An Ace Christmas

The Ace Attorney characters have a host of holiday adventures.


1. Diego and Mia 2011

                She was always so sweet when she was nervous and seeing her like this made him want to hold her tight to stop her shaking. She was so worried about her first case, she’d be assigned one anytime soon, probably in a month or two and she had come to him for help. He couldn’t have said no even if he wanted to, he was so desperately in love with her that his body and his mind pulled them together whenever the chance arose.

                He was sat with her in the cafeteria with his coffee in his hand listening to every word she said and taking in every movement she made no matter how small.

                “Oh, Diego, what will I do, I’m not nearly well enough prepared?” She signed and looked up at him through her fringe.

                “You’ll bring the house down, that’s what you’ll do and you have no need to worry, I’ll be there to help you if you need it, which you won’t.”He sipped his coffee slowly.

                “Okay, but I’m still going to go over all my books before the trial.” Mia still looked unsure and bit her nails anxiously.

                Diego smiled, holding back a chuckle, “You do that, and you know I’ll be here if you need anything, right?”

                “You’re such a good friend, what would I do without you?” She smiled at him, a slight bit of her confidence restored. “Oh, hey, that reminds me; I got you a little something for Christmas” She reached behind her into her bag and pulled out a small parcel in reindeer wrapping.

                “You shouldn’t have.” Diego smiled, he had gotten her something too even though they’d both agreed that neither would give the other a gift.

                “Yeah, yeah, I know, just open it” She squealed in excitement.

                He gently pulled at the paper, making every movement slow and deliberate, teasing her with the suspense. He managed to drag it out for a full two minutes before he revealed a bright green mug with a ruby red Santa staring out from the front, his nose protruding from the main body.  The second he saw it, he couldn’t stop from laughing and after he had finished he declared it perfect and went to the coffee machine to fill it up with his favourite beverage. When he got back he found Mia smiling into her own drink and he could tell that his reaction was exactly what she’d hoped for.

                “Well, I’m very glad you got me this wonderful gift Kitten, because I got you something too.” He pulled a package from behind him and presented it to her with a flourish. He face lit up and she tore into it to see what it was. Beneath the green and red wrapping lay an olive scarf. It was only simple yet still beautiful. She held it to her face feeling its soft texture and produced a smile that made him weak at the knees. She wrapped it round her neck leaving the majority of it to flow from her in the slight wind that blew around her.

                “It’s so beautiful, thank you!” she gushed trying to hide the slight blush that crept into her cheeks.

                “It suits you.”A beautiful scarf for a beautiful woman.

                They sat for over an hour together, talking about her upcoming case and although neither thought it could be, they both dreamed of a future together.

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