Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


2. creep

I stood there a good ten minutes after Harry left, letting his words replay in my head. I have no idea what he meant by them. Of course I would be seeing him soon, we do go to the school. I can't help shake the feeling that his words meant something more. After I collect myself I head for the door. I make my way out of the door and to my car. I pull the door handle and open it. I stick my key into the ignition, the engine purrs lightly. I step on the brake and put my hand on the gear shift, pulling down and into reverse. I back out quickly shift to drive, and head home. My house is about twenty minutes away so the drive isn't that long. Sooner then I realize I'm pulling into my drive way. I put the car in park, turn the key backwards, shutting off the engine. I grab my stuff and head towards my frontdoor. Once I get inside I still don't feel safe. I thought this school year would go smooth, I thought it would be easy. But here I have Harry trying to complicates things. I wanna ask him what he meant, but I'm too afraid to findout the answer. I'm home alone due to the fact that my parents are at work. I'm almost always home alone, the only time I really see my parents is in the morning before I leave for school. Over the summer I don't see them at all. I'm either asleep when they're awake, or awake when they're sleeping. Even though they are always working, I know they love and care about me. They have proven it to me countless of times. Right now I'm the only child that lives at home, my brother Hayden is in college. He decided he wanted to take his studies to America. He resides in New York City. A place I've always wanted to go. He still keeps in touch calling us atleast three times a week. I begged my parents to let me go with him, but they refused. I envied my brother, it seem as though he's living his dream. Even though I envy him, I'm still very proud of my brother. I make a sandwich for myself, I didn't really feel like cooking. I grabbed a small bag of crips to go with it and headed into the frontroom. I repeatedly flipped through the channels. I sighed in frustration when I couldn't find anything to watch. After I got done eating, I gave up on watching t.v. I clicked the power button and watched the screen go black. I needed something to do with my boredom. I pulled out my phone and dialed Kris's number. It rang twice before she answered it. "Hello Kris is speaking." She stated. "You're such a weird individual, ya know that." I said. She just giggled. She knew well that she was a weirdo, but I wouldn't have her any other way. "Wanna come over, I'm bored with nothing to do?" I questioned. "Of course, I'll be there in 10." She answered. I said my goodbyes and hung up the phone. Kris lives a couple blocks away, so it never takes her that long to get here. Only a few more minutes of being bored. I thought to myself. While I waited for her to get here, I checked my twitter. I had a notification, indicating I had one new follower. I clicked the notification, and notice my new follower was Harry. I had no idea he even had a twitter, and how did he know I had one. He truly is a creep. I decided not to follow him back, locking my tweets so that he couldn't stalk me. As soon as I set my phone down, my doorbell rang letting me know Kris was here. I got up and walked over to the front, swinging it open I was met by my bestfriend's face. "You're a life saver." I exaggerated. "I know, I know." Her voice filling with sarcasm. I stood to the left allowing her to come in. I shut the door after she made her way inside. We both walked over to couch and plopped down. We sat in silence for a bit until my phone went off. Unknown: Why did you lock your tweets? It read, I was now freaked out. How in the hell did Harry get my number. My phone slipped through my hands crashing to the floor. Kris looked over at me. "Is everything alright?" She asked slightly worried. I shook my head no. "Well what is it?" She questioned. I simply stated. "Harry." "Harry? as in the bad ass at school? How did he even get your number?" She asked. "I don't know that's the same thing I was just wondering." I whispered. "He's a creep." She bluntly said. I couldn't agree more. "That's not all Kris." I said. "What do you mean?" She demanded. "I had detention today for being late to class. We all know Harry basically lives in that classroom. Well at first it was okay, but at the end of it he got weird. Just as I was leaving the room he stopped me, I turned so that I was facing him. After awhile of starring at eachother he brought his hand up to my bottom lip. He traced it with his thumb before telling me he would be seeing me soon. Then he left, leaving me there to wonder what the hell he even meant." I finished. Kris sat there in silence. "Would ya say something?" I said snapping her out of her thoughts. "This is bad Iz, like real bad." She informed me. "What do you mean?" I questioned. "You're his next victim, he will stop at nothing until he gets you, and once he gets you he will have his fun for a bit then leave you." She stated. "Like hell I am, he can't do that. I don't want anything to do with him. In all honesty he scares me." I huffed. "Text him back and see how he got your number." Kris said. I did as I was told I clicked on the number he texted me from. To Harry: How did you get my number?" I had program his number in so I knew not to answer him when he texts or calls me. A couple minutes go by and my phones vibrates. From Harry: I have my ways, don't worry about it. That it? That's all he is gonna say. I want, no I need answers and I wasn't giving up until I got them. To Harry: What do you want from me? From Harry: You ;) That one little text was enough to send a chill throughout my body. I quickly locked my phone, deciding I was done talking to him. I had heard enough. "Well?" Kris asked. I didn't say anything instead I unlocked my phone, allowing her to read the conversation Harry and I just had. I sat there in silence waiting for her to get done. As she handed me my phone back. "I told you this isn't good." She reminded me. "What am I suppose to do?" I asked. "Stay away from him, stare clear of detention. Make sure you're never late again." She says in one big breath. I nod. It was starting to get late, we thought it would be best for her to head home before it got too late. I walked my friend to the door telling her goodbye. I watched her walk down the street until she disappeared from view. I shut the door and locked it, my parents have keys so they will have no trouble getting in. I decided on taking shower tonight instead of in the morning. I walked to my bedroom, heading straight to my dresser to pull out some pajamas. I picked out a pair of basketball shorts that belonged to my brother, and a white tank top. I grabbed some under garments and walked into the bathroom. I let the water run, so that it would be the right temperature. I quickly stripped from my clothes. Just as I was about to step in my phone buzzed. I walked over to the sink and noticed I had a text from Harry. From Harry: You should really close your curtains, nice pink panties btw. I felt my cheeks heat up, indicating I was in fact blushing. I looked over to the window and sure enough the curtains had been left open. I quickly pulled them shut. I looked down at my underwear, praying they weren't pink, they were in fact pink. I heard my phone vibrate again. I let out a big breath I didn't even know I was holding. I was beyond frustrated, and embarrassed. From Harry: Good girl :) To Harry: Leave me alone styles, I mean it. From Harry: No can do babe, you my friend are my next target, you my friend are mine now... I read that same text over and over. I was scared, I no longer wanted to go to school. I know I would have to face him tomorrow, but I don't want to see him. I don't wanna be no where near him. I finally set my phone down and stepped in the shower. I didn't get to take a long shower like I wanted to. The whole time I was texting him I left the water running. Due to the water turning cold it cut my shower in half. I stepped out and got dressed. I brushed my teeth and hair. When I was done I walked over to my bed, climbing in. I pulled the covers back in climbed in, trying my best to forget what Harry said. Tomorrow should be interesting.
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