Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


4. Chapter 4

The Drive-In

(Frenchy went to James` car, Bridget went to Blake`s car, and P.J. found a cute guy and went to his car to make-out like the others. Cynthia stayed in her car and enjoyed the movie, eating popcorn, and drinking soda, she hears a knock on her window on the passenger seat side. It`s Justin. She rolls down the window.)

Cynthia: Yes, Justin?

Justin: My buddies left me alone with their girls, can I join you?

Cynthia: Sure, but, no touchy touchy.

Justin: You got it, Sweet Cheeks.

( They continued watching the movie, Justin looked around and saw that almost everyone were in their cars making-out, he got nervous and watched the movie. He put his arm on Cynthia`s shoulders. A few seconds later he went for it and kissed Cynthia, she pushed him off and started yelling.)

Cynthia: Keep your hands and lips to yourself!

Justin: But, you`re so beautiful, and everyone else is kissing.

Cynthia: That`s it! Get out! Now!

( Justin got out, and watched Cynthia drive away.)

Justin: Dammit!

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