Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


2. Chapter 2

After School...

(Cynthia decided to walk home so she could think about weather if she should go to the diner or not, the same three girls from earlier , stopped Cynthia from walking.)

Girl #1: Hey, you must be Cynthia, the new girl! I`m Frenchy, and this is Bridget, and that`s Penny Jean, but just call her P.j.

P.J.: We saw you and Justin talking.

Cynthia: Yes?

Bridget: That`s the longest we`ve ever seen him talk to a girl.

Frenchy: Yeah, you must be really special. Why doncha join us, we`re the Pretty Kitties.

Cynthia: Gee wiz, really! I`ve always wanted to be in a clique like this. Of course, I will join your clique.

P.J.: Great, we`ll have your pink jacket with our group name by Friday.

Cynthia: Is Justin in a clique?

Bridget: Of course he is! He is in the Brave T-Hawks. I`m in love with one of the members in that group, his name is Blake, we`ve been dating for 2 years now. He is so romantical.

All: (giggles)

Frenchy: I have a crush on...(happy sigh) James. What a hunk!

P.J. Who do you like, CiCi?

Cynthia: I have a boyfriend, he`s all the way in Florida.

Frenchy: Let me tell ya, honey, it will not work out. Long Distance relationships is hard to keep up. Trust me, I should know from experience. I moved to a different town, my boyfriend called me and said "French, this isn`t going t work, sugar plum. Ever since you left I had to take off my leash and sniff for a new breed." He was telling me that he found another girl.

Cynthia: Oh, I am very sorry. But, my boyfriend will never do such thing, I even promised him to visit him over summer vacation.

P.J.: Just wait and see, Cici.  He`s going to walk all over your heart and smash it into little itty bitty pieces.

Bridget: Ok, enough of that, let`s change the subject. Cynthia, are you going to the diner tonight?

Cynthia: I...I guess. Yes, I am.

Frenchy: Cool, we`ll see ya there, Cynth. Bye!

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