Grease (Justin Bieber fan fic)

Cynthia Jones
Justin Bieber
and more people


1. Chapter 1

January 13, 1956

Cynthia`s House

(Cynthia is talking to her boyfriend, Kirk, on the phone in her room. Cynthia had just moved from Miami, Florida to Calabasas, California.)

Cynthia: Yes, Kirk, I promise to come back to visit you as soon as summer vacation arrives. (laughs) Yes, Kirk, I am your little gummy bear. OK, I`ve gotta go before I`m late for school, I want to make a good impression. Love you, too.

(Cynthia hangs up her phone, fixes her dress, grabs her purse and books, and head out the door. She walks to her bus stop where there were three more girls giggling and talking in a very discreet voice pointing at a very handsome young man. His hair was gelled slick back, he was wearing a black leather jacket white t-shirt, and black pants, with black shoes. He was surrounded with two other guys wearing the same thing, they were snapping fingers in rhythm, the guy put his cigarette behind his ear and started singing a song that was very catchy, it was called "Kiss and Tell". After he was finished, he winked at the girls. Cynthia grinned. The bus finally arrived, they all got on.)

Calabasas High School

(They all got off the bus, Cynthia wasn`t paying attention and bumped into the handsome guy, she dropped all of her books.)

Cynthia: Oops. Sorry, clumsy me.

Him: Here, lemme help you with those books, sweet cheeks. Here ya go.

Cynthia: Thank you.

Him: I`m Justin, and you are?

Cynthia: My name`s Cynthia. I just moved here.

Justin: Oh, yeah? from where?

Cynthia: Miami, Florida.

Justin: Why`d  you move here?

Cynthia: My father died and my mom lives here, so I am living with her now.

Justin: Sorry about ya loss. How about I show you around Calabasas High until you know your way around here? Does that sound good?

Cynthia: uhm, sure, I guess.

Justin: ok, sweet cheeks.

Cynthia: That song you were singing; it was very catchy.

Justin: oh, you liked that didn`t you?

Cynthia: Yes.

Justin: Good, good, do you sing yourself?

Cynthia: Why yes I do.

Justin: I would love to hear you some time. Hey, me and a couple of friends are going to the diner on 3rd avenue, why doncha come and meet a couple of people?

Cynthia: I don`t think I should. My mom would be very upset I went somewhere alone on a school night.

Justin: who said you were going alone? I`ll pick you up, and you can tell your mom you`re going to study.

Cynthia: I don`t think I should lie to my mom.

Justin: Oh, come on, live a little.

Cynthia: Fine.

(Cynthia gave Justin her address and phone number, and went to class)


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