Herculaneum Princess

Amara a 15 yrold herculaneum girlwho lives in fear of vesiuvius...
This story is about the run up to the explosion in AD79
this is for the competion!!!!


3. Antonius

Me,Flavia and payo went to the amphitheatre today to watch a fight, I did not want to go but Flavia made me. Whilst we were there i bumped into a boy I had never seen before he said his name was Antonius and his father was a doctor when I asked papa about he said not to talk to him again apparently he is british and not to be trusted that would explain his red hair.


Authors note

gonna try and update as often as possible

but ive got exams and swapping houses 

all the time so barewith :) xxxx

Evie ::):):)

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