Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


13. jealousy

Harry turns grabbing hold of my wrist to lead the way to the rather large circle of teenagers. I pull back from his hold, I could tell he was not expecting me do so as my hand broke free. "Izzy you're playing." He demanded. "I can't you don't understand." I said somewhat ashamed, and embarrassed. "Tell me what I don't understand then." He instructs while taking hold of my arm again as if I'm gonna run away. I take a deep breath preparing for my explanation. "I never did this before." I tell him. "That's fine everyone atleast plays once in their life. If you don't like it this time then you won't have to play next time." He says. "It's not about the games Harry." I snap. "So then what the fuck is it, because everyone is waiting on us." He spits. "I've never even kissed someone." I say and hang my head low. "You're serious, you're 18 and you've never been kissed?" He questions. "Yea and I don't want my first kiss to be a some stupid drunken party." I hiss. "Just play I promise you will like the outcome. Besides I have a plan." He says while smirking. Just as before Harry leads the way to the drunken teenagers but only this time I don't stop him. Instead I follow his every step. I look at the circle of teens waiting to play. I look over at Torie and I see her sitting rather closely to Niall. Maybe that's why she wanted to play so she had an excuse to hook up with him. She pat's the empty sit next to her for me to sit down. Harry is already sitting I look at him and our eyes meet. "Sit." He demands. I look over at Torie and I shake my head while pointing to Harry hoping she would figure out that I'm gonna sit next to him. She nods her head and I take my seat next to Harry. "Good girl." He praised. I hate when he says that. "You know Harry I'm not a dog so stop treating me like one." I whisper shout. He is a completely different person around his friends then when it's just me and just him. I should have known it would have been like this, he's precious reputation is so important to him. He can't let his guard and show the world who he truly wants to be. "Since Izzy is a new comer I feel as if she should go first." Niall calls over the loud music. "I don't even know what we're playing." I shout back. "Truth or dare." Harry says next to me. "How do I start that?" I ask. "You pick a person and ask that person truth or dare. Once they decide you either ask them a question and they have to answer it truthfully, but if they pick dare you dare them to do something." He finishes. It sounds simple enough. "Can't someone else just go and I watch them." I ask. "Just go." Harry demands. "Fine." I huff. I scan the circle to see whose wasted and whose not, then I realize I only know half of the people playing and by saying I know them is wrong. I only know the names of half of these people. I go with who I know the most. "Torie, truth or dare?" I ask. "Hmm truth." She answers. "Is it true that you sat next to Niall so that you could hook up with him?" I ask. In all honesty I had no idea what question to ask her so I went with the obvious. "Maybe." She answers and scoots closer to Niall. She didn't have to answer we all knew the answer by her actions. It went on to be her turn she dared some chick named Lauren to make out with Harry's friend Zayn. The game went on for a bit before it was Harry's turn to ask someone truth or dare. "Truth or dare Izzy." He said. I turned to face him. The whole game I went without someone calling my name. I thought I was gonna finish without being called. I took a deep breath my eyes locking with his. "Umm Tru-." I began to say but that was before he gave me a death glare. I quickly changed my answer to. "Dare." I watched as the smirk grew on his lips. "I dare you to kiss me." He said without a care in the world. "Right here right now infront of all these people." I ask. "Yea that's the way the game is played." He states. My heart is racing, my palms are sweaty. I do not want to do this. I mean don't get me wrong I wanna kisss him but not infront of all these people. "If you don't do it I will." A voice said from behind us. I couldn't figure out who the voice was coming from so I looked in it's direction. "Tish?" I question. "Yea that's me." She says. She seems so different here then she did at the diner. Did she have a reputation she had to protect too. As soon as she said she would kiss him, I became instantly pissed. I didn't want anyone to kiss him besides myself but some how I still found myself saying, "Go right ahead, He's all yours." I didn't want to sit there and watch so I made my way into the kitchen. I looked back just before I was suppose to turn and sure enough there was Tish with her lips all over Harry. I quickly poured myself a cup. I finished it just as quickly as I did when I filled it up. Just as I was making myself another in walked Niall. "Why did you do that. I know you wanna kiss him. Shit Izzy I know you like him." He says. "So what if I do, he doesn't he's too worried about his god damn reputation or else he wouldn't have kissed her. If he had any respect for me he would have followed me out. But he didn't." I snap. "Harry's not one to show his emotions." Niall says trying to defend his friend. "Save it I really don't want to hear it. But since you followed me you wanna take a shot." I ask. I'm well aware that I should not be taking shots but it doesn't stop me. I watch as Nial gets two shot glasses down from one of his cabinets. He then pulls out a bottle of brown liquid. "Whiskey." He clarifies. I've never had whiskey before but I'm ready for whatever. He fills the shot glasses, I take mine in hand as he does his. I raise it up hitting his shot glass and down it. I let out a big breath, I could still feel the burn in the back of my throat, ignoring it the best I can. I turn and ask. "Let's do another." Niall being the Irish man he is doesn't oblige. Four shots later we stumble back into the frontroom where everyone is at. I see Torie is still in the same spot she was before I left. Harry still in his but only this time around Tish is in his lap. I walk right up to her tap her on her shoulder. She looks up at me smiling. "You're in my seat." I say. All she does is laugh, Harry's smile grows even wider. "I said you're in my seat and if you don't move I'll move you." I snap. I don't know where this confidence came from. I'm never one for confrontation but something about her rubbed me the wrong way. Plus I was jealous of her and the way she was with Harry. "Tish just move, let her sit." Harry says. I watch as Tish slides of his lap storming out of the room and out of the house. I place each one of my knees at Harry's thighs. He looks a little taken back by my actions, but gives in and wraps his hands around my hips. All I can do is stare into his green eyes it's like everything and everyone in the room disappeared. "Uhh I think we should give them some alone time." Niall instructs. Eveyone listens and moves to another room. It was just Harry and I. "How much did you have to drink and is that whiskey on your breath Iz?" He questions. I don't answer him instead I run my fingers through his hair. "You're drunk, you need to go to bed before you do something you regret." He says "I don't need to go to bed. The only thing I need to do is kiss you." I say moving closer to his face. It must be the affect of the alcohol, but right now all I wanna do is taste Harry. "Seriously Iz you don't wanna do this." He whispers. "I do and I will." I say. Without warning I glide my tongue over his bottom lip then pull away. "That's for not kissing me in detention and if you're fast enough I'm pretty sure you can still catch Tish." I say while climbing off of him. I smile at what I just done, Harry on the other hand looks pissed. I don't really care he shouldn't have kissed Tish in front of me. It was rude and disrespectful, He's the one that asked me to come to this party. I was his guest and when another girl showed up he starting thinking with his dick. "I'll see you around Styles." I said while chuckling. "You're a bitch." He said. "And you're an asshole, so what. I'll see you at school first thing monday morning. Oh an by the way you might wanna fix that boner of yours." I said while walking away. I went to find Torie so that we could leave. She didn't object, I watched as she gave Niall a kiss on the cheek. We all said our goodbyes, Tor and I walked out. walking back to her house, we both needed the fresh air. The whole way to her house I could not not stop smiling at what I had just did. School should be fun. I can not wait to see what happens next.
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