Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


7. chapter 7

(Justin and Cynthia goes to a lemonade shack, then they go to an arcade, then went bowling. After bowling, Justin looked at his watch, 10:00. )

Cynthia: I should get home, before it gets too late. My mom is going to be ups-

Justin: (Starts kissing Cynthia) I....lo-(sighs) I think you should get home, too. (Smiles) Are you busy tomorrow?

Cynthia: Uhhh....actually, me and the girls are going to be hanging over PJ`s house, she`s having a sleep over, and we`re going to her house first thing in the morning.

Justin: Ah, you girls and those sleepovers, (laughs) well, Saturday, I have something special to plan, hopefully. OK?

Cynthia: (smiles) ok. Bye.

Justin: Bye.


  The next day....

The girls went over to PJ`s house and started to watch movies all day, eat ice cream, drink soda pop, eat sweets, do each other`s hair, and nails, and talked about boys. They all began to talk about their boyfriends then Bridget asked Cynthia about Justin.

Cynthia: What about Justin?

Bridget: You two would make a cute couple.

Cynthia: Actually, we are dating now, Justin asked me out last night. He is so romantic. We went bowling, went to the arcade, drank lemonade, we even took a nice stroll, hand in hand.

Frenchy: Awwe, that is good for you, Justin seems like a really nice guy when he`s not around his boys.

PJ: Yeah, once they`re all together, they act like a couple of hound dogs.

Bridget: I wonder where they are now.

Frenchy: They`re at the Lincoln bar, that`s where they always go on Fridays, especially if they don`t have anything to do.

PJ: we should go snoop on them, dress up, like, in disguises.

Cynthia: Why?

PJ: Because, you never know if your man is flirting with another girl, so we should dress up in disguises.

Bridget: Yeah, they have been acting weird lately. I say we should go!

Frenchy: Yeah, I have a bunch of clothes, make up and wigs in my suit case.

PJ: You keep wigs in your suit case?

Frenchy: You never know what happens.

All: (giggles)

The girls all grab some clothes, put on make up and the wigs, and changed their voices a little, then they walked to the Lincoln bar.

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