Isabella is your everyday girl. She gets good grades has amazing friends. Her parents adore her and want nothing more then a good education for their daughter. what happens when everything doesn't go as planned? What happens when she comes face to face with a certain boy named Harry, the school's bad ass.


30. afraid

We decided it would be best for all of us to just crash at Louis'. No one was in the right state of mind to drive anywhere. Around 2 in the morning Louis went outside to break up the bonfire, I'm surprised he let it go on so long without him being out there with them. Once he called it quits Liam and Zayn made their way inside. I have no idea where Tish was at and frankly I didn't care, I'm glad she left. I can't stand to look at her. When Louis, Liam, and Zayn make their way inside, Harry and I recieve dirty looks from Zayn. "What's his problem does he not like me?" I whisper to Harry. "He's like that with everyone at first don't worry, it's nothing personal. He will come around eventually." He answers. "I hope so." I state. "He will love he will." Harry says as he places a kiss to my cheek. I'm glad this night turned out the way it did. If Harry and I never fought he probably would have never told me he loved me. Hearing them three words for the first time felt right coming from him. Them three words hold so much power. I'm glad I'm not the only one that fell. "So what are we doing for the rest of the night?" Niall speaks up. "How about I never?" Torie questions. "No not another game." I state. "It's nothing like truth or dare. This game just requires you to drink." Harry says. "I guess." I huff. "Iz you know how to play?" Linn questions. "Nope not really." I state. "Okay for example, If I were to say I never had sex. Everyone would drink besides you because you never had sex. Get it?" She questions. "Uhh yea I think so." I state a little confused. I'm sure I will get the hang of it as it goes on. "Kris go first." Zayn demands. "Uhh I never went down on a girl." She says. We all watch as all of the guys take a drink of their beers. "I never fingered a girl." Torie says. Again all the guys drink. "I never went down on a guy." Niall says. All the girls drink except for me. "I never gave a handjob." Louis says. Again they all drink but me. Being a virgin and playing games like these make you feel uncomfortable like everyone is starring at you. "I never made sex a game." Liam says. Harry, Zayn, and Louis take a swig of their beer. I'm not surprised because I knew about Harry but Zayn and Louis I had no idea. "I never stayed with one girl for a long period of time just so I could get in her pants." Zayn says. "Games over." Louis says. "Aww come on, we were just getting started." Zayn argues. "It's late and I'm tired." Louis says. "Yea me too, what about you Izzy?" Harry questions. "Yea, I'm pretty tired." I state. "Lou we're taking your parents room." Harry says. "Okay, but no funny business." Louis states. "She's as innocent as they come." Harry reminds Louis. I smack his arm. "What you are." He chuckles. "Let's just go to bed." I state. This time we make our way upstairs and stop at the second door on the right. We walk in and this room is massive. They have their own hot tub up here, not to mention the bed. It looks so comfortable I can't wait to sleep in it. "You gonna sleep in your dress?" He questions as he throws the extra pillows on to the floor. "Yea I have nothing else to wear. I watch as Harry pulls his shirt over his head. "Here." He says as he hands it to me. I make my way towards the bathroom but stop when I hear Harry speak. "Really running to the bathroom? It's not like I haven't seen you before." He states. With my back turned to him I slip out of my dress I rush to put his shirt on and make my way over to the bed. "That was fast." He laughs. "Yea well I didn't want you to try anything." I say as I make my way onto the bed. "Me? I wouldn't." He says. "Mhmm sure." I state. "I wouldn't." Harry says as he wraps his arms around my waist. "Can I ask you something?" I question. "Of course." He answers. "Umm when are you gonna let me do something for you?" I ask. "You mean like suck my dick?" He bluntly says. "Harry." I whisper shout. "What? That is what you meant isn't it." He says. "Yea." I whisper. "Whenever you feel ready, but not tonight." He states. "Good because I'm not quite ready but soon." I tell him. "Soon." He repeats. I lay my head on his chest and feel myself drfting off to sleep. I wake up the next morning to and empty bed. I hear people shouting back and forth. I'm guessing their loud voices is what woke me. I sit up and stretch rubbing my eyes of their tiredness. "I don't know what the fuck has gotten into to you lately." One of the voices shout. "She's a nice girl, what you're doing is wrong." Another one shouts. "Yea and when the fuck did you get a conscience?" The first one shouts. "She's different and you're too dumb to see it." The second one yells back. "You could have ruined everything." The first one says. "No that's where you're wrong mate, you're the one ruining everything for yourself." The second one yells. I decide to roll out of bed to see who is arguing. I crack the door just a bit to see who it is. One of them is Harry and the other one is Zayn. They both look like the wanna rip the other one apart. "Harry come back to bed." I interrupt. "Izzy, how long have you been standing there?" Harry questions. "Just now." I answer. "Good luck with this one." Zayn says to me. I'm a little taken back for once Zayn speaks me and I have no idea what he means by it. "If you say anything else I will end you." Harry threatens. I step out from the door way. "Now I see why you're trying so hard." Zayn says as he stares at me. "Izzy get back in the bedroom now." Harry demands. I take a look at myself and realize, I'm standing in the hallway with no pants on. I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I decide to stand my ground. "Not until you come back to bed." I say. Harry let's out a long breath as he runs his fingers through his hair. I hold out my hand for him to take. He turns and walks away from Zayn, relief washes over me. He slips his hand in mine we turn to head back to the room. "She even looks better from behind." Zayn calls out. Harry let's go of my hand walks right back over to Zayn I watch as Harry's fist connects with his face. "Harry!!" I shout. Harry doesn't stop, I've seen him mad before but never this mad. "Louis, Liam, Niall!!" I yell for anyone to come stop him. "Harry stop." I beg. He doesn't listen he repeatedly punches Zayn. I see Niall emerge from the room across from mine rubbing his eyes. I run over to Niall. "Niall stop him he's gonna kill him." I beg. My words instantly connect with him. Niall runs over to Harry and Zayn. Niall tries his best to pull Harry off but Harry is too strong. Louis shows up just in the nick of time. It took both Niall and Louis to hold Harry back. At this point I'm shaking and Zayn is bleeding profusely from his nose. "Don't ever say anything like that to her again. Next time you won't be so lucky." He snaps. "Get off of me." He says as he frees himself from their hold. "Izzy get dressed we're leaving." He says as he makes his way over to me. I'm still in shock at what just happened. "Now! He shouts breaking me out of my thoughts. I head to the bedroom I pull Harry's shirt over my head. I hand it to him and he snatches it out of my hands. I flinch away from him. I step into my sun dress and put my shoes on. Harry looks at me and can see that I'm shaking uncontrolable. I have never witness anything like that in my life. I watch as Harry makes his way over to me. He places both his hands on my cheeks. "Don't be afraid of me Iz, I would never hurt you." He tells me. I nod. He places his lips on mine. I know he won't hurt me the way he hurt Zayn but I can't help but be afraid of him.
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