughs. "What are you doing for the rest of the night?" He asks. "Nothing at all you?" I question. "Well since our time was interrupted earlier, maybe we could hangout for a bit." He states. I can't help but agree. I nod letting him know I would like that. "My room or yours?" I question. "Already inviting me back, shame on you Izzy." He says. "What, no I didn't mean it like that." I say as my cheeks flush red. "I kidding, but I was just think we could hangout here on the hall couches." He says as he points the one of couches. "Okay, yea." I answer. Harry was so wrong about Logan, any other guy would have went back to my room without hesitation. I take a seat on the far right of the couch. Logan sits on the far left. We talk about what happened earlier between Harry and I. For some odd reason I feel like I can trust Logan. He's gives his imput on what he thinks I should but in the end he says I'm the only one that can decide what's right for me. There's no telling how long we were sat here just watching t.v. I feel someone shake me, I open my eyes and I see Linn starring at me. "Get up, now." She whisper shouts. "What, why.?" I ask. "Izzy please just get up." She begs. I stand up leaving Logan asleep on the couch. Linn drags me back to our room. "Linn what the hell is going on?" I question. Before she can answer In walks Harry. My eyes go wide as I stare at Linn. I sneak Linn a smile hoping Harry did not see, silently thanking her. I could not imgaine what he would have done if he would have found me sleeping on the same couch as Logan. "Linn can you give us a minute." Harry slurs. I'm guessing he went back to the bar to get drunk after leaving me. "So you went back by Tish?" I question. "I went back to the bar to drink." He states. I watch as he makes his way towards me, stumbling over his feet. I can't help but wonder how much he's had to drink. "Same thing." I say as I fold my arms arcoss my chest. "Give off it already Iz. I don't want her. Do you know how many times she throws herself at me and I refuse." He says. I could only imagine, that girl is filth. I don't see she just can't take the hint that he doesn't want her. "No and I really don't care." I say ignoring what I really want to say. "Yes you, it's because you care about me. Just like I care about you." He studders. I'm still mad at him and right now I don't want him here. I'm tired, tired of fighting with him and tired in general. He ignores me and closes the gap between us. I feel as he brings his hands up to my back to rub it. "Harry I think you should leave." i state while looking at him. His eyes are bloodshot and his breath smell of liquor. I try to fight against his hold, but even when he is drunk he is still too stong to fight off. "I can't do that." He says as he continues to rub my back. "You can and you will." I state. Harry releases me, he brings his hands to his hair. I watch as he pulls at his curlys in frustration. "No Izzy I can't. Don't you get it. You drive me insane you make me the craziest I've ever been. I can't stay away from you even it I tried." He says crashing his lips to mine. This kiss is different from all the rest. This kiss is filled with so much emotion, so many feelings went into this kiss, I know because I can feel them. In the moment all my anger is washed away. I no longer want him to leave. I feel closer to him then ever before. I don't care that him and I just had a big fight. All I care about is him and only him. An hour later Harry is snoring in my bed, Linn is back. I tell her to be quiet to just let him sleep. I slip from Harry's hold and make my way over to Linn's bed. "Thanks for waking me up earlier. That could have gone bad." I thank you. "Don't mention it." She tells me. I really am thankful though. "You he's different when he's with you, It's like when he's with you he's who he's suppose to be." She states. I look over at the sleeping boy and can't help smile. "I think that's why I stick around. I hate who he is in front of his friends." I say. "Yea, I bet. But you're the only girl he's had stick around for this long. Maybe you can be the change that he needs. Atleast I hope so." She states. The last part of her sentence sticks out. "What do you mean you hope." I question. "I'm just saying maybe you're the game changer, maybe you're the one that gets him to quit his game." She whispers. "He isn't playing a game." I state. "Harry is always playing a game." She answers. "And you know this how?" I question. "I know him." She states. "You said it yourself he's different." I point out. I can't help but feel mad. Just when I thought everything was going good. Just when I thought his games were over with. Here I have Linn telling me they might not be. "All I'm saying is be careful." She says. "I will thanks, I'm gonna try and sleep now." I tell her. "Alright Iz see ya in the morning." She tells me. I know if I engage in this conversation anymore. I will just end up mad and hurt. Plus I like Linn I really don't want to fight with her. I make my way over to my bed. I slide in and as soon as I lay down Harry instantly wraps me in his arms. Linns pov I feel bad I wanna tell her it's all just a game, But I can't actually just come out and say it without there being consequences. If I open my mouth Harry opens his to Louis. I can't have that happen Louis is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't have him taken away from me. What I did with Harry was dumb, it was my biggest mistake. Thank god we both realized what we were doing before it was too late. I guess in a way I did tell Izzy. I warned her to be careful. I like her I consider her one of my good friends. I know at the end of this I'm gonna be the one helping her pick up the pieces. Harry will never change who he is or a girl. His ego is too big, he takes pride in getting all the girls he wants. I can't believe he's actually trying this hard with Izzy. Usually he would have successed by now. I guess it's the thrill of being the first one to claim her. When It's all said and done Izzy will be left broken. I wish there was a way of telling her without actually telling her. My thoughts begin to fuzz as a feel sleep taking over.
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