Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


6. chapter 6

(Cynthia and Justin took a walk and talked for a little bit, then they decided they wanted to dance, so Justin turned on his car radio, they slowed dance under the starts and moons, Justin did a dip on her as he`d see on tv when the couple are staring into each other`s eyes, and were close to kiss, Justin and Cynthia were doing the exact same thing, but then Cynthia lost her grip on Justin, and fell making Justin fall along with her, they fell down a hill, Justin landed on Cynthia, and apologized, again, their eyes met, Justin licked his lips, came closer to Cynthia`s face and kissed her. They kissed for about 5 minutes, finally Justin pulled away, and whispered;

Justin: I don`t think I want to be a bad boy anymore.

Cynthia: Oh, really?

Justin: Yes, I want to be YOUR boy. Will you go out with me?

Cynthia: Justin, I-

Justin: Please, sweet cheeks. I`ve always felt warm inside every time I see or think of you. And if it`s bad, I don`t want it to be right, so what do ya say, Cynth?

Cynthia: I say...yes.

Justin: (smiles) That sounded like music to my ears. We should start walkin` before someone catches us "trespassing", I know a couple of stops we can hang at.



(Sorry, this one`s short, but if you want an imagine with someone, anyone you want, just ask, I`ll be more than happy to :) )

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