Herculaneum Princess

Amara a 15 yrold herculaneum girlwho lives in fear of vesiuvius...
This story is about the run up to the explosion in AD79
this is for the competion!!!!


2. Flavia

''Amara'' I heard my father calling my name, I immediately ran to him ''papa'' I smiled giving him a hug, ''Amara I have bad news'' ''what is it papa'' I looked up at him ''Pluno has left us'' ''oh papa that is the best news I have heard in a very long time'' ''Amara'' papa just laughed '' go to the market I want you to pick your new maid and take payno with you'' ''of course papa, thank you papa'' I ran to get payo and we set of for the slave market. There were a lot of maids there but one caught my eye her name was Flavia and she was from africa. ''3 lupees for this fine young maid'' screamed the slave trader. I immediately shot my hand up but I had fierce competition from Jonas the baker. '' I will give you 24 lupees for her'' I said Jonas shook his head as I handed of the money to the trader and Flavia walked over to me. ''I'm Amara'' I said holding out my hand, ''Flavia'' she said. We walked home and I showed her around she liked the library especially the books about history and she loved the pool we have. ''come on flavia lets swim'' i said as I got into my swimming tunic, ''oh i would love to but I have only the clothes on me'' she said. ''well share my clothes'' her face lit up and she reached for a tunic. We both headed of to the pool and after about 2 hours of swimming and playing we ate some figs on the chairs. ''I'm glad you're here Flavia i've been ever so lonely'' '' i'm glad you bought me the place we stayed at was horrible and i did not want to be sold to the baker'' ''It's going to be like were sisters'' we both laughed and when to my room where other slaves had added a bed for Flavia. We talked about her family as we got into bed, she had been taken whilst collecting berries and she was taken here, her mama had died on the way here and her papa and brothers had no idea she had gone, she has lost her mama to but her pain must be more than mine as she has lost her whole family, I heard her crying but I didn't want to say anything.

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