An Ace Christmas

The Ace Attorney characters have a host of holiday adventures.


2. Phoenix and Maya 2019

                He waited patiently at the station, many passing but none of them the right one and he knew he’d see her when she came; her training clothes meant that she would stand out in almost any crowd. She was coming especially for Christmas and although she didn’t celebrate it she had still wanted to spend it with him and that was all that mattered.

It had been less than a year since he had last seen her, but she had changed so much. She looked so much older so much more mature but not necessarily in a good way. Her eyes looked tired and her shoulders were slumped in exhaustion. He supposed that the role of Master of the Kurain Channelling Technique was really getting to her, especially considering the way she had come into the job.

                She moment she saw him all of the bad dropped away and she smiled brightly, becoming the girl he had always known. She ran to him and gripped him in a tight hug, wrinkling his blue suit.

                “Nick!” she squealed so high pitched it almost shattered his eardrums.

                He calmed her down but she still had a wild look of excitement in her eyes as he grabbed her bags and carried them through the station. He checked his watch and began to hurry; he had planned out a busy day for them and didn’t want to miss a thing.

                “Where are we going Nick, come on, tell me, please?” She widened her eyes at his appealing to his soft side.

                “Nuh uh, nope, not a chance” Phoenix refused.

                “Just a hint, a really little one” she spaced her fingers a centimetre apart to demonstrate.

                This time he just ignored her and kept walking, keeping his eye on where he was walking in the mass of Christmas shoppers.

                After about ten minutes of walking without conversation- Maya thinking hard about the destination- She twigged.

                “Eldoon’s? Tut tut I would have thought you would do better for my visit Nick.”

                “But you love Eldoon’s!” Nick span around, outraged. He had spent hours thinking about where to take her and he thought that this was the perfect place.

                “Ha, i guessed right then. And of course I love Eldoon’s, I just knew that I could get you riled up enough to admit the destination. You’re so easy sometimes, Nick, even the witnesses get you to spill.” She laughed lightly as his anger melted away and rolled his eyes.

                “Come on then, before they run out “He ran daring her to race him to the Noodle stand a couple of blocks away.


                The stand was brightly decorated, tinsel hanging round the side and fake snow sprayed on the roof.

                The two friends skidded up to the stand, panting, Maya in front with Phoenix falling quite a bit behind. She did have a bit of an advantage with all of the spiritual training and him still carrying her bags, but he didn’t mention it and just let her have this one.

                They ordered two noodles and sat on a nearby bench catching up. It hadn’t been that long but before she had left they had spent every day together so it felt like forever and there was so much to say with so little time.

                After half an hour Maya left to go find a toilet and Nick got out his itinerary. They had plans to go visit Gumshoe, Edgeworth and he’d even fit in a quick trip to see Larry. He stared at it a minute and saw he was already late for the next part, but then he looked up and saw her coming towards him and realised how happy he was just being with her. He tore the sheet up and let the pieces fall into the bin next to him.

                The plan could wait till tomorrow, for today he’d just go with it, after all he didn’t know when he’d next see her after she left.

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