Caught Loving Him

Letaya Petes, a 19 year old freshman in collage, is going to New York for a vacation. In New York she meets someone who will change her life forever.


1. Here I Come New York!

I heaved a sigh of relief as I stuffed the last bit of clothes into my suit case then plopped myself onto my bed. I pondered about how much fun I would have in New York, not even remembering I was going alone. The thought of going alone popped into my head soon, I wasn't really happy about that but nothing could make me frown I mean I'm going to New York. I pulled myself off of my bed and strolled down the hallway with my suitcases meeting my older brother at the end of the hallway. He took my suitcases and set them by the front door. I thanked him and went back to my room to get my phone.  I heard the front door open and I knew it was my mom and it was time for me to leave for New York. So I quickly grabbed my phone and met her at the end of the hallway. I gave her a hug and then my brother and braced myself for this trip. I grabbed my suitcases and hopped in the car. I waved goodbye to my mom and Brother and pulled out of the long driveway.

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