An Ace Christmas

The Ace Attorney characters have a host of holiday adventures.


4. Trucy and Apollo 2025

He knocked three times before anyone came to the door.

                “Oh, hey, Trucy what took you so long?” He asked the oddly dressed girl that stood before him.

                “I thought I’d lost my Magic Panties” Trucy smiled at him, rocking back and forth on her heels.

                “And did you find them?”

                “Yeah, Mr. Hat had them.” Trucy looked like she was thinking about something important, probably what her wooden puppet was doing with her Magic Panties but maybe that was just Apollo.

                “So, where’s Nick?”

                “Daddy’s off with one of his girlfriends.” Girlfriends? Apollo didn’t know that Nick had any girlfriends he’d never mentioned one anyway, it was probably just Trucy’s over active imagination.

                “So what you got planned for us today?” Asked Apollo, not wanting to dwell on the subject of his mentor’s lady friends.

                “Close your eyes it’s a surprise.” Trucy bounced up and down excitedly and Apollo did as he was told.

                As soon as his eyes were closed, she dragged him into the offices of the Wright Anything Agency .

                After tripping through the office in darkness they stopped.

                “Okay, open!” Cried Trucy gesturing broadly to what lay in the centre of the room.

                The first thing that Apollo noticed was how clear the space was, there was usually a great abundance of general stuff lying around but it had all been moved and stashed away to make room for the sheet of coloured plastic that lay on the floor. Twister. Oh Crap!

                Apollo wanted to protest and complain of a bad leg or something along those lines but before he could even open his mouth Trucy span the dial and commanded him to place his left leg on a blue spot. Okay just one game. He promised himself.

                Three games later and they were both exhausted sat on the floor nursing twisted muscles.

                “How do you do that?” Apollo asked outraged, she’d won all three of the games they had played.

                “Silly Polly, I grew up with acrobats and contortionists, this...” She gestured to the Twister mat “ easy compared to the things I used to do back then. Anyway I’m glad you gave up, because I’ve got something to give you.”

                Apollo was just about to say that he hadn’t given up when he realised that he hadn’t gotten her a Christmas present. He was still searching his brain when she appeared in front of him holding a box wrapped in playing card wrapping paper. He took it from her and she waited while he tore off the wrapping.

                As soon as it was revealed a giant smile spread across his face.

                “So what do you think?”Trucy asked.

                “It’s awesome!” He gushed. She had gotten him a magic kit, ‘101 easy magical illusions for kids’ was emblazoned on the front in bright red and there were pictures of joyful six and seven year olds surrounding it.

                “I knew you’d love it.” Trucy smiled smugly.

                Apollo frowned, he thought he’d found the perfect present for Trucy but after seeing hers to him he wasn’t sure. “Well for your present you can have any ice cream you want from Giano’s, on me.”

                Trucy looked at him quizzically “Double scoop?”

                “Triple scoop if you want it Trucy.”

                Trucy beamed and ran to the door to get her coat bouncing as she waited for Apollo to follow suit. He smiled and guided her out of the office.

                They went on their way smiling brightly on the way to the ice cream parlour the snow coating their shoes. 

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