Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


28. bonfire

I can't get over what I just experienced in the shower with Harry. His touch feels right, his lips fit with mine so perfectly. They say there's somone out there for everyone, I believe my someone is Harry. Now that he's in my life I can't picture what it would be like without him. I don't wanna be without him. I feel like I finally found myself, I always felt out of place like I couldn't be who I wanted to be. When I lived with my parents I felt like I had to impress them, like I had to be perfect in order for them to love me. With Harry I feel loved without even trying. I don't have to impress him, he sees all my flaws. When I'm with Harry I feel that I am perfect, for the first time in my life it feels right. I feel like I belong in this world. I no longer feel out of place. I rewash my body, ridding Harry's scent and touch. I step out wrap myself in a towel and head for my dorm. I get back and see Linn but no Louis. "Where did Louis go?" I ask gripping my towel tighter. "Oh he went with Harry, there's setting up for tonight. Are you going?" She questions. I nod my head, letting her know that I'm going. "Harry is suppose to pick me up. I guess we're going together." I tell her as I search through my dresser for some clothes. Speaking of Harry my phone starts to ring. I make my way over to my bed retrieving my phone. "Hello?" I say into the speaker. "Hey." He answers. "What's up?" I question. "Lou and I are gonna be here awhile, you think you can catch a ride with Linn or maybe Kris?" He asks. "Uhh yea I don't see why not, I'll just see ya later then." I state. "Of course."He answers. "Alrighty bye." I say and he hangs up. Harry really isn't one to say goodbye on the phone so I guess you can say I'm use to it. "So you think I can drive with you. I guess the boys will be there all night setting up." I state heading back to my dresser. "Yea, of course. Now let's get ready." She says. "Ok." I state. I decided to wear a yellow summer dress. It feels right for the occassion. I didn't even know about this bonfire until earlier. Thinking of earlier brings back images of what Harry did to me in the shower. I know he will be the one I give myself to, I want to. I just don't know when. I'm waiting for the right time, I don't want to rush anything. A knock at the door breaks me away from my thoughts. "I'll get it" Linn Tells me. I smile at her, I'm still doing my hair so I'm glad she decided to answer the door. I go back to curling my hair into small ringlets. "I'm so ready for tonight." Jaime states. "Oh man me too." Linn says. It takes me maybe ten minutes to finish my hair. I put on a little mascara and some lip balm. "Have you guys ever been to one of there bonfires?" I question. I have never been to one period so I don't know what to expect. "Yea, They're pretty much like the house parties, only we're all outside. We roast some marshmellows. Some people even sit around the fire to tell ghost stories, how lame is that?" Jaime teases. I on the other end think it's pretty neat that college kids still like to tell old ghost stories. "Is it just gonna be us and the boys?" I ask. "No everyone is invited, not everyone is going to show up, but there will be a fair amount of people there." Linn says. Since everyone is invited I decided to call Kris and Kasey. they're gonna meet us there. I didn't call Tories because I figured she would just show up with Niall. "You guys ready?" Linn questions as she twirls her keys between her fingers. I take one last look in the mirror before telling her that I'm ready, Jaime says she's been ready that she was just waiting on us. We make our way out of the dorm, into the elevator and out of the building. Linn's car is parked in the lot right outside the doors. We hop in and head for Louis' private beach. I'm excited I don't know what to expect. I just hope it's fun. After blasting music for about fifteen minutes we arrive. Linn parks her car and we make out way towards the beach. Half way there Jaime stops in front of me turns around and places her hands on my shoulders. "Maybe we should go back to the dorm." She states. "What, no we just got here." I laugh. "You know maybe she's right." Linn says agreeing with her friend. "You guys are crazy." I say and push passed Jaime, but stop as soon as I do so. "Why would he do this?" I ask them. "He's an asshole." Jaime says without any remorse. "I thought he said he was to busy to pick me up because him and Louis were setting up." I said on the verge of tears. "It's more like he was too busy because he was hooking up." Jaime states. I continue to stare at Harry and Tish. I knew there was a reason I didn't want him around her. She throws herself at him every chance she gets. But just like Tish, Harry is to blame. He has a mouth he can tell her no, He has hands he can push her away. But his hands were doing the opposite, one was wrapped in her hair while the other one rested on her ass. "Come on Iz let's go." Linn says. I swallow the lump in my throat and look her in the eyes. "I'm staying, it's about time he gets a taste of his own medicine." I say while wiping my eyes. I don't plan on hooking up with anyone because I'm not that type of person. I decide to let Tish have him. She wants him so bad and by the looks of things he wants her too. "Shall we?" Jaime questions. "We shall." Linn and I say in unison. Harry and his friends are sat around the fire, Tish is on his lap when we walk up. Harry sees us and tries to push her off, she doesn't budge. "This is not what it looks like." Harry tells me. "And neither is this." I say as I sit on Liam's lap. "Izzy." Harry warns. "Yes." I answer. "Get off." He demands. I shake my head no. "Liam push her off." He says. "She sat here, if she wants to sit here then she can. Besides you were fine with Tish on her lap before Izzy got here." Liam says. I'm relieved he didn't ask me to move. Harry whispers something in Tish's ear causing her to stand up. I watched as he walks right up to me. "I'm gonna ask you one more time to get up before I make get up." He threathens. I stand my ground, I'm tired of him doing whatever he wants. Harry grabs hold of my wrists and pulls me up. "Whoa Harry wanna take it easy." Liam says. "Stay out of this." Harry shouts as Liam sits back down. Harry pulls me away from his friends. "What do you think you're doing?' He questions. "There wasn't another seat so I sat on his lap no big deal." I lie. In reality it was to piss Harry off and by the look on his face, I'm guessing it works. "You could have sat on my lap." He states. "Your lap was already filled with trash." I say. "I was telling her to move." He says. "You're pathetic, I seen you two. The way you were kissing her. Hooking up with her was more important then picking me up?" I shout. "It's not that." He tells me. "I know how it is Harry, you have a reputation you have to up hold. I get it, but I'm done. I don't want be apart of this anymore. I care for you more than you care for me." I say as I run my fingers through my hair. Harry looks stunned he had no idea I seen them two together. "You don't understand." He whispers. "Tell me what I don't understand." I say. "I never been with one girl. I'm used to be with whoever I want wheneve I want. With you it's different. My old habits are hard to break but I'm trying to break them for you. Don't walk out on me yet Izzy." He begs. He looks so vulnerable, so helpless. "Tell Tish you want nothing to do with her or I'm done." I demand. "I can't you know that, she's part of the group." He reminds me. "Alright." I say and turn away from him. "Wait." He calls. I stop walking and turn back around. I watch as Harry runs up to me. "Fine, I'll tell her." He says. "Good I wanna be there when you tell her. This is it Styles your last shot. You fuck it up and I walk." I said. "Okay, you can be there when I tell her. "Tell her now." I state. I was never one for telling people what they could and couldn't do, but with Tish I will make an exception. I slip my hand into Harry's he doesn't pull away or try to fight my touch. We walk hand and hand back to the bofire. Mostly everyone is just starring at us, like they can't believe what they're seeing. "Tish?" He questions gaining her attention. I watch as she prances over to him with this cheesy smile on her face. "I thought it would be best if you heard this from me and not from somebody else." He starts. She nods her head telling him to continue. "Look Tish I don't like you. All you were was an easy fuck for me. I'm done messing with you. If we're being honest, I'm done with you period." he finishes. Tish is starring at Harry with wide eyes, like she didn't hear him correctly. "You know ever since this virgin came around you been different." She says. "Different? Different how? Because I no longer wanna fuck you. If anything you're just messing things up for me. I like Izzy and I care for her more than I have ever cared about you and half of these people sitting here. With Izzy I can be who I wanna be." He states. I'm in shock I can't believe he actually admitted his feelings for me to everyone. "Let's get out of here." Louis says placing his hand on Harry's shoulder trying to calm him down. Harry nods at his friend. Harry holds out his hand. "You coming?" He questions. I nod my head while slipping my hand in his.
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