Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


15. in time

Harry threw me over his shoulder and ran out of the house. I did the only thing I felt was right, I kicked and screamed hoping he would put me down but he never did. He opened the passengers door and threw me in, he locked the door so I couldn't get out, I flicked him off. I watched as he laughed at my rude gesture before making his way to the driver door. He was timing it right, so that I wouldn't run out before he got in. He clicked the unlock button and climbed in before I even had the chance to move. "You know this is kidnapping right, taking me against my will." I said. He ignored me by blasting the music. I kept trying to yell over the music but there was no point. Eventually I gave up, I guess what he says really goes. I looked out the window just as we were pulling into Harry's drive way. "I'm not getting out of this car." I spat. "Keep thinking that." He says. Harry climbs out making his way over to my side. I hit the lock button and smiled. "Cut it out Izzy, you're only making this harder on yourself."He said through the cracked window. This went on for awhile, until he finally got hold of the door swinging it open. I quickly crawled into a ball, hoping it would make it harder for him. "Told you, you were getting out, now let's go." He says. I repeatdely shook my head. He grabbed hold of my right ankle pulling me closer. "It's either you walk or I drag you out." He hissed. I found this funny so I laughed in his face. That made me vulnerable. Harry had enough and threw me over his shoulder again. "Put me down Styles." I said while pulling his hair. "Never." He fought back. Harry made is way inside with the both of us, me still over his shoulder. "You can put me down now, I'm inside. I can't run away." I said annoyed. "No I can't you need to cool off." He spoke. "I'm calm, I don't have much of a choice." I state. "Oh I know you don't." He retorts. Something about his words made me feel nervous, like he was up to something. Harry made his way into the bathoom, his hold on me tighter than before. He quickly turned on the shower. "You wouldn't." I say. "Oh but I would." With that he threw me in. "OH MY GOD, it's freezing you asshole." I scream. "I told you, you need to cool off. I'll be in my room." He says and walks off. I quickly turn the cold water to hot, he's such a dick. I will get him back. Since I'm already in the shower, I take my clothes off and wash myself, along with me hair. I can not belive what just happened. I didn't actually think he would throw me in the cold water. I should have shut up a long time ago. Even though he did what he did, I can't help but laugh. I'm no longer mad at him. Infact I just wanna forget everything that happened at Niall's party. I love this side of him. He doesn't act this way with anyone else, and that makes me feel special. I have to be special, if he wanted me to spend the night with him. Here I am spending the night with the guy that got me in trouble in the first place, the guy that got my car taken away, the guy that everyone fears, but not me. I know there is so much more to him then his stupid reputation. After I'm done cleaning myself I step outside, and wrap myself in the towel hanging on the towel rack. I have no cothes Harry threw me in the shower fully clothed. I make my way across the hall to Harry's room, he's on his phone until he sees me standing there in just a towel. Harrys pov While Izzy decided to shower, I went in my room stripped off my clothes so I was just in my boxer's. I was on my phone just passing time when I seen her standing in my door in just a towel. I really should have thought that through, but none the less, she looks incredibly hot. The way the water runs down her now cleaned skin, the way her long legs stick out from under the towel. The thought of her being naked under that towel is enough to make me want her even more. "I need clothes." She says. "Too bad." I state. She doesn't say anything back instead she makes her way over to my dresser, pulls out a pair of my boxers and a t-shirt. Thinking she's pure innocent, I thought she would walk back to the bathroom to change. I was wrong I watched the towel slide down her body. She looked over her shoulder at me to make sure I was watching, she wanted to torture me. She knew I wanted her, and she wouldn't let me have her. I couldn't look away. I wanted to run up behind her, to feel every curve of her body. I wanted to throw her on my bed, and fuck her senseless. I wanted to take what I knew she would never give me. Before she had the chance to step into the boxer, I couldn't stop myself from climbing out of bed. I made my way over to her and place my hand on the small of her exposed back. I felt her shiver, her breathing hitched, I smiled. I ran my finger's along her back. She didn't move instead she let me do what I wanted. I moved her hair to one side and brought my lips to her ear. I took her earlobe inbetween my teeth and nibbled slightly. "Let me make you feel good, let me make you feel what you never felt before." I whispered. I felt her knees give out. If my arms weren't wrapped around her I'm sure she would have fell. Izzys pov "Let me make you feel good, let me make you feel what you never felt before." I felt like puddie in his hands. I wanted him to touch me, I wanted him to make me feels things I never did before. I turned my body around so I could face him. For some odd reason I wasn't embarrassed like I thought I would be. Harry made me feel really comfortable. I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to me. I watched has Harry backed away from me. I watched as he laid his self down on the bed. "Come to me." He said. I didn't hesitate, I walked right over to the bed and laid myself down, next to him. Harry ran his hand through my hair bringing my face closer to his. He traced my bottom lip with his thumb, He brought his lips to mine taking my bottom lip in his teeth. I closed my mouth around his. Kissing Harry felt right, even though I had no idea what I was doing. It still felt like our lips we're made for one another. "That's enough for tonight, I'll teach you everything you need to know. But for now let's sleep love." He whispered. I didn't want to stop, I was looking forward to all the new things, and all the ways he could make me feel pleasure. I was tired of being innocent. I wanted Harry to take that away. "In time Izzy, I will have my way with you. When you're ready, when you're not drunk. Now come here." He demanded. I did as I was told, I felt Harry wrap his arms around me, like he never wanted to let go. I let his words replay over and over until I felt myself drifting off to sleep.
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