Running Away

Destiny has been living with her parents until they got divorced and her mom got custody. Her mom abuses her. She has to get away. What'll happen when she runs into famous celebrity, Niall Horan?


1. About Me

  I guess I should tell you who I am. My name is Destiny and I live in London with my mom. I'm 18 going to 19 years old. My parents got divorced 2 years ago, and my mother got custody. Although, deep inside I wish my father had. My mom abuses me everyday because there's nothing else better for her to do. She's a drug addict, and brings home guys from one night stands every night. Every morning, I have to wake up early and run to get something to eat, or else I don't get anything to eat that day. 


  I have long black wavy hair. My eyes change everyday, but mostly from blue to green. I'm really skinny because I hardly eat. My mom doesn't know that I take her food in the morning ... luckily. If she'd find out she would kill me, literally. She abuses me everyday. I'm covered in bruises, cuts, and most of all, burns. She burns me whenever I'm home late from dance class. 


  Dance class is when I get to leave that monster, and do what I love. My mom spoils me, yes, but she still abuses me. I have many friends in dance class. My best friend, Hanna, is the only one who knows that my mom abuses me. Hanna has been my best friend ever since I've joined this dance squad. She has beautiful straight black hair that reaches mid back. She's the same age as me 18 going on 19. She always talks about a band named One Direction, who I have still yet to know about. Her favorite is some guy named Harry Styles I believe.


  In dance, we wear leotards, but my teacher allows me to wear a a light jacket and leggings over. I always get special parts in dance recitals because of my uniform. Everyone says I'm the best dancer there, but I never believe them. Hanna is ten times better than me. The owners always tell me to join the older team that's in Oxford, but my mother always refuses no matter how much I beg.


  I need to leave soon. Really soon. I can't keep having my mother abuse me, and take it all in. I need to run away.



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