Complicated Love

Harry and Charlotte are in love and it should be just as simple as that. However, after keeping their love a secret from her disapproving parents for so long, everything is starting to change. As Charlotte's mother decides it's time for her to grow up, she finds her an eligible suitor, Louis Tomlinson, and Charlotte is faced with a difficult choice. Will she stay with the man she loves or will she be forced to let him go? Either way, there are going to be consequences.


1. Basic love

I slipped from under the sheets and fell back onto the plush carpet with nothing but by fine laced underwear to keep me censored. It was still dark out, which meant that I had only been asleep for a measly few hours. My eyes slowly adjusted so I could make out the dark silhouettes of most things, including the most important one. Him.

Harry lay wrapped in my bedding and a small pink quilt that my Grandma had knitted herself. His head was hugged by two plump pillows, to which his arms were slid in between, his thick curls sprawled out in every which direction. As he stirred, I felt myself smile in adoration.

I snuck carefully out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. With my eyes best interest at heart, I did not turn on the light and went about my business with it off. The water from the sink gushed down in a tidal wave and it warmed me, the steam rising to my face.

By the time I had wandered back into the bedroom, Harry was no longer lay down but instead was knelt up, the quilt woven around him, as he peered out through the window above my bed to the dark sky, lit merely by a few stars. His breath was warm against the window and with every exhale it steamed up a little more. I watched him as he raised his hand, his nimble index finger drawing something in the mist.

Quietly, I tiptoed toward him and clambered onto the bed behind him and wrapped my arms around him, placing my head on his shoulder. As I did, his smell intoxicated me. The sweet scent of aftershave and sweat combined.

He turned himself slightly, without making a sound, and pulled me onto his knee with the quilt falling across us both. I was cradled in his arms and I felt an overwhelming sensation creep through my body as I felt safe for the first time in a long while. His arms were my sanctuary and his body my drug.

I snuck my arm around his neck and with the other I traced over the picture he had recently drawn. I felt his breath hitch, his arms snaking around my waist. He tugged me closer to him and I went willingly, tightening my grip on him as I fit my head into the crook of his neck.

We stayed like this for so long, though I could not tell you how long exactly. Time didn’t matter when I was with him; it was irrelevant, just like everything else.

Eventually, he lay down and took me with him but I remained in the same position, my head resting on the pillow but still pressed into his neck, and my legs fell across his, in a similar way that my arms rested against his chest.

He fidgeted once or twice to get comfy, his arm wriggling beneath me, but I didn't fuss. In fact, I kind of liked it. It reminded me that he was there with me and, as I moved groggily to rest my head on his chest, I could feel him stir once more and I knew that he was slowly drifting off, and so I followed in his footsteps. I closed my eyes and listened carefully to the steady beat of his heart, which I knew he had given completely to me, and allowed it to lull me to sleep.


My eyes were barely open as I climbed out from under the sheets, grabbing my phone. I quickly turned it on and noticed the time straight away. 10 o'clock. My heart started pounding as I turned to see a half naked boy intertwined in my covers. "Harry?" I shook him gently, just enough for him to wake. He stirred wearily and his emerald eyes fluttered open. "Harry, we over slept. My parents will be home any minute!"

As if right on cue, I heard the front door click, the familiar voices of my parents sounded from downstairs. Harry's eye widened with shock as he jumped out from beneath the sheet, still in nothing but his black boxer shorts, and whipped up his jeans from off the floor. Speedily, he slipped on each leg and fastened the top button without bothering with the zipper, and slipped on his boots.

The sound of footsteps echoed around my house, louder than I've ever heard them. "Darling, are you home?" My mother called to me just as Harry grabbed his t-shirt from the floor and ran to my window, forcefully opening it, and didn't hesitate on climbing out onto the conservatory roof, almost as if he had done it a million times before.

"Darling?" My door swung open and I hastily pulled my curtains together to cover the open window. "Charlotte, there you are my dear. Did you miss me?" She opened her arms out for a hug and I courteously walked into it, warily stepping away from the window.

“Of course I missed you Mother, and Father too.” I smiled sweetly and waited for her to pull out of the hug. “Shall I meet you both downstairs for a spot of tea?” Her smile matched mine and she nodded yes, making her way back towards the door.

“Wear your Sunday best please as we are expecting company.” Her voice faded into the distance and the door closed with a click. The second she was from ear shot, I spun back around to my window, bounced onto the bed and ripped apart the curtains. As I did, I saw a rather dashing Harry Styles glaring at me and before I had chance to speak, his lips were against mine and his tongue was exploring.

He pulled back and smiled, knowing what pleasure he always caused me. With that, he reached over to the drain pipe and shimmed carefully down it.

“I love you!” I called down to him in a hushed tone, doing my best to see him over the roof and large oak trees, when he appeared suddenly beside the stone water fountain.

He gazed up at me. “I love you too!” I caught a quick glimpse of his glistening smile before he jumped up and over my fence in one swift motion. And just like that, he was gone.

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