Live while we're young

Hi I'm Abbi I'm Harry styles sister. I always love niall but that just the being of my story people say I'm lucky that I'm Harry's sister in our house we have so much drama

Some badwords during the story


1. happy birthday

Abbi POV I'm finally 18. I'm Harry Styles sister Abbi he turns 18 first than me we were born same month just he was born a week early than me. Niall. I always like him but I don't think he likes me. I was in my room and Niall comes in "hey min styles " "vas happening" "you hang out with Zayn a lot" "I guess I do" "happy birthday" "thanks" I hug him I look in his crystal blue eyes I just wanted tokiss him that all I want. He got my hand "come on Harry wants you" "really" we went downstairs and I saw Harry and he hug me "happy birthday" I smile and Louis hugs me "so how dose it feel to be 18" "nothing different" "Ok time to open peresents" Harry gave me his first like always. He bought me a new camera, laptop, and a shirt that said 'i ♥ Harry Styles' Louis was next his was a iPhone case and zebra. Liam gave me a necklace with matching earrings. Niall game me a necklace that said 'directioner for life' then it was zayn "Zayn are you trying to test Me" "no come outside" "ok" as we went outside "so now you know how to drive here's your car" I saw it and it was a sliever Volo " Zayn I love it. I thought you soplie Niall" "hey you too" "thanks" I gave him a hug. I was so happy "so were dose the birthday girl want to go to eat" "that's easy Nandos!" "Min styles you hand out with niall and zayn to much" I laugh as we were walking Louis said "Harry give me a pigback ride please" I whispered to Zayn "Larry best bros ever" Zayn gave me a pigback ride to Nandos. After we ate
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