An Ace Christmas

The Ace Attorney characters have a host of holiday adventures.


5. Pearl, Phoenix and Wocky 2025

                It had been years since she’d last seen him and she couldn’t wait to see his face light up. It was the best Christmas present she could wish for to get to see him again and she hoped that he’d feel the same way.

 She made her way through the streets a slight frown on her face as she struggled to remember the way to his office. On her way she called in at a small noodle stand called Eldoon’s that was heavily decorated in paper snowflakes and tattered tinsel.

                “Um, excuse me?”She tried to catch the attention of the owner, when he had acknowledged her; she continued “Do you know where I could find the Wright Talent Agency?”

 The man in the stand looked confused and Pearl worried she had gotten it wrong, it used to be the Wright and Co Law Offices but Nick had told her that it had changed last time they spoke but that was quite a while back.

                Then his face suddenly brightened “oh, you must mean the Wright Anything Agency, that’s just down the road there...” he pointed”you can’t miss it.”

                “Thank you” Pearl smiled and headed in the direction he had indicated.

                When she got the offices she found a girl in a cape carrying into the garage. She was an odd site indeed and that was saying something considering Pearl’s own background. The girl was wearing a blue magician’s hat and looked a little like she was playing dress up; the odd part was that this girl was at least in her mid teens. Well, she thought, everyone has their own style. She herself was wearing her spirit training garb which may have looked strange to outsiders but it was second nature to her.

                She went up to the girl. “Hi, is Nick around?”

                The girl looked up at her and then pulled her into a hug. “You must be Pearl, Daddy has been so exited all day waiting, he’s inside” She grinned.

                Daddy? Pearl was baffled for a moment before she realised that this must be the adopted daughter he had talked about in his emails.

                “Oh and you must be Trucy.” Pearl stuck her hand out for a handshake which Trucy took “I’ll go find him.”

                As soon as Pearl entered the main office she saw what the boxes were for, the place was a mess, and nothing like it had been back when she’d last been here. Hoops and balls and cards along with a lot of other general mess cluttered the main area.

                “Nick!” she called, picking her way through the disorder around her.

                “Pearl!” She heard the response come from her right where he was buried beneath a stack of Steel Samurai episode DVDs that Pearl recognised from Maya’s own personal collection. She helped him up and pulled him into a hug.

                “Wow!” he sighed looking her up and down “You look amazing, and so much older.”

                Pearl laughed. “You know Nick sometimes that happens when you haven’t seen someone for over seven years.”

                “I know, it’s just... strange.”

                “Yeah, I know what you mean...” Pearl trailed off looking wistful and nostalgic.

                Phoenix quickly changed the subject “so I was thinking that maybe we could go and get some muffins or something, Trucy’s got someone coming round and I think it would be best if I left them alone.” He grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

                “Yeah, of course.” She smiled brightly, happy that she’d have Nick to herself.


                They walked about five blocks before coming to a stop in front of an establishment called O.G.Muffins. What the..?Pearl looked questioningly at Nick, but he just continued on into the shop.

                “Hey Wocky.” He called to the guy bent down behind the counter.

                “Nicky boy, how’s it hangin’?” A voice called back.

                “Good, I brought my friend here to try out your amazing Christmas cranberry muffins.”

                As Nick said this, a head popped up from behind the counter knocking a bit of tinsel on the way up.

To say this guy was original was an understatement, his hair was a masterpiece in itself and it made Pearl want to reach back and check her own delicate hairstyle. As soon as she looked at him, she felt like she just couldn’t stop, it was impulsive like an instinct deeply engraved into her. There was just something about him; he was just something, something special.

                As he looked up at her, she could hear him gasp before he wiped his hands on his apron and turned slightly to Nick.

                “Why didn’t you tell me you were bringing a pretty girl to see me Nick?  I would have dressed a little better.”He smiled at Pearl making something melt inside her and she giggled.

                Nick noticed it and cottoned on to what was happening. “Can you get us two cranbos, I just gotta nip to the toilet?” he said before leaving to go into a back room leaving Pearl and Wocky alone.

                “So, how do you know Nick?” Wocky asked leaning over the counter towards Pearl as he did so.

                “A friend of mine used to be his assistant and I helped him solve some cases.” She explained “How about you?”

                “I was sort of one of his employees clients.” He said shyly rubbing his neck nervously.

                Pearl looked shocked “Really? What for?”

                Wocky explained the situation even telling her about how he’d had the bullet removed last month. Pearl was hanging on his every word.

                “Well, that’s quite a story.” Pearl commented smiling.

                “Yeah, I guess so.” Wocky admitted smiling back at her.


                They stayed there for ten minutes just talking before Nick emerged from the back room. When he did, they both looked slightly disappointed that they had been interrupted.

                “Hey Pearl you ready to go?” he asked grabbing the bag of muffins that sat on the counter.

                “Sure.” She sighed reluctantly before following him to the door, but before she could leave she felt someone grab her wrist. She span around to see Wocky stood there, a white card in his hand.

                “Call me.” He said with no question in it, it was a request, pressing the card into her hard. And as with his voice, there was no question in her mind, she’d definitely call him. No doubt about it.


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