Running Away

Destiny has been living with her parents until they got divorced and her mom got custody. Her mom abuses her. She has to get away. What'll happen when she runs into famous celebrity, Niall Horan?


3. Back to Where I Belong

~Destiny's POV~


  Anyone could have heard her voice from miles away. Her voice was echoing the hospital, screaming my name. I immediately tensed up. The memories of what she'd done to me came in my head like a flash. Niall seemed to noticed and came over to me, "Don't worry I'll protect you". I looked up at him into his mesmerizing eyes. Tears were now streaming down my face as my mother entered the room, anger filled in her eyes. The boys stood up in fear. Nurses ran into the room, trying to stop her. My mom reached into her back pocket to reveal a knife. Everyone gasped, but me. I was used to it.


  Harry tried to take the knife away from her, but ended up getting cut in the leg. He screamed due to the pain. The boys ran up to him as well as a nurse. My mother took this as a chance to take me. She ran to me, picked me up, and ran out. Liam tried chasing us, but it was no use. My mom was in track during high school. She would always win the track meets. 


  We reached home, and she threw me to the floor. "Thought you could run away from me did ya?" She said reaching the knife to my face. Tears were falling down my face like a waterfall. I ducked under the knife and ran up to the stairs to my room. I heard her chasing me, but I wasn't going to stop. I went into my room, slamming my door while locking it. She was pounding on my door with her fists yelling at me. I didn't care to listen, so I zoned out remembering all the fun stuff I did with my dad.


*Flashback 9 years ago*

  "Daddy, lets go into the meadow!"

  "Give me a minute, sweetheart"

 I waited patiently until he was done fixing the engine into the car. I took his hand and hold it with my own. We started skipping to the meadow that is right behind our house. There was a checkered red blanket that was set next to a big tree. Me and my dad used to go here all the time to just get away and relax. 


  We both laid on the blanket very still. We listened to the earths heart beat. It started slow, but started to get louder and faster. I felt like I was rising from the floor, but it felt good. I let the wind take me wherever. I felt free. Until my father woke me up out of my day dream and told me we had to go inside. 

*End of Flashback*


  I snapped back into reality to the sound of silence. It was way to quiet. I slipped out from my door quietly so my mom couldn't hear me. I walked down the stairs to see the kitchen empty. Maybe the living room? No, not there. Bathroom? Not there either. Bedroom? Nope. Where was she? I couldn't try leaving again, so I went back into the kitchen, slipped an apple into my jacket pocket. I heard a ruffling noise in my pocket as I grabbed a piece of paper with a phone number on it. Niall, I thought immediately. I called the number.

"Hello?" his voice filled with his Irish accent.



"Yeah. Why did you give me your number?"

"Well .. uh-I .. thought we could .. talk more." He stuttered. 

  I heard the door slammed and I tensed up. I stopped talking for about a nice 10 seconds and Niall knew something was up.

"I gotta go Niall bye". 

  I didn't get the chance to hang up the phone. My mom barged into my room and slapped me across the face. It stinged, and left a red mark of her hand print on my cheek. She left the room, not leaving an explanation as to why she just did that. I hung up the phone, without saying anything else to Niall. What was I supposed to say?


~Niall'S POV~ 

"Well .. uh-I .. thought we could .. talk more." I said. Wow, nice way of playing it cool, Niall. I said to myself. Destiny didn't say anything, I got a bit nervous. I was about to ask what's wrong, but I heard a loud thump. It sounded like a door? I kept quiet.

"I gotta go Niall bye". 

She never hung up the phone, so I stayed on the line. The next thing I heard was the sound of someone being slapped. I got the goosebumps, then the sound of a *beep. I looked at my phone to see that she hung up on me. What just happened? Was I so stupid she slapped herself? Then, I thought about her mom. "That bitch" I mumbled to myself.

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