Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


22. girl's night

As soon as Harry left I felt lost. Here I am in my new dorm with a girl I don't even know. She has to be ok I mean she is friends with Louis after all. I'm sure Harry would have warned me if otherwise. I have no idea what she considers girls night, hopefully I enjoy myself. I can use a few new people in my life. You can definitely say my relationship with my other friends are not the same. Torie is always with Niall which I don't blame her for, I try spending as much time with Harry as I can and we're not even dating. Kasey is always with Kris and we all know Kris hates me now. If only I had Kris to talk to right now. I know she would take my mind off of this whole situation with my parents. It's times like these when I miss her the most. I'll always consider her my friend no matter, no one could replace her even if she does hate me now. The more I think about it I know she was only trying to protect me, but I'm a big girl. I have to learn for myself. My thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on our door. "I hope it's okay I invited my friend over, don't worry she's a girl." Linn joked. "Oh that's fine." I insisted. Even if I felt like it wasn't okay it's a little too late to say anything now that her friend was already here, knocking on the door. I felt some what out of place, here I am with two people I don't know. "Izzy this is Jaime, Jaime this is Izzy." Linn introduced us. "Hi." I smiled. "Hey." She replied. Just like Linn I found myself starring at Jaime, both girls were beautiful. The longer I stared I felt my self esteem disappearing. Jaime has starwberry blonde hair, her eyes are blue, but not as bright as Linn's. Just like Linn she has tattoos along with her nose pierced. I'm definiately out of place here. "Hey bitch missed me." She askes Linn. "Of course you know I did." Linn says sarcastically. I'm Just sitting here listening to them bicker back and forth. "So Izzy when's the last time you had a girls night." Linn questions. "Not in a long time." I answer. Which is true, I couldn't tell you the last time I stayed at one of my girlfriend's houses. "Well our girl nights usually consists of talking, sharing secrets, movies and alot of junk food." She states. I smile. I'm actually looking forward to this night. I found out that Linn, was born in december she's turning 19. She has a younger bother, a couple dogs and a few horses. Before she left her home for college she used to compete with her horses, she says she misses them more than anything. She says she wants nothing more than to be happy, she loves all her friends here and back home. She has great taste in music. I found out she's not a big fan of dresses, I don't blame her dresses aren't really my thing either. I asked her story behind her tattoos, she said her life is a story and the quotes that cover her left arm tell's it. One tattoo of her's stick out more than all the rest. It's the first tattoo she's ever gotten, It's a heart with a music clef in it. I asked the meaning behind it and she told me she got it during a tough time in her life. That it was like a symbol to keep her strong, the music was her happiness and the heart was for all the love and feelings that exist. She said she used to look down at the tiny tattoo when she was sad or things were tough, she said it would help to remind her that things can't stay bad forever, that you learn to move on from all the hate and tough times that occur in your life. Jaime on the other hand is completely different. She's a cheerleader which I didn't see coming. Her eyes change colors from blue, to grey, to green depending on her emotion. Which I found kinda neat. She also takes karate she's say it helps relief her stress, and her attitude issues. She doesn't take shit from no one, she says if she has to she won't hesitate to kick your ass. She speaks her mind and isn't afraid of the consequences. But overall she puts her friends first, she says don't let the outside fool you. She has a big heart and loves her friends dearly. Just like Linn she says her tattoos tell a story of her past, there pictures of her favorite memories that she wants to remember for the rest of her life. I can see myself getting along with these two girl's just fine. "So since we know a bit about eachother, what's up with you and Harry. I never seen him act this way with a girl." Linn questions. "What do you mean?" I ask. "Oh come on you know Harry, you know what he's like usually he hits and and quits it." Jaime implies. "Actually we haven't slept together, I'm a virgin." I say embarrassed. I feel the blush rushing onto my cheeks. "Iz there's nothing to be embarrassed about, shit I wish I was still a virgin. It's great that you're waiting for the right guy. But sweetie Harry isn't the right guy." Jaime states. Everytime someone says something negative about him I get pissed. I just met them so I don't want to make a bad first impression so I push my anger aside. "I know, alot of people have told me this. But I see a change him him. It might not be drastic but it's enough for me to stick around." I say. "She's right Harry does act different now. He doesn't really go to parties that much anymore." Linn says. "That's because he's with me 99% of the time, the 1% he's not he's at work. Speaking of work do you know what he does?" I ask. "Uhh I think it's best if he tells you. That's really none of our business." Linn assures me. After hearing her say that I can't help but want to know what he does for a living even more now. The rest of the night we share secrets, watch movies, and eat junk food like they said we would. Over all I had a goodnight. Around two something Jaime leaves to go back to her room. Linn is passed out already. I can't help but think about Harry and what he's doing right now. I pull out my phone to text him. To Harry: Can't sleep wish you were here :/ From Harry: I am here actually let me in His text instantly brings a smile to my face, it lets me know he was thinking about me too. I stand up and make my way over to the door, opening it as quiet as I possibly can. "Shh, Linn is asleep." I whisper. He nods his head. "Nice shorts." He flirts. "Do you always have to be a preve." I state. "When it comes to you, yes." He says honestly. I feel the heat rising on my cheeks. "Aww are you blushing?" He teases. By this point I can bet I look like a tomato. "Can we just go to sleep?" I ask. "Anything for you princess, anything." He smiles. I smile back. With Harry I feel safe, I feel like nothing or no one could hurt me. I love this side of him more than he will ever know. If only things could stay this way forever. I pull the blankets back and climb in. "Well you coming or what?" I ask. "Yea, I'm just getting comfortable." He tells me. I watch as Harry unzips his jeans pulling them off, a few seconds later he tugs his shirt over his head. "Iz pick your jaw up." He jokes. I turn away he knows exactly what to say to make me blush everytime. "When you gonna let taste you?" He askes. "Huh, taste me what?" I question. "Nothing you're so innocent. I can't wait to take that away from you." He states. "What makes you think you're gonna be the one?" I tease as I lay my head on his chest. "You said it yourself you want me to be your first." He reminds me. "I forgot I said that." I say. "Mhmm sure." He says while playing with my hair. I can feel myself becoming more and more tired. I try to fight with my eyes to keep them open but I'm losing the battle. I feel Harry slip his hand under my chin bringing my face up to his. I feel his soft plump lips press to mine. He pulls away and I instantly wanna pull him back down. He places one last kiss to my forehead. "Goodnight beautiful I'll be here when you wake up." He says. "Night Harry." I whisper barely audible. Before I know it I'm slipping into the dream world wrapped in Harry's arms.
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