An Ace Christmas

The Ace Attorney characters have a host of holiday adventures.


3. Ema and Apollo 2025

It had been a hard year, but it was worth it to see the smile on his face every time she saw him.  The hidden glances and stolen smirks they exchanged at work just weren’t enough and now they could finally be alone. She looked out the window and saw a sheet of snow falling fast to coat the ground and create the perfect backdrop for a romantic Christmas.

They’d both agreed that it would be best to meet at her place as Trucy was likely to barge in at his and they weren’t quite ready to let out the secret. Even though they had had to sneak around the last few months had been bliss for Ema and she’d never felt this happy with anyone and she didn’t want to have to share that just yet.

She just loved it so much, loved him so much, and the best part was that it had come out of nowhere. She had never thought of herself as the type to fall in love and especially not with someone like Apollo. Her scientific mind clashed dramatically with his childlike wonder, but for them that worked and it meant that there was a lot more to try in the bedroom.

He was still asleep when she got up to make breakfast, snoring softly in his slumber. She tiptoed away, careful not to make a noise, and came back ten minutes later with his favourite breakfast on a tray. As per usual he was waiting for her when she got back, he always got up just after the work had been done, but she didn’t mind doing things for him. He smiled at her when she came back; it wasn’t a big smile because all of the passion he felt was in his eyes, sending her weak at the knees as his gaze always did. She sat down gently on the bed and kissed him tenderly before passing him his tray and tucking into the snackoos she kept by the bed to munch on.

Ema watched in amazement as Apollo scoffed his meal in record time, rushing his food so much it looked painful. The second he finished he jumped up and pulled her from the bed, dragging her into the main room. She giggled as he gave up and lifted her in his arms, wrapping his arms around her and hers around him. When they reached the sofa he laid her down and moved to the tree in the corner. It was a beautiful tree, with all of the trimmings and a magnificent star glistening pride of place at its peak. She didn’t really care though because the only thing she cared about was now standing in front of her with a small package in his hands. She took it gently and carefully peeled the red and green reindeer wrapping off, only thinly hiding her excitement as the layers revealed a small black ring box. She looked forward at her beloved and found him kneeling on one knee.

She knew what was going to happen but she just couldn’t quite believe it, nothing this good had ever happened to her before and it was too amazing to be true. It was one of the best moments of her life and for some reason all she could think about was how her present to him wasn’t nearly as special. It was the perfect gift for him but didn’t mean as much as this did. Her mind babbled desperately trying to find a solution.

“Ema Skye, will you take my hand in marriage”

 And suddenly her mind went blank.

All of the other thoughts gone and all that was left was one resounding word. YES. Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. She wanted to scream it out loud, so loud that the whole world would hear it, but she didn’t. Instead she just kissed him and mouthed the word silently against his lips before whispering it in his ear. Without a further word he pulled her into him, kissing her neck and slipping the diamond ring onto her finger. 

This year was going to be better, so, so much better.

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