Wolves of Mateo

After a prank gone wrong, Riley is left abandoned in the forest with snapping wolves approaching her from across Lake Mateo. She wakes up in the Dimera house but soon comes to learn their act of hospitality wasn't just out of kindness, but out of something much deeper and terrifying - to a mere human anyway. Werewolves live among us and Riley finds herself between two of the most powerful werewolves in Wyoming. While her heart is being torn in two, her head is telling her to do the right thing - but it's always easier said than done. Fighting in a whole new world, she must overcome the danger and settle in where she now truly belongs. Werewolf hunters, Mate claims, Alpha rivalry, and Pack wars... Welcome to Mateo, home of the Wolves. *EDITED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, PUBLISHED BY MOVELLAS http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GFUK45O* {{COMMENT FOR CC SWAP}}
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29. Chapter 29

The moon was in its 3rd phase, and by tomorrow night it would be in its last forming the full moon above us. A day I knew I was dreading.

The doctor from the Dimera pack determined that two poisons had been in use; one poison would kill the werewolf gene so it couldn’t be passed down, the other would disarm current werewolves of their enhanced abilities, eventually preventing shifting and it high-dose cases, death.

Now it sort of made sense and Dante had grown a determination that he was able to beat this. I believed in him. With the letter Kelly had handed me just the other day naming a time and place, Dante grown confident. He knew this would be over, no matter the result in a few days.

Wolf Lake, 6:00PM, Friday.

There Kelly would be with her daughter and hunters, ready to face the wolves of Mateo… Or at least those who dared turn up. I knew fine well it wouldn’t be a friendly chat. Blood would be shed.

“The doctor is here to see you, Dante,” Dante’s mom said, entering Dante’s room only to find both of us sitting together but not paying attention to anything but our own thoughts.

I stood from the end of his bed and looked between mother and son. Dante remained unresponsive and continued to fiddle with a pen hunched over a small desk in the corner. “Dante-,” his mom began to say.

He stood suddenly, breaking out of his trance and said, “I’m coming. Tell him I’ll be downstairs in a minute.”

His mother left the room hurriedly to do just that.

“Are you ok?” I asked once the door shut behind her. “Are you nervous?”

He looked around the dark room for an escape, but didn’t find one. “I just feel guilty,” he said, “and yes, a bit nervous.”

“Humans are no match for werewolves,” I said, trying to boost his confidence.

He shook his head in response, denying himself the comforting thought. “No,” he said, “hunters are different from humans… Completely.”

I studied his face. Dante was growing a light stubble from lack of shaving, letting himself care less about himself to focus more on others. He honestly looked a mess. “About yesterday…” I began to say.

He tightened his lips as if he didn’t want to talk about it. “You mean about Kelly,” he said.

I did mean about Kelly. He was nervous. The incident set both of us on edge. “Are okay?” I asked.

Sure, I had fainted having been scared out of my wits, but I woke up minutes later with the shop assistant and Dante looking over me. I wasn’t harmed. I was okay. I didn’t have to lead the counter attack. Dante did. Dante surely wasn’t okay.

He nodded, wanting me to believe he was fine. “I’m fine. A bit guilty about not being there despite everything I said, but fine,” he replied.

“That’s nothing to be guilty about. You can’t be in ten places at once.”

He sat back down in his seat, ran a hand down his face and then said, “It is something to feel guilty about, I had said minutes before for you not to leave my side, but that was only because it was dark and I couldn’t see far ahead, but in a fully lit store I couldn’t protect you even meters away from me.”

I gave him a weak smile as I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck in a hug. “She pulled me out of sight, it’s ok. I’m fine,” I said, trying to comfort him. I spoke every word of the truth.

“It just proves how this poison works. I hadn’t noticed how bad it had gotten until now; I can’t smell the hunters, the individual scents. The poison has either wiped them from memory or taken my ability altogether. It’s scary to think. When will it get to the point that I’ll not be able to shift, or I’ll just drop dead like my dad,” Dante said.

Now thinking about it, I thought, I hadn’t been able to get Kelly off me even when I tried. I knew I should have been stronger than her in the same way Dante knew he should have been able to smell her. “Go talk to the doctor; he’ll know what’s going on,” I told him, knowing he was here and waiting for us to join him.

He got up finally and looked at me with painfully guilty eyes. My hand touched his face, but he looked down, knocking my hand away. “I’m sorry,” he said before leaving the room first.


All emotion on his face before had vanished by the time we reached the room the doctor had set up in. I followed after Dante, mostly for support and because he didn’t seem to mind.

Dante stood by the door for a few seconds before finally opening it.

The doctor stood there already as if expecting us at that very second. “Nice to meet you, I’ve heard great things,” The doctor said as he held out his hand to Dante. Dante didn’t take it and instead nodded his greetings.

“So what is it you need?” Dante rudely asked, taking a seat in a double seater nearest the door. I found myself sitting beside him moments later as I watched the doctor sit himself down on the end of the bed across from us. He had various equipment’s with him set up here in this spare room as well as things I couldn’t name positioned on a table top.

The doctor suddenly looked very apologetic and I knew it couldn’t be good. “It’s about your father,” he said.

Dante’s face hardened, like a rock with facial features carved onto its front. “I know nothing about his death; he wasn’t looked over by anyone with medical knowledge,” Dante said.

The doctor nodded and nervously clenched his hands together in his lap, his fingers turning a ghostly shade of white. “I’ve heard from several sources it looked like a heart attack,” he commented.

“That’s what it seemed.”

The doctor pulled an A4 piece of paper from his bag and waved it around in between his fingers. “We’ve found some more details,” He said as he thrust his hand out with the paper for Dante to take. “About the poison,” he finished.

“What does this have to do with my father?” Dante asked, but we both had our suspicions. It was more than likely it wasn’t just a heart attack that killed his father.

The doctor asked Dante just to read, and that’s what he done.

Within a few tense minutes, his face contorted into pain and anger. I could almost guess the content of what was written on the paper. “I’m sorry for your loss,” the doctor quietly said.

Dante’s hand tightened around the corner of the sheet, scrunching it into a ball. “My father was murdered?” He asked, although all this paper told us was that our line of thinking was correct. I curiously wanted to know the details written on the sheet. Was it really the hunters?

I laid a weak hand on Dante’s knee, but no action at that moment would help him as he sat there helpless. Dante saw this coming though, Dante had his suspicions from the start.

The doctor tried to comfort him with words. “I don’t think it was intentional to murder specifically your father as the poison was leaked into streams. The hunters would have thought it’d be diluted and therefore not lethal. Your father had somehow drank it in heavy concentrations – or at least he hadn’t been consuming it in the same way others had.” The doctor went back to sitting nervously before he asked, “Tell me, did your father like to go out alone in the forest?”

Dante nodded. “From time to time.”

“What I had originally thought was your father possibly consumed the poison only mere minutes after it was leaked, giving him a higher concentration if he were to drink from an infected source such as a stream. It would have taken an hour or so to get to work. The Dimera pack have had similar incidents, and from what I have heard, so has your pack,” the doctor said.

Dante shook his head and said, “No, they weren’t heart attacks.”

The doctor raised a confident eyebrow and challenged him, saying, “Did you see them die?”

Dante looked down into his lap in defeat. He hadn’t seen how they died, he hadn’t seen if they’d suffered a heart attack or similar symptoms and no doctor had managed to get a hold of anyone to look them over. Dante increasingly began to get agitated and muttered, “Those scum are going to pay.”


Dante stormed through the forest like he was running from an invisible never ending force. His figure ahead of me was a blur as he ran further and further into the thick trees and bushes. He was invisible soon enough and I found myself screaming his name.

Frustrated, I kicked at the dirt under my feet after I realised he wasn’t going to turn back for me. “Dante!” I screamed, but I knew now this time he was truly gone, possibly out there blowing off steam and working away the tight knots of stress.

I hoped it done him good and he’d return feeling better.

Should I turn back now, face his family? I couldn’t imagine what they thought of me – the mere human who flipped the Wyoming werewolf population upside down, now two of the biggest packs in North America were preparing for a battle against the hunters. I was a curse to their very society.

A howl erupted in the distance laced with pain and fear. I had no doubt as shivers ran down my spine that it was him. Dante must have been falling apart inside, a shard at a time. The cracks had appeared and with every careful tread it grew bigger. He’d fall through, but I had to be there to catch him when he did.

In the distance I could pick up the light sound of crunching of leaves beneath someone’s feet.

I sniffed the air, finding even if I was poisoned, I was still able to smell very generic scents allowing me to differentiate between a werewolf and a human. I couldn’t quite nail a hunter scent.

I looked further through the thick trees and spotted the black wolf approaching me. Although all the wolves in a pack looked the same, I could spot Dante out in a crowd. He was strong, big, and stood out as a leader. As alpha.

“Go,” I said, “Go have some fun.”

His face bowed as he made his way closer, a small whine escaping through his sharp teeth. “It’s not your fault. You just need to stop bottling stuff up,” I said to him.

Even without words, I could hear his reply. ‘No, I’m fine. We’re fine’. But we were not fine, and he wasn’t fine either.

His head rubbed my side as he brushed past purposely. I raised my arms and laughed at the action.

I looked down at Dante; he stood by my side reaching only as high as my hip. What was he thinking right now? What was going through his head that made him up and run away?

The amount of whimpering that came from his lips had me fear he was hurt, but he didn’t appear hurt. Was it sadness? Was he crying?

I wished I could shift into a wolf as well without the full moon, to not only comfort him but also so I could join him in a day’s time at Wolf Lake where we’d encounter the Hunters and help him. I knew better, however, that’d I’d be of no help to Dante on the full moon tomorrow in fighting the hunters… Because despite the fact that’d I’d be able to turn into a wolf, I’d be vulnerable and ignorant to how werewolves worked. I was still very new to this.

The thought of Dante getting hurt tomorrow because of me pained me inside. I could imagine it now, Dante protecting me with his life because I was too much of a new wolf to protect myself. He could get killed in the process.

The thought still terrified me – the idea of not being in control, not being you but instead being an animal that had taken over your senses and changed your judgement.

“Everything will be alright,” I found myself mumbling repetitively, stroking Dante’s fur from the tip of his ear to mid-back. He lowered to the ground slowly.

His head pushed into my side as I leaned beside him. The feeling was bliss. The cool air around us, the smell of pine and earth. It was a place any person could find peace.

I wanted to ask how he was, how was he coping, but I knew those answers already and Dante couldn’t answer anyway at that moment in time; Dante was fine, stressed, worried, but fine. He was coping well – or at least for a new alpha at the young age of 18. It reminded me just how young the both of us were, except now I felt much older.

So that’s how we stayed, and for the next few hours we found peace, shade from the sunlight, and avoiding our thoughts that hung above us dangerously on a thread about the snap.


“If you’re in a fight, you have to be on guard. You have to be aware of your enemy,” Dante lectured the team of about ten men. All older, but none experienced in combat. They were the only wolves in the Bancroft pack able to help us. No fight was winnable in this state. “Never let your enemy know where or when you’ll strike next. Keep your eyes on theirs, never look away,” Dante continued to yell.

Dante looked around the group that consisted of a variety of builds and faces. “Ok, first up; human form tactics,” he called.

He pointed at possibly the youngest in the group; still older than Dante. The big built man rose up and took a confident step forward.

I sat behind them in a deck chair observing and trying my best to take it in.

Dante tried to circle the man, but the man knew what to do because he’d followed Dante’s instructions from before. They went around in circles for a few minutes. “Be the first to make a move and grab the upper hand,” Dante prompted, gesturing for the other man to make his move.

The other man lunged, his arms were outstretched and the other was in a fist. Dante saw it coming and quickly grabbed his arm and pulled so hard that the man was thrown further than he’d anticipated. Dante hauled the man to a stable position and pulled the man’s arm over his shoulder, rendering him immobile.

“Your first mistake,” Dante said, “your arm was twitching before you moved, alerting me what arm was going to do what and that you were thinking about striking. Second; your eyes looked at where you were aiming before you actually did it. Sure, it was split seconds, but a split second is all it takes. A third; you let your guard down because you so desperately wanted to beat me.”

Dante, a mere pup compared to the men he was supposedly training, dropped the man’s arm and he fell to the ground. It was impressive, I admitted, with no idea where Dante got his skill from.

“Consider this your first proper tip; think of your opponent as a puzzle. You have to first come up with their weakness, their skills, and then plan a strategy. Never work on impulsion alone.” Dante took a break for a moment peered behind and eyed my sitting form and asked, “You want to join in?”

I raised an eyebrow. I hadn’t thought he’d allow me to join in. I got up at his words, ready to go as a grin creeped up on my cheeks.

He signalled me over and gently took hold of my hand. “If you’re cornered, don’t back away any further. You try and push forward,” Dante said.

Dante stalked closer after forcibly letting go of my hand with a shove backwards. He stalked like a hunter and I slowly backed off at the same pace. “I can guarantee they won’t be interested in killing you, you won’t be at risk there. If they come any closer-.” Dante stopped abruptly. “-you have to fight.”

His hand shot out and took hold of my forearm. I raised my other arm to fight and soon he had that arm in his grip too. “I could carry you away if I wanted to now. You failed,” he said as I struggled under his tight grip and realised my arms were going nowhere.

I twisted my hips around and my foot rammed into the back of his knee, which made them to buckle and his grip loosened. I wriggled one arm free as my knee risen and shoved him in the stomach causing him to bellow backwards. He refused to let go of my other hand.

He recovered quickly and I didn’t know what to do next. There was an unreadable expression as he grabbed my shirt and twisted me around in his arms so my back was pressed tightly against his own.

“Game over,” he whispered in my ear. I somehow didn’t think the fight tomorrow wouldn’t go quite in the same way.

I shivered, but I was unable to escape his arms or look at him because of his tight grasp. Dante turned us both to face the men. “If you ever find yourself in this situation; pinned with your back to the enemy, don’t be afraid to give your life to kill him. If you have a knife, you have to go through yourself to hurt the enemy. Remember what you’re fighting for,” Dante yelled as his grip disappeared completely and I fell painfully into the dirt. He casted a playful look, seemingly unaware of my pain and moved on. I shot a glare at his back.

“I can guarantee the hunters will bring those types of weapons. Knifes that might almost resemble swords, laced with poisons prepared to put the injured wolf into shock. They’ll be playing dirty. You take their sword, you plunge it through yourself and through the hunter. Oh, and beware of their bullets.”

I gasped quietly. Was Dante really prepared to sacrifice himself to kill a hunter?

“Alpha-,” some of his men began to ask.

“What?” Dante snapped.

“Alpha, you can’t put your life on the line just yet when you have no heir to the alpha position. At least wait until your mate has given birth,” an older male tried to reason.

I red tinge invaded my cheeks. “At times like this, risks have to be taken. If we have no heir, so be it, but I can’t sit this fight out,” Dante said without much explanation.

The older man piped up again, “Yes you can, alpha, the Dimera pack are coming to help and you have ten loyal fighters ready to defend.”

“You think that will be enough?” Dante asked, growing agitated, “We won’t last half an hour against the hunters, no matter how lacking in numbers the hunters may be. They aren’t playing clean so what do we have over them?”

I looked down into my lap, knowing fine well how much truth he spoke. “No matter the outcome, we’ll know we played our cards fair and we’ll know we played a good fight. It’s been settled between Dimera and Bancroft- there is no longer a grudge between packs and now an alliance – despite how against it I may be it’s what the late alpha wanted. If I die tomorrow night, Bancroft will belong to Dimera and vice versa. Don’t think I haven’t thought things through,” he told them all.

I saw now what thoughts had plagued him. A deal had went on that he hadn’t told me about and this is what probably had been troubling him.

What’s with the talk of self-sacrifice?

A concerned look crossed everyone’s face as they all one by one accepted his words just as they were expected to when taking commands from their alpha.

Did they really have to sit back and accept them, though?



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