Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


3. Chapter 3

Cynthia`s House (Her bedroom)

I`ve talked to mother about the Diner, of course she said no. I was very upset, I brushed my hair, put it in a ponytail and changed into my black dress with red lace underneath it. I heard a couple of knocks on my window, so I hurried putting my lipstick on, and looked out my window. It was Justin, throwing rocks at my window, I quickly opened it and climbed out of it. I held on to a tree and jumped from there, luckily Justin caught me, or I would`ve fallen. We smiled at each other, and got in his car, and drove away. He lit his cigarette. He took a couple of puffs, put the fire out and put it back behind his ear. He turned the radio on.

Justin: So, sweet cheeks, how ya liking Calabasas so far?

Cynthia: It`s very nice hear.

Justin: Yeah, I guess you could say that, if you`re the most beautiful girl in Calabasas High, then you would say that.

Cynthia: What do you mean?

Justin: It`s nice here, don`t get me wrong, but, Hun, they`re animals there. You`ll see yourself in a couple of days.  Everyone is being nice because you`re the new girl. A beautiful new girl at that. But, me? I`m always nice, so you can always turn to me, just don`t tell anyone, I have a reputation as a bad boy in the Brave T-Hawks.

Cynthia: OK.

(It was quiet the rest of the way to the Diner. Justin opened Cynthia`s door, and put his arm on her shoulders, they walked in the Diner, Pretty Kitties ran to Cynthia and hugged her, and the Brave T-Hawks walked up to Justin and gave him a high five, they all sat next to each other, the guys ordered various foods, while the girls just ordered their usual strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Banana shake. They all started talking. The girls went to the bathroom to freshen up.

The Girls Restroom

Bridget: Did you see how Blake hugged me? He`s so romantic.

Frenchy: And James just couldn`t keep his eyes off of me. That hot tamale wants me. I`m going in.

P.J.: And no one gives a shit.

Bridget: P.J.!! So, Cynth, have you talked to your boyfriend? He must really miss you (sarcastic)

Cynthia: Well, actual, I haven`t talked to him since this morning, I should call him now, where is a payphone?

Bridget: By the check out counter.

(Cynthia walked to the check out counter and dialed Kirk`s number on the phone, the other line rang twice on the third ring, a girl answered, she said her name is cherry.)

Cynthia: Is Kirk there?

Cherry: No, may I ask who`s calling?

Cynthia: Cynthia, his girlfriend.

Cherry: Girlfriend? I`m his girlfriend? We`ve been dating for 2 months now!

Cynthia: but, we`ve been dating for 4! Just forget it, I hope you two are very happy!!!

(Everyone turned to look at Cynthia, she was so upset and embarrassed that she ran outside crying. Justin jumped over the table and ran after Cynthia, he grabbed her arm gently.)

Justin: Cynthia, what`s wrong?

Cynthia: (crying) My boyfriend, Kirk, cheated on me with a girl named Cherry! I gotta go home! I`ll see you tomorrow.

Justin: Wait! ....L-Let me take you home. I can`t let you walk alone in the dark. There are people here that rapes 17 year olds.

Cynthia: (half grin) Ok, thank you.

Justin: No problem.

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