Running Away

Destiny has been living with her parents until they got divorced and her mom got custody. Her mom abuses her. She has to get away. What'll happen when she runs into famous celebrity, Niall Horan?


4. Telling Hanna

~Destiny's POV~


  I woke up and groggily looked at my alarm clock. 10:00 am. I stood up, brushed through my hair, and did my other necessities. I went down stairs and looked into the living room. There was some guy there sleeping with my mom. I groaned and mumbled to myself, "Another one night stand." There were a whole bunch of empty wine bottles on the table that was set in between the couches. I groaned even louder this time, having the thought of my mothers hangover. The mysteries guy seemed to have heard me and woke up. He slowly gazed around the room until he found his eyes on me. He gave me a small smirk and crept over to me. I slowly started to walk backwards, until I found myself all the way against the wall. Out of no where, I started crying. I looked down at my feet and saying in between my sobs, "Just do what you need to do, and leave me alone". 

  I looked back up and saw his concern eyes looking through me, like he was reading my mind. He came over to me and did something I didn't think he would do. He hugged me. I don't know what came over me, but I hugged him back with my tears streaming down my face. I pulled back and looked him right in his eyes. I couldn't help but think I saw him from somewhere. I stared into his face until it hit me. The hospital. He was the curly haired one. He seemed to notice and spoke up quickly.

"It's not what it looks like."

"I think it's obvious, Harry. You slept with my mom and that just adds you to the list."


  He looked at me dumbfounded. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"My mom has one night stands all the time, it's not a big deal."


  I heard my mom wake up. I quickly ran into the kitchen, unnoticed, grabbed an apple, and ran up into my room. I checked my clock again, 11:00 am. I dressed into the usual things I needed for dance, but put a jacket over as well. I did my hair into a tight  bun, and walked downstairs. My mom wasn't there, but Harry still was. 

"If my mom asks, I'm at dance class."


  I saw him slip something into my jacket pocket before I headed out the door. Dance class was just across the street, so there was no need to get a ride. I plugged in my head phones and listened to absolutely nothing. I just do that because, well I don't know. I remembered what Harry did before I left the house this morning, so I went into my jacket pocket and received the small piece of paper. It read:

"Let me explain about this morning later tonight. Here's my phone number. xx"


  Under the writing was his phone number. Great, now I have 2/5 guys from One Direction phone numbers. I forgot I didn't tell Hanna anything that has happened the past few days, so I went up to her once I entered the room. Everyone was stretching on the mat, so I quickly walked over to Hanna and pulled her off the ground. She gave me a confused look, but I continued to carry her over to the corner. 

"I need to tell you what happened these past days" I started off.

"Go ahead."

"Well, someone guy 2 days ago hit me with the car while I was crossing the street. I woke up in a hospital with One Direction"

"ARE YO-" I cut her off.

"Yes, I'm serious. Well, this morning I woke up and saw Harry sleeping on the couch with my mom. He was one of her one night stands .. " 


  Hanna looked sad. Harry was her favorite boy in the band. I had to cheer her up somehow. Oh yeah! Tonight!

"He gave me his a piece of paper this morning with his phone number on it, and above that, he told me that he's going to explain what happened last night between him" I struggled to say the next words, "and my mom" 

"Oh, and I got Niall's phone number too," I finished off.


~Hanna's POV~


  "Oh, and I got Niall's phone number too," I heard her say. I was about to scream. I can't believe she met them! AHHH! I can't wait for Harry to fall in love with me. Wait ... what am I saying? Harry will never fall in love with a basic girl like me. I'm ugly, and fat. Destiny noticed me over thinking and cut me off.

"Come on lets go."

  We walked back over to the center of the mat and rehearsed a dance recital that was coming up. Finally dance class was over and I walked over to Destiny. She was so beautiful, way more than me. She was texting someone on her phone under the name "Nialler (;". I squealed. She looked up and giggled. Her and Niall were sending flirty texts to one another non stop. I knew she and Niall had to go out, but I don't know how to have them hook up with one another.

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