Caught Loving Him

Letaya Petes, a 19 year old freshman in collage, is going to New York for a vacation. In New York she meets someone who will change her life forever.


2. New York

Once I was out of my neighbor hood I turned up the radio. The ride felt like it would last forever, considering I lived in Florida this would take a while. After about 18 hours of driving I got to a 5-star hotel in New York. I managed to get up and bring my bags in myself. I stopped at the front desk to get my room. The desk clerk greeted me and showed me to my room. I tipped him and shut the door silently. I managed to change into my pajamas and crawled into bed. I woke up and called my mom. (M-Mom, L- Letaya)

M-good morning sweetie. How was your ride there? How did you sleep?

L-good morning, my ride was long but good and I slept well. I need to go get ready for the day, ill be sure to call you tonight!

*end of convo*

 I threw my phone on the hotel bed, stripped, and hopped in the shower. I washed my hair then Conditioned then waged my body. I grabbed the closest towel and wrapped it around me. I got a cute outfit out of my suit case and threw it on. I grabbed my makeup and put a little on. I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick picture then set out for the day.

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