Complicated Love

Harry and Charlotte are in love and it should be just as simple as that. However, after keeping their love a secret from her disapproving parents for so long, everything is starting to change. As Charlotte's mother decides it's time for her to grow up, she finds her an eligible suitor, Louis Tomlinson, and Charlotte is faced with a difficult choice. Will she stay with the man she loves or will she be forced to let him go? Either way, there are going to be consequences.


2. The Tomlinsons

I dressed myself up in the finest clothes I own, a pink silk dress that flowed down to my ankles, caressing my every curve, and slipped on a pair of flat matching shoes. It took me no longer than 10 minutes to curl my hair into an impeccable style that bounced around my already made-up face. Whenever we were expecting company, mother always expected it of me to look suitable.

I made my way downstairs and was greeted elegantly by our butler, Morley, who held out his hand to help me down the last few steps. I thanked him and he guided me towards the great hall, where mother and father were sat prominently across from three guests that I had encountered a few times before.

“Victoria, every time I come here I always feel welcome and most decisively at home. You do have such an awfully splendid house.” Mrs Tomlinson’s British accent was stronger than I had remembered, sounding as aristocratic as ever.

“Why thank you, Johannah. I do truly believe that a cleanly home is a cleanly mind, would you not agree?” Mother was clearly overwhelmed by Mrs Tomlinson’s comment.

“Indeed,” Came Mrs Tomlinson’s reply.

“And of course, I want nothing but the best for my darling daughter.”

“Speaking of which, where is Charlotte?” Hearing the mention of my name, I stepped forward from beneath the wooden door frame and coughed to make my presence clear. I was greeted by an array of smiles from my parents and the Tomlinson’s.

“Charlotte, my dear. Come join us, won’t you?” My father asked as he rose to his feet, soon followed by the others. He stepped away from the couch towards me, wrapping his arm carefully around my back as he reached me, guiding me towards our guests. “You remember Johannah, Mark and Louis.”

Johannah was the first of the trio to step up to me and gently kissed the air by the side of each of my cheeks before complementing me on how divine I looked then stepped back to stand beside her husband, who nodded as me courteously. I curtsied in response and smiled.

“Charlotte, you do remember Louis, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, Mrs Tomlinson.” I turned my head to face her son, having to gaze slightly upwards to see into his eyes. They were bright, clear orbs that complimented his strong bone structure perfectly. His hair was neatly combed back, a shiny brunette. “Louis,” I accepted.

“Charlotte,” he replied, “A pleasure as always.” He smiled lightly and proceeded in sitting back down to where his parents had also resumed their former position. I joined Mother and Father too, rather promptly, hoping that the conversation would move on away from me. I was in luck.

For about half an hour, Mother and Father tittered with their acquaintances while Louis and I sat sipping at the tea that Morley had prepared specially. I personally was more than partial to a cup of coffee but mother would never have approved.

“Darling,” my mother addressed me and smiled warmly, snapping me out of a daze. “Why don’t you show Louis the garden? I am sure he would love it just as much as you do.”

Honestly, I didn’t want to show Louis the garden because it would mean actually having to make conversation with him and I really hated having to have these aristocratic conversations. Nevertheless, I smiled to him and stood up, straightening my dress, and waited for him to join me.

We left the room without a sound and continued to walk silently until we reached the garden. I particularly took pride in our garden. It was huge, the size of a football stadium, and in the centre was a large stone water fountain. Blossom trees ran around the border with few shrubs to keep them company. The path of stepping stones ran from the patio down to and around the water fountain, splitting over into different directions towards the gardener’s shed and the far field where mother’s horse’s lived.

“My garden is far bigger than this,” Louis gloated, his smirk sly and undignified.

“Sorry to disappoint.” I snapped at him, shocked by his remark, and began to walk hastily down the path. I stopped at the water fountain and sat down, placing my hands on my knees. I hadn’t even noticed Louis walking up behind me.

“I was joking. I’m not actually pompous.” He laughed lightly to himself. “Well, not that pompous anyway. Depends who you ask.”

“I never said you were pompous,” I did my best to maintain my formality, remembering to keep my back straight. “I think you are a fine fellow and it my pleasure to show you around my large but not-as-large-as-yours garden.”

His smile broadened. “Indeed, except for the fact that we are sitting down and you aren’t doing a very good job of showing me around.”

“Well, according to you, there’s not much to see.”

He laughed again. “You have a good point, Charlotte.”

“Mr Tomlinson, have you already forgotten that you shouldn't address me by my first name until told otherwise?”

“Oh please,” he glared at me. “You really follow all that crap?”

“When in company of others I do.”

“Well, I don’t.”

I turned to look at him and frowned. He wasn’t at all what I was expecting him to be like. I thought he would actually be pompous and posh and overly daunting but instead he seemed relaxed and acted his age, unlike most of the upper class boys I had come across.

“Why would you tell me this? I could go in there and tell your parents of your behaviour and they would scold you into oblivion.”

“Oblivion, eh?” Once again, he laughed. “You go right ahead and tell them but I think we both know you aren’t like that. I know you better than you think and I know that you would rather not be all posh around me so loosen up.”

“How can you possibly just assume that about somebody?”

“I’m not assuming,” he uttered before rising to his feet. “So, are you going to show me your large but-not-as-large-as-mine garden or what?”

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