Caught Loving Him

Letaya Petes, a 19 year old freshman in collage, is going to New York for a vacation. In New York she meets someone who will change her life forever.


3. Fun in New York

Once I got to the lobby I walked out of the hotel and texted my friends telling them what I've done so far. I was busy texting and bumped into one of the cutest guys I have ever seen. I blushed and said sorry. I don't think that was enough for him because he asked me for my number. Once we exchanged numbers, I asked him for his name. He took his shades off and said Justin, Justin Bieber. I replied awesome, mine is Letaya. He smiled and said text me later. I said okay and began to walk  indefinently. I saw forever 21 and had to go in. I walked in and was amazed by the cute new trends. I saw an adorable shirt and decided to buy it with matching shorts and a necklace. I hurried out of forever 21 to see the rest of New York.  I was walking and I got a little intemidated by the unfamiliar faces. I ignored it and decided it was time to get lunch. I went into a sandwich joint and got a a protein meal to be sure I'd be full enough to last me till dinner. I ate and headed out. I decided to star walking towards the hotel and then saw a Disney store. I loved Disney as a kid and there would be perfect souvenirs there! So I walk over there and the details in the store so I took a picture. I looked around at the nicnacs on the shelfs. I bought a snow globe, Minnie Mouse phone case and a Mickey Mouse shirt. I thought it was about time for me to head back to the hotel so I walked back to the hotel and into my room. I threw my pajamas on and texted Justin.(L-Letaya, J-Justin) 

L-Hey it's Letaya!

J-Oh,cool. Hey.

L-What are you up to?

J-Nothing, hey.. Wanna maybe hang out tomorrow?


J-Okay. Well I should go knock out so I won't be sleepy tomorrow!

L-K, me too. Night!

*end of convo*


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