Caught Loving Him

Letaya Petes, a 19 year old freshman in collage, is going to New York for a vacation. In New York she meets someone who will change her life forever.


4. Hanging with Justin

I woke up to see the sun peaking through the shut blinds. I checked my phone for new messages, nothing. So I hopped out of be and threw of my pajamas then hopped in the shower. I washed my hair and body and hopped back out of the shower. I got my makeup, outfit for the day, wand curler, and blow dryer out of my bags then started blow drying my hair. Once my hair was dry, I ran a brush through it then a firm holding curl spray. I curled my hair and it took about 45 minutes but it was worth it. I applied a natural looking makeup then threw my casual outfit on with some jewelry. I smiled at myself in the mirror and texted Justin, 'what time are we ganna leave?' I waited a few minutes for a reply and he replied, 'We can go now if your ready..'  I replied, 'meet you in the lobby!' I grabbed my car keys(just in case) , phone, and purse then hurried to the lobby. When I got to the lobby Justin was already there, he smiled then waved at me. I returned the actions. We greeted each other then started thinking about what we wanted to do today. 

**sorry the chapters are short, let me know if you like this story so far in the comments please?!Thanks**

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