Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


8. chapter 8

The Lincoln Bar

The girls look for James, Justin, and Blake. They all looked a little silly, but it was worth it, to see if the guys were flirting with other girls.

Frenchy: (walks towards James) Hiya, doll. You come around here often?

James: Yes, why do ya wanna know?

Frenchy: We should hit the road togetha.

James: Sorry, hun, but, I have a girlfriend, and no one is worth more than losing her. I love too much.

Frenchy: (smiles)

Bridget: Hi, i`m Candy.

Blake: Well, hello, Candy? Is that your real name, or your nick name?

Bridget: Nick name.

Blake: Why do they call you Candy?

Bridget: Because I`m sweet but once you get too much of me I could be really bad for ya.

Blake: Well...Candy...I have a taste for something sweet, wanna go in my car?

Bridget: (getting a little upset) Of course, lead the way.

PJ: I need me a drink. ( walks over to bartender)

 Cynthia slowly sat down beside Justin, and pretended she was going to drink her whiskey, then as she opened her mouth to talk Justin interrupted her.

Justin: So, you don't trust me, Cynth?

Cynthia: What?

Justin: I can still smell your perfume.

Cynthia: (slowly takes off wig)

Justin: You didn`t answer my question.

Cynthia: Of course I trust you, the girls talked me into this.

Justin: (grins) I`ve been wanting to see you all day. Do you wanna go over to my house for a little bit? We could watch a movie or something.

Cynthia: Of course.

Justin: Good. Let`s head to my car.

Justin`s Bedroom

They watched a movie called "High Society", it was so funny, that it made their cheeks hurt. After the movie went off, Cynthia and Justin just looked into each other`s eyes, and started making out on his bed. Justin started to take of his shirt, and Cynthia took her hair out of her pony tail. They made out for 10 minutes and one thing led to another, then all of a sudden, they hear a car pull up in the drive way.

Justin: Damn it, it`s m dad! He`s home early!

They both put on their clothes and climbed out the window, then Justin`s dad, came back outside and see them both running.

Dad: I knew you were doing something in my house!! I don`t want to see your face ever again!!

Justin: Don`t worry about him, he`s very religious. He believes that no one should have sex before marriage, but I love you and that`s all that matters. I should take you home before- (hears shot guns shooting)

Cynthia: (gasp) Oh, no, how did you know I was here?

Justin: (confused) who is he?


 to be continued in next chapter soon.



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