Running Away

Destiny has been living with her parents until they got divorced and her mom got custody. Her mom abuses her. She has to get away. What'll happen when she runs into famous celebrity, Niall Horan?


2. Car crash

~Destiny's POV~

   *Beep *Beep *Beep My alarm goes off, and I quickly turn it off before my mom could hear it. I go down stairs to see my mom already awake watching t.v. "Great no breakfast this morning" I thought to myself. My mother quickly turned around when she heard me, and ran over to me with anger filled in her eyes. She punches me in the gut. I fall to the floor holding my stomach with tears streaming down my face. 


  "GET UP!" she yells. I try to stand up, but just to get kicked in the same spot. I scream in agony. "BE QUIET!" she yells again. I bite my lip as hard as I could to hold in my tears and screams. "Get up", she says this time sweet and softly. I get up slowly, grab my bag, and sprint out the door. I couldn't stay in there with an evil woman I call my mother. I run and run, until I could see black.


   I woke up in a hospital with 5 boys standing in front of me. One of them with curly hair with dark and lustful eyes calls the nurse over. She quickly comes into the room and asks me tons of questions that I already know the answers to. "How old are you?" "What's your name?" "Do you know what happened?" She kept on bombarding me with questions, and I couldn't take it any longer, so I led out a long scream. Soon, the room was completely quiet. "Please stop asking so many questions", I said softly, almost as a whisper. "My apologizes", she says. "Do you know how you got here?" "No", I replied quickly. "Well, you were running across the street when a truck hit you. These boys here saved your life." she says. I look over to see all 5 boys staring right at me. I blush and look down. I can see at the corner of my eye a blonde haired, blue eye, boy smirking at me. Once I knew my face wasn't red anymore, I looked up and said thank you. I turned my head back to the nurse who continued talking, "We called your mother and she's coming on her way." Once she said my mother, my face grew pale. It seemed everyone in the room noticed.


   "Is something wrong?" the nurse asked. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I busted out crying and in between sobs told the nurse, "I't go ...back to ...her". I was barely able to get the words out. The nurse seems confused, so I continued, "My," I took a deep gulp and bit my lip, "mother abuses me and I can't go back to her. She'll kill me this time for sure." All the boys looked at me with something in their eyes I couldn't quite make out.


   By now everyone had tears in their eyes. I finished telling them everything that happened in the past 2 years. I asked the boys nicely if they can leave the room for a second so I can show the nurse my scars and bruises. The all headed out besides the blonde one, who stayed where he was. I looked at him with a look that spoke itself .. please go. He seemed to noticed and headed out the door. 

~Niall's POV~

   When she told us to leave, I couldn't find  the courage to get up and leave. She was just so beautiful, and skinny. To skinny. I knew someone just couldn't be that skinny. I looked all over her body, and noticed bruises and cuts. I thought they were from the accident, but when told us what happened I knew it was because of her mom. I hated to see her cry. I didn't even know her name, but it still hurt. 


   I headed out to where the rest of the boys were. When I walked in, they all looked up to me. Liam came up to me and said, "What took you so long?" I had to make up a lie, I couldn't just tell them I've fallen in love with that girl. Wait, did I just say love? There's no way I can love her, maybe like, but not love. these feelings were growing so fast. I knew I had to be with her. I snapped back into reality and quickly replied, "I went to the bathroom". Louis knew I was lying, it said it all over his face. I sat down at texted him.

To: Louis (:

Tell you later. xx

   He looked at his phone, and looked back up to me and mouthed okay. The nurse came out and told us we were able to come back into the room. My heart fluttered just to see her again. She was so beautiful. It seemed Louis noticed me and laughed quietly to himself. 


~Louis's POV~

  When the nurse told us we could head back inside, I saw Niall jump in excitement. I giggled to myself quietly, so no one could hear. I knew Niall had feelings for her. Typical Niall. I knew I had to do something to make her like him. They would make a cute couple. I just knew it.


~Destiny's POV~

  The nurse left, and the boys entered. I looked at them and couldn't help but think they looked familiar. Once they all walked in, awkward silence filled the room. I quickly spoke up, "So, what's your guys' name?" They all looked at me with utter shock, like they were surprised I even spoke up. A boy with blondish-brown hair with a side fringe said,"Well my name is Louis. This is Zayn", he said pointing to a hot looking guy with a black quiff and a face expression that I couldn't understand, "This is Harry," he said tilting his head to a boy with a head full of curls and amazing smile, "This is Liam", he said pointing to a guy with a shaved head with beautiful brown eyes, "and this is Niall". I looked over to see a guy staring right into my soul like he can read me like a book. He was really handsome with a blonde quiff. It looked like he had braces, but I wasn't quite sure. He had these amazing blue eyes that were just so perfect. I couldn't remember where I've seen them before. 

  I was daydreaming looking right into his eyes. I snapped back to reality when I heard Harry cough and say, "What's your name, love?" "Destiny", I replied. "That's lovely", they replied in unison. I giggled and blushed a little bit. "You guys look really familiar", I said. "Well, we're One Direction", Liam replied. "Oh, that's you! My best friend talks about you all the time", I practically yelled. I told them a little about myself and my dancing. That's when I heard a voice I hoped I wouldn't here in a long time in the hospital, yelling my name. 


My mother.


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