Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


5. chapter 5

( Cynthia sits on her porch and starts crying. Justin pulls up In her driveway, and sits next to Cynthia, this time keeping his hands to himself.)

Justin: Heyy...I-I`m sorry. I didn`t mean to make you cry, Sweet cheeks. I promise not to touch you or kiss you again.

Cynthia:`s not that. I`m not trying to fall in love and get my heart broken again.

Justin: What do you mean?

Cynthia: It`s hard to explain.

Justin: Just try...please?

Cynthia: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Justin: To be honest...I don`t know what to believe, I`ve got my heart broken so many times, I`m used to it. Now, I guess I`m the heart breaker. I`ve broken so many girls` hearts this year, I`m ashamed of it. But,`re different from all the others. When I`m around you, my heart beats 10 times faster, my legs get weak, I could barely talk, I get nervous around you sometimes.

Cynthia: I think....I think I`ve fallen for you.

Justin: Don`t say that. Once you fall, I can`t catch you.

Cynthia: I guess you`re right. I better get inside, before my mother comes out and sees me talking to a boy...a "bad boy" especially. (Kisses Justin`s cheek) Goodnight.

Justin: Wait! Can`t we just take a stroll? Just for a little bit? I have something to show you.

Cynthia: (thinks) OK, fine.

Justin: (smiles)

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