''Radioactive- It means that the substance is unstable and is giving off invisible particles which are blasting every which way - Some of them hit your DNA and can screw it up - so be careful with it.'' Mr. Firdingski my science teacher said. Love. That's how I, Cadley Watterson describes it. It's exactly what it is. Whenever it happens to me, I'm not careful. That's why last time it completely screwed me up. It shows from the scar that layed on my elbow. 'I will never let it happen again.' I tell myself. But all of that seems to change when pop sensation Eric Blake enrols for Seward High School. He will change my thoughts, ways and mind and break me out of the shell I've been hiding under. Just remember loves not all fun and games. It's radioactive.


2. School

I walked up to the bus and saw Marge (my bus driver) giving me the grumpy face she always gives me when I'm late. ''Cat, next time your late, I'm not waiting.'' I nodded and got in. Cat. That is my nickname. Everyone calls me that. My Dad gave me that when I started this crazy obbsession with cats. Now I think they are the nastiest creatures on the planet. I walked through the asile and saw everyones eyes staring at me. I was late again as usual and they wern't happy about it. ''Cat!'' I heard someone yell my name I looked around and saw my best friend Emma waving her hand around. I walked over to her. I plopped down on the seat and I looked over at her. ''Late again Miss Cadley?'' Emma asked accusingly. ''I lost track of time.'' I replied. ''Isnt that always your excuse?'' Emma snapped. ''No. Yesterday I couldn't find anything to wear.'' I replied happy that I had a different excuse yesterday. She stuck her tounge out at me. Soon a giant smile grew on her face. ''Guess what?'' She said excidedly. ''What?'' I said being sarcasticly overly excided. She smiled. ''Did you hear Eric Blake on the radio this morning?'' She asked. I nodded. ''Yeah.'' I replied. ''Well?'' She asked. ''Well what?'' I asked and laughed a little. ''WELL, he said he was enrolling in a California school! I hear It's the one my cousin goes too. He's a boy though so he doesn't care. Maybe we could switch schools for the day!'' She went on. Pretty soon we were at the school and it was like any typical day. The boys were out playing football while the cheerleading squad talked about boys and the normal people scatter everywhere. You might be wondering where I fit in. Not sure if there's a name for it. The popular people hat me especialy Mandy. She laughs and pushes me around everyday and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm not normal because....Well, have you met me? The nerds won't even except me into their group. Kinda offensive. Well, if there's a group for that, I'm in it. I get out of the bus as the school bell rings. All the students and teachers waiting outside scurry in. Soon I get to my locker and see posters all over it. ''Cadley Watterson=Slut'' I angrily ripped them off and throw them on the ground. I opened my locker and pretended to be occupied while I let the tears drip slowly down my cheek. Why did they have to do that? Why did they have to be some mean? What did I do? I don't know the answer to any of that. I wipe the thick runny tears off my cheek and look in my mirror. Eyes puffy and face red. I quickly grab my books and head for the bathroom. Once I got in I lent over the sink and splashed some cold water on my face. I look in the mirror and watch as the water drips down my chin. I grab a paper towel and dried my face. This is why I didn't want to be here. I'm made fun of all the time. It sucks. Why me? What did I do? I was about to grab my books and leave when the bell rings. Great. Late for class.
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