Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


11. he wouldn't

I began to think Harry forgot about me, he was taking forever and my stomach would not stop growling. I tried to get lost within the book I was reading, but my hunger pains kept interuppting. I even thought about leaving the class room to go find him, but quickly decided against him. Somehow he would use it against me and say something like, You just couldn't go that long without me. I think it safe to say I know Harry well enough to know he always has something sarcastic to say, it's his wayof flirting. Me on the other hand I have no idea how to even flirt. I pulled out my phone to text Kris, I knew her and the girls would be at lunch so they wouldn't get in trouble if they got caught on their phones. You see lunch is pretty much a free period, the teacher's don't care what you do. Aslong as it's not during one of their lessons. To Kris: Hey, sorry I'm not at lunch From Kris: It's alright, but where have you been lately? To Kris: It's a long story I'll explain everything in person but for right now I gotta go As I was texting Kris, Harry walked in. "So I decided on two turkey subs, some crips, and two pepsi's. I took the last bag of crips so we gotta share."He stated while taking a seat next to me. "Thanks." I said. I wanted to ask him what took him so long but I felt like it was non of my business so I decided against it, and just started eating. "I never understood why girl's have such a problem eating in front of guys." I said my mouth full of food. "Yea me either." He said while taking a bite of his sandwich. Harry is completely different from our first run in. He no longer tries to hit on me, he's just tryin to be my friend. Which I'm thankful for, he actually turned out to be a great friend. I never had that many guys friends. I never knew how to act around boys, but with Harry is comes natural, like I don't even have to try. "So Niall is having a party tonight, you wanna go?" He asked. By this time I had just finshed the last bite of my sub. "I can't Harry remember I have a curfew." I reminded him. "So what you're 18 Izzy, Live a little sneak out." He implied. "I can't Harry my parents would kill me." I argured, "Not even for me?" He asked with puppy dog eyes. "Don't look at me like that." I said "Why is it working?" He questioned. I didn't answer instead I felt him wrap his strong hands around my waist. "Iz if you don't say yes, I will tickle you until you do." He warned. "You wouldn't? I shot back. "Try me." He said while digging his fingers in. "I can't you know that." I stated. "Then this is the way it has to be." He said. I felt his fingers digging into my side, I couldn't fight against him he was way too strong there was no point. "Harry stop." I shouted in between laughs. "Then say yes." He begged. "No." I repeated over and over. At this point Harry already knocked me out of my seat and onto the floor. His body hovered over me while he continued to tickle me. I had, had enough. "Okay Harry, okay I'll go now stop." I shouted. "Good girl." He praised. Harry didn't remove his hands from my waist, I felt as he trace the hem of my pants. I didn't stop, I didn't want to. I like this side of Harry, the playful, fun person he is. Not what everyone else sees him for. HIs touch against my skin felt right, I felt the goosebumps rising with every new stroke of his thumb. I watched as Harry lowered his face to mine, I wasn't turning away. I wanted this, I wanted to taste him, to feel his lips on mine. We were inches apart when the bell rang indicating it was time to go home. I was snapped back to reality, it was time to go home, and yet niether one of us were moving. I stared into his green eyes as he stared into my hazel ones. As he kept coming closer my eyes flutter shut. I felt his breath on my lips I was ready. I felt his lips brush mine for just second then he pulled away and kissed my cheek. "I"ll see ya tonight." He said as his smirk appeared. "Jerk." I whispered. "What was that?" He asked. "I said that you're a jerk." I little louder. "Aww did Izzy want a kiss?" He asked. "Yes I did." I said honestly. He looked a little taken back by my honesty. "Really...there will be a time and place for that, but right here and now is not the place." He stated while winking. So he wanted to kiss me too, I smiled knowing I wasn't the only one. I left school, leaving my backbag in my locker. I had no homework due to the fact I was in detention today. So there was no point to bring my bag home. I noticed Kris had her mom's car I made my way over to her. "Hey can you drive me home I stated. "Yea sure I have to talk to you anyways." She implied. I instantly became nervous, scared about whatever she wanted to talk to me about. "So where have you been lately Iz? We haven't seen much of you?" She asked. "It's only been two days." I assured her. "Yea two days, usually you always eat lunch with us, so where have you been?" She questioned. "Well yesterday, I left school and today I had detention." I answered. "You left school? With who?" She questioned. I know as soon as I mention his name I'm gonna get lectured. "Harry." I stated annoyance filling my voice. "What! Are you serious after all I told you about him, are you crazy." She snapped. "He isn't that bad." I said. "Isn't that bad? Are you kidding me did you not listen to a what he did to me." She shouted. I can feel myself getting angry, I have no idea why either, bit I felt like it was only right to stick up for Harry. "You know what Kris, stop playing the victim. You agreed to it you were well aware of what you were doing. Plus you only know half of it." I shot back. "Are you seriously sticking up for him? Are you really defending him, over me your bestfriend." She spat. "It's not like that. Him and I are friends, he isn't here to defend him self." I argured. "Can I ask you a question and you tell me the truth?" She asked. "Yea." I answered. "Do you like him, do you have feelings for Harry?" She questioned. "Yes Kris I do, I tried not to but it's not that easy." I stated. "So then what I'm about to tell you is for your own good." She said. I didn't say anything I just nodded letting her continue. "Today at lunch I over heard Harry and Louis talking, You know you're just part of his game right. He doesn't like you Izzy. He's gonna use you like he uses everyone, You're not special. You never were." She finished. I was beyond pissed. That my friend would lie to me like that. I know Harry isn't the best person to fall for, but you can't help who you fall for. If I could have stopped it I would have, but the more time I spent with him the deeper I fell. I'm not in love I just know I care for him alot. If I would have known Harry would have came between me and Kris I wouldn't have hung out with him, but it's too late for that. What's done is done I can't change it now. We pulled up to my house. "You know don't come crying to me when it happens. I won't be there for your comfort. You should of listen Izzy, he's trouble." She said. "You know nothing about him." I snapped. With that I climbed out walking away. Walking away from her, our friendship. It's not like I was choosing Harry over her. I just felt it was only right to defend him, he wasn't here to do it him self. Right now I just wanna crawl into a hole, and never come out. Kris can't be right, I see Harry for who he really is, for who he wants to be. He just can't be that person around everyone else it would ruin his reputation. I wasn't worried about Harry I knew he would never hurt me, He just coudn't hurt me. Right?
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