Complicated Love

Harry and Charlotte are in love and it should be just as simple as that. However, after keeping their love a secret from her disapproving parents for so long, everything is starting to change. As Charlotte's mother decides it's time for her to grow up, she finds her an eligible suitor, Louis Tomlinson, and Charlotte is faced with a difficult choice. Will she stay with the man she loves or will she be forced to let him go? Either way, there are going to be consequences.


3. In the garden

Louis snuck down past the old shed that rested at the bottom of the garden. It was a rickety old thing that I used to play in as a child, pretending it was my castle. These days it was far from being a castle though as the old blue paint peeled of the sides and the flower beds under the windows were filled with soggy soil and rotting flowers. It pained me a little to see it so run down but there was no use for it anymore. I’d grown up and it had been so long since I had come down this far into the garden, and it felt like all my memories of this place had faded away.

I followed Louis round to the far side of the shed, even though I was meant to be the one showing him around, and he waited patiently as he stepped back onto the path for me to catch up. I strolled over to him but all I could think about was the shed. I thought about asking Father to fix it up but I knew he would never agree to unnecessary money spending, especially on something that was probably unsalvageable.

Louis and I walked right up to the end of the garden where the horse stables were, occupied by my Mother’s two horses, Penelope and Belle. They were both beautiful animals. Penelope was a deep hazel colour with a shiny mane that flowed long and thick. Belle however was a grey colour with tiny specks of black running across her sides and her hair was usually platted or put in some fancy style.

“Something wrong?” Louis questioned as he reached over Penelope’s stable door to stroke her nose with the back of his hand. It was obvious that he had quite the gentle touch.

“No,” I lied.

“You don’t seem sure.” Penelope shook her head as if she understood the conversation. “See,” he laughed. “Even the horse agrees.”

“Penelope,” I correct him in hope to change the subject.

Louis turned away from the stable and propped himself up against the wall, his blue eyes so bright under the midday sun. His hair was glistening, bringing out the magnificent mahogany shine. I stared at him for perhaps a second too long and he blushed, causing me to do the same in return. I turned hot on my heels feeling slightly embarrassed but didn’t dwell on it and headed back down the path we’d previously walked on. I heard Louis jog to catch up to me and soon we were walking side by side in a comfortable silence, which I found were rare, though ever so often I could feel Louis’ eyes on me and it would turn ever so discomfited.

We past the shed once more and I let Louis walk a little ahead of me as I stopped to pick up a discoloured plant pot from the floor. It was a badly painted and cracked little old thing but I knew it well. It was my Year 4 art project. I was so proud of it when I made it, as were my parents, and they put it in pride of place by my shed and demanded the gardener put some long stemmed roses into it immediately. I sighed at the memory. The scent of the roses and the smiles on my parents faces.

“Did you paint that?” Louis was suddenly stood behind me, glancing at the pot over my shoulder. I nodded yes. “Well you weren’t very good at keeping between the lines.”

I disregarded him. “Back in a simpler time.”

“Tell me about it,” he moved over to examine the plant pot and removed it from my grasp. “Before the times of proper manners and perfect posture and-”

“And drinking tea.” I snorted at the thought and he laughed in return. “This was my castle when I was younger,” I muttered, more to myself than to him, “and now it’s run down and, well, more like a homeless shelter than a Princesses home.” I felt an overwhelming surge of sadness as I looked at the ancient shed rotting before my eyes.

Louis sighed. “Hey, it’s okay.” Slowly he moved closer to me and held me tight in his arms against his bulging chest muscles. I let myself fall into his sweet scent, allowing myself to wrap my arms around his back. It was nice, to put it in simple terms, to be held like that.

Louis moved back a little and held me at arm’s length. His pale eyes met mine and I could see what he was about to do even before he did it. His lips parted and he lent forward to kiss me but I swiftly swung my head to the side so he caught me on the cheek. He quickly stepped back apologising.

“Sorry,” he uttered and gripped both his arms just above the elbow and stared down at the ground.

“I like you and all,” I tried to explain without having to tell him about Harry. “I just-”

“I know,” he smiled at me and suddenly the tension lifted from around us. His smile was certainly a mood lifter. “I’d like to ‘just be friends’ too. Nothing more but then again, nothing less.”

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